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Founder and Author: Holly Johnson

Welcome to Club Thrifty where we encourage you to “Stop spending. Start living.” I’m so glad you’re here! Since you’re clearly interested in knowing a little bit more about us – you did click on the “About Us” page, right?- I’ll tell you all you need to know.  My name is Holly Johnson and I am wife and mother of two darling children.  My husband Greg and I started this blog together in 2012.

We are in our early thirties, happily married for seven years, and living in flyover country.  For years, we felt like we lived fairly frugally.  However, despite the fact that we were making plenty of money, we realized that we weren’t really saving to our full potential.  We decided to figure out where our money was going, and we realized we were simply spending it all. From there, we embarked on a journey to discover where we were spending all of our money. We began tracking our spending, and it became obvious that eating out and unrestrained grocery spending were two of the major culprits.  Additionally, various expenses from Cable TV to credit card payments were consuming our disposable income.  We decided that if we could simply write a “Zero-Sum Budget” every month, we may be able to track our money more effectively.  Amazingly, it worked and we began to see exactly where our money was going.

Along the way, we learned to be more thoughtful and deliberate with our spending.  As a consequence of this, we started paying off our debt – starting with our smallest debts first followed by our larger debts like our cars and home.  The money began to pile up quickly, and we have been on the path to debt-free living ever since.  Our love of saving and goal of being debt-free (including our mortgage) by the age of 40 led us to create this website. We hope to inspire and educate others about the money saving techniques that work for our family.

Due to a change in jobs and a conflict in interest, Greg had to leave the blog in 2013.  However, we’re still happily married and living the dream!  In 2013, I was able to quit my job to pursue blogging and freelance writing full-time.  In addition to writing my own blog, I’m also a staff writer at Get Rich Slowly, Frugal Travel Guy, and U.S. News and World Report’s My Money Blog.  My work has been featured on Fox News, Forbes, Lifehacker, the Wall Street Journal, and many other online publications.  If you want to know more about us, check out these awesome posts:

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We invite you to join the club here at Club Thrifty! All you have to do is stop spending and start living, today!   (For more information about other websites that have published our work, check out our “Around the Web” page!)