Selling A Mortgage Note 101

mortgageAre you one of the many Americans that own a mortgage note? You may have become the owner of a mortgage note if you have chosen to owner-finance a piece of real estate. In our country’s current economic landscape, many Americans have and continue to choose to owner-finance their home or other real estate as an investment opportunity. After all, owner financing can be a great choice for buyers and sellers alike. [Read more…]

Business Insurance That Save You Money in the Long Run

business fireBusiness owners often have many things to worry about.  Not only are you supposed to make sure you offer quality products and services to your customers, you also need to take the necessary steps to protect your business from potential financial harm.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make sure that your business is adequately insured.  And fortunately, there are many different types of business insurance out there.  Depending on the line of work you are in, you may need to invest in one or more of them. Here are five types of business insurance that will likely benefit you over time. [Read more…]

Generosity: Are You the Grateful Dead or Metallica?

grateful deadThe following is a guest post from Jim Driscoll who is the founder and author of  Jim has always had a passion for investing, saving, and all things finance related, so in 2012 he took to the world of blogging as a way to express his views and encourage others to take a broader look at the investing world. [Read more…]

When Should You Consider Incorporating a Business?

open signGrowing a business is most associated with increased revenues or services. However, entrepreneurs should also consider the appropriate legal structure for their changing needs.  Due to low cost and convenience, many startups begin as sole proprietorships or partnerships. While this setup may be suitable for basic operations, your staffing, liability and tax needs may benefit from incorporating. [Read more…]

Can China’s Financial Policies Affect You?

chinese bridgeThe answer is a resounding “you bet”. You only have to take a cursory look at modern Chinese economics over the last few decades to understand that what has happened eight time zones away does have an impact on our daily lives in the UK. If you’re old enough to remember, consider how many quality Chinese products you could buy, say 30 years ago, compared to today. A Chinese car? No way! But now, many products which are quite popular, including most of the Apple mobile devices, are manufactured in China. So are a lot of our appliances, regardless of what brand they are. All of this industrial output is a consequence of a change in Chinese policy over two decades ago, when Chinese leaders decided that the country should be able to compete, from a manufacturing perspective, in global markets. Today, you can see the results of those decisions. What’s next? It looks like the government is about to dramatically liberalize financial policies that will certainly see shockwaves across the UK in the years to come. [Read more…]

How to Maximize Your Free Time

exerciseThe closing on my home got pushed back one day due to the huge snowstorm that hit the Midwest this weekend, so please enjoy this guest post from Connie Mei. Connie is a 20-something trying to live big on a budget…in New York City. Follow her on her road to financial independence over at Savvy With Saving.

Time is money.  And unfortunately, a lot of us waste it. Many people spend their free time lounging around, watching TV, and catching up on sleep. Not to say that you should stop doing those things entirely.  However, it’s worth noting what really productive people do.  People who spend their free time effectively see it as a time to refocus, not necessarily recharge. Here are 5 things you can be doing to maximize your free time: [Read more…]