RoamRight Travel Insurance Review: Multiple Plans to Fit Your Needs

RoamRight Travel Insurance Review - picture of father and son kayaking

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In this RoamRight Travel Insurance review, we’ll explore what plans they offer, what each plan covers, and which plan is best for different situations. Enjoy!

Purchasing a travel insurance plan is probably the least exciting part of planning a trip. Unlike choosing your destination or reserving a beautiful Airbnb, it just isn’t any fun to imagine using a travel insurance policy.

But the fact is, things happen. You might have to cancel your trip. The airline might lose your luggage for two days. Or you could need urgent medical care.

I don’t mean to be negative. Hopefully none of these things will happen. But if they did, a travel insurance policy would protect you from (potentially significant) financial loss.

Choosing an insurance policy can be a challenge, though – there are so many options available. Today, I’ll review four travel insurance plans from Arch RoamRight and help you decide if one of them meets your needs.

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RoamRight at a GlanceRoamRight Logo

  • Three single-trip and one multi-trip plan to meet your needs
  • Comprehensive plans that include trip protection and emergency medical
  • A customizable travel medical plan
  • Options for seniors
  • Cancel for Any Reason and Hazardous Sports upgrade options

RoamRight Travel Insurance Products

RoamRight offers four travel insurance plans:

  • Pro
  • Pro Plus
  • Travel Medical
  • Multi-Trip Annual

Pro and Pro Plus Plans

The Pro and Pro Plus plans are single-trip policies that include trip cancellation and interruption coverage as well as emergency medical and evacuation. These plans have no medical deductible. They cover trips up to 180 days in duration.

The Pro Plus plan, as the name suggests, is the more comprehensive of the two. The main difference is that the Pro Plus plan includes primary medical coverage and trip cancellation coverage for work reasons. The Pro plan includes excess medical coverage, which means you have to exhaust other forms of insurance before RoamRight will pay a claim. With both plans, though, you can purchase upgrades like Trip Cancellation for Any Reason and Hazardous Sports coverage.

Travel Medical Plan

The Travel Medical plan includes customizable coverage for accident and sickness medical expense for single trips outside the U.S. Travelers under age 70 can purchase coverage up to $500,000. Regardless of coverage, the medical deductible is $250. This plan also includes emergency medical evacuation and repatriation and $5,000 in trip interruption coverage. Trip cancellation is not included.

Multi-Trip Annual Plan

The Multi-Trip Annual plan covers all trips lasting 30 days or less in a one-year period, anywhere in the world. It includes trip cancellation and interruption, emergency medical, evacuation, repatriation, and more.

Note that RoamRight also offers an auto rental insurance plan that includes $35,000 in rental collision insurance. This review focuses on more traditional travel insurance products, but if you need rental car insurance for your next trip, visit RoamRight to learn more.

RoamRight Travel Insurance: What’s Included?

As discussed above, RoamRight offers four travel insurance plans and coverage varies based on plan.

The table below shows the key benefits included with the Pro and Pro Plus plans, along with the coverage limits. This is just a snapshot. It’s important to consult the complete insurance policies available on RoamRight’s website to review the full scope of coverage.

BenefitCoverage Limit - ProCoverage Limit - Pro Plus
Trip cancellationUp to 100% of trip costUp to 100% of trip cost
Cancel for Work ReasonsNot includedUp to 100% of trip cost
Trip interruptionUp to 150% of trip costUp to 150% of trip cost
Trip delay$1,0001,000
Missed connection and itinerary change$500$500
Baggage delay$300$300
Baggage and personal effects$1,000$1,000
Emergency accident and sickness $50,000, $750 for dental (excess coverage)$50,000, $750 for dental (primary coverage)
Emergency evacuation and repatriation$500,000$500,000
Political and security evacuation$100,000$100,000
Accidental death and dismemberment$10,000$10,000

The Multi-Trip Annual plan offers similar coverage to the Pro plan, but it covers all trips in a one-year period lasting 30 days or less. There are a few notable differences in how much it covers, though:

  • Emergency medical expense: $25,000
  • Evacuation and repatriation: $250,000
  • Accidental death and dismemberment: $25,000

The Travel Medical plan focuses on customizable medical coverage for travel outside the U.S. Here’s a summary of the key benefits:

BenefitCoverage Limit - Travel Medical
Accident and sickness medical expenseChoice of: $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, or $500,000
Ages 70-79: $50,000
Ages 80+: $10,000
$250 deductible
Dental sublimit$250 per tooth, max $1,000
In-hospital indemnity$100 per day
Emergency medical evacuation/repatriation$100,000
Emergency medical reunion$10,000
Trip interruption$5,000
Baggage and personal effects$250
Accidental death and dismemberment$25,000

As you can see, the Travel Medical plan offers more in the way of medical coverage but less for travel protection.

Travel Insurance Plans For Families – Get complete travel insurance coverage for the entire family for your next trip. With RoamRight, a child is covered for each covered adult. Get a free quote from RoamRight here.

How Much Does RoamRight Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost of a RoamRight policy varies based on factors such as:

  • The plan you choose
  • The cost, duration, and destination of your trip
  • Your age and place of residence

The best way to accurately price a policy is to get a quote online. Luckily, that process is super easy. But for illustration purposes, I obtained quotes for some hypothetical travelers.

Let’s consider a family of four who reside in Maine. Their ages are 40, 38, 11, and 9. On Jan 10, 2020, they booked a two-week Paris vacation that was set to begin on June 1, 2020. The non-refundable trip cost is $6,000 USD.

The Pro plan would cost $146, while the Pro Plus plan would cost $154. That’s to insure four people for a two-week trip – very reasonable. The Travel Medical plan (which doesn’t include trip cancellation) would run them just $75 for the basic $50,000 coverage.

If that family wanted coverage for all trips taken in a one-year period, the Multi-Trip Annual plan would cost $768. Clearly, they would need to take several trips per year to justify the cost, but the exact number would depend on trip price and duration.

RoamRight Travel Insurance: What Isn’t Covered?

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions That Don’t Qualify for the Waiver (Pro and Pro Plus Plans)

RoamRight’s Pro and Pro Plus plans provide emergency medical coverage when you’re traveling. They also provide trip cancellation if you become ill before departure. So it makes sense that pre-existing medical conditions that are likely to cause an issue are not covered. Remember, insurance providers are out to make money.

RoamRight considers a condition pre-existing if you’ve shown symptoms or sought treatment in the 60 days before your coverage begins. In insurance speak, that 60 days is called the “look-back period.” And as look-back periods go, 60 days is very short. Some providers look back as far as two years.

In addition to a short look back period, RoamRight has a very generous pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver. That means if you meet the following criteria, your pre-existing conditions are covered:

  • You buy your policy within 21 days of making your initial trip deposit
  • You insure 100% of non-refundable trip costs
  • You’re able to travel when you buy your policy
  • It’s your first and only booking for the travel period and destination

So the key takeaway here is that if you buy a Pro or Pro Plus policy shortly after booking your trip and are medically able to travel at that time, you should be covered if anything unexpected pops up with a pre-existing medical condition.  However, if you don’t meet all of the above criteria, you won’t be covered.

The Multi-Trip plan covers pre-existing conditions as long as you’re able to travel when you purchase the policy and you do so within 30 days of paying for your trip.

The Travel Medical plan covers pre-existing medical conditions, so if you go that route, you don’t have to worry about emergency medical coverage, regardless of whether the condition is pre-existing.

Hazardous Sports (Unless You Buy The Upgrade)

RoamRight will not pay for medical treatment if you are injured while participating in hazardous sports. However, you can purchase an optional upgrade that will cover you for select sporting activities. These include:

  • Mountaineering where ropes or guides are normally used (not to exceed a height of 15,000 feet)
  • Skydiving or parachuting
  • Hang gliding
  • Bungee jumping
  • Scuba diving to depths below 130 feet, if certified
  • Spelunking

If any of these are in your plans, you’ll want to spring for the upgrade. If you’re unsure of whether a planned activity is considered a hazardous sport, it’s best to contact RoamRight directly.

Acts of War or Hostilities Between Nations

Most insurance providers will not cover losses related to war, and RoamRight is no different. This includes:

  • War
  • Civil war
  • Hostilities between nations
  • Invasion
  • Acts of foreign enemies

Non-Emergency Medical Care

It’s important to understand that RoamRight’s travel medical coverage is meant to protect you from financial loss if you need emergency treatment for an unexpected illness or injury. It does not cover routine medical care or planned procedures. This is the norm for all travel insurance providers.

Who Can Be Covered Under RoamRight Travel Insurance?

RoamRight will cover anyone who is medically able to travel under their single-trip plans. There is no lower or upper age limit on coverage, but seniors over age 70 have limited options when purchasing the Travel Medical plan. The Multi-Trip Annual plan is available to travelers up to age 75.

RoamRight Travel Insurance Pros and Cons

60-day look-back period for pre-existing medical conditions for the Pro, Pro Plus, and Multi-Trip Annual plansSeniors over age 80 are only eligible for $10,000 in medical coverage under the Travel Medical plan
The Travel Medical plan does not exclude pre-existing conditionsSeniors over age 75 are not eligible for the Multi-Trip Annual plan
No medical deductible for the Pro and Pro Plus PlansNo option to add on extra medical coverage with the Pro and Pro Plus plans
Pro and Pro Plus plans include one child per covered adult for freeOptional Hazardous Sports coverage is limited to a few activities
Upgrades available to suit your needs

Who Should Buy RoamRight Travel Insurance?

  • Travelers Looking for an All-in-One Product: The Pro and Pro Plus plans are comprehensive – they include trip protection, emergency medical, and some conveniences like trip and baggage delay. For many people, that covers all the bases.
  • Travelers Seeking High Levels of Medical Coverage: The Travel Medical plan offers up to $500,000 in medical coverage for travelers under 70 and costs less than the Pro and Plus plans. For those who prioritize travel medical insurance and don’t need trip cancellation, this plan is a good buy.
  • Families: The RoamRight Pro and Pro Plus plans include one child under 18 per covered adult free of charge. That means two covered parents can cover two kids for free. This can result in significant savings.
  • Frequent Travelers: If you travel several times per year, you might save money by buying the Multi-Trip Annual plan instead of a one-time policy for each trip. If you’re not sure, check in with RoamRight to explore your options.

Who Should Skip RoamRight Travel Insurance?

Seniors Looking for Multi-Trip Insurance or High Levels of Medical Coverage: Seniors Looking for Multi-Trip Insurance or High Levels of Medical Coverage: RoamRight doesn’t have an upper age limit on their Pro and Pro Plus plans, which is awesome for seniors. However, those plans cap out at $50,000 in medical coverage. Seniors under age 70 qualify for the Travel Medical plan and can customize their coverage, but those aged 70 to 79 are limited to $50,000. Seniors in the 80+ club only qualify for $10,000 in medical coverage, which isn’t enough for most. Further, travelers over age 75 don’t qualify for the Multi-Trip Annual plan, and so are limited to single-trip policies. Seniors may want to check out Allianz Travel Insurance instead.

Travelers Looking for Customizable Medical Coverage With Trip Cancellation: The Pro and Pro Plus plans are great all-around options for the average traveler. They include trip cancellation and $50,000 in emergency medical coverage, which I consider the minimum standard. Travelers who want higher levels of emergency coverage can opt for the Travel Medical plan, but they forfeit trip cancellation. RoamRight doesn’t offer a product that bundles trip cancellation and customizable medical coverage.

Serious Adventurer Seekers: RoamRight offers optional coverage for hazardous sports, but the list of covered activities is pretty short. If bungee jumping or skydiving are on your agenda, you’re set. But for more robust adventure sport coverage, check out World Nomads.

How to Buy RoamRight Travel Insurance

Buying a RoamRight travel insurance policy is easy. Head to the website and enter your trip and traveler details to get a quote. If you like what you see, head to the checkout – it’s that easy! If you need help, just contact their responsive customer service team; they have live chat and telephone agents available to help. Or you can fill out a contact form with your question after hours. I sent a question Sunday night and had a response by Monday morning.

How to File a Claim

If you need to make a claim, the first step is to contact RoamRight to give notice that you are filing a claim. You can do this online or by email, phone, fax, or mail. This should be done within 30 days of the loss. RoamRight will provide instructions for which forms to fill out to get things going, all of which can be found online.

RoamRight Travel Insurance: Is It a Good Buy?

RoamRight’s Pro and Pro Plus plans are a good buy for those looking for modest emergency medical coverage paired with trip protection. They are an especially good fit for families traveling with children, since each covered parent can bring a child under 18 for free. The Pro Plus plan is the more comprehensive of the two, providing primary medical coverage and the option to cancel for work reasons, and it’s only slightly more expensive.

The Travel Medical plan is a good option for travelers under 70 who don’t need trip cancellation but are looking for higher levels of medical coverage. Because trip cancellation is typically the most expensive feature of travel insurance, the Travel Medical plan is much less pricey than the Pro and Pro Plus plans.

The Multi-Trip plan may be cost-effective for frequent travelers. To determine whether it makes sense for you, you need to consider how many trips you anticipate taking and how long each will last. You can compare quotes online or call RoamRight for assistance.

Whether it’s with RoamRight or another provider, I hope you’ll protect yourself and your trip next time you travel.

Have you purchased a policy from RoamRight? Share your experiences with us below!

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