Generosity: Are You the Grateful Dead or Metallica?

grateful dead

The following is a guest post from Jim Driscoll who is the founder and author of  Jim has always had a passion for investing, saving, and all things finance related, so in 2012 he took to the world of blogging as a way to express his views and encourage others to take a broader […]

How to Maximize Your Free Time


The closing on my home got pushed back one day due to the huge snowstorm that hit the Midwest this weekend, so please enjoy this guest post from Connie Mei. Connie is a 20-something trying to live big on a budget…in New York City. Follow her on her road to financial independence over at Savvy […]

How To Negotiate $5,000 to $50,000 Off Your Next Home

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Please enjoy this guest post from Jonathan Cowan. Jonathan is a sushi-loving freelance writer who specializes in personal finance, investment and trading. Buying your next home will be emotional. You can count on it. And for the majority of you that means you’ll end up paying more than you should.  It’s all too easy for […]

Things We Buy that are Actually Free


Please enjoy this guest post from my Get Rich Slowly co-worker, Kristin Wong.  Kristin recently founded Brokepedia, a guide to saving money on damn near everything. This year, I vowed to start exercising more, but I hate exercising. I thought if I bought a gym membership or yoga classes, I’d be more inspired to get […]

8 Investing Excuses We All Make

Saving vs Investing

      Please enjoy this guest post from Jon Dulin.  Jon writes for MoneySmartGuides, a personal finance blog that encourages readers to pay off their debt and invest in their future. When it comes to investing, Jon simplifies the ups and downs of the stock market with key principles that will make you a […]

Are You Spending More Just to Get a Discount?


Please enjoy this guest post from Ben Luthi.  Ben is a personal finance blogger who does his thing over at The Wealth Gospel. He’s passionate about helping people to stop thinking about personal finance according to the template society has created, and to find their true potential and align their behaviors with it. His favorite […]

Care Package Essentials for Students

care package

Please enjoy this guest post from Nikki Harris.  Nikki is an independent writer for It’s that awkward time of the year for college students and kids who are far away from home. They’re settling into their routines, but they may be running out of supplies for school. Their batteries are running low about now […]