Debt.  It’s just another four letter word in our vocabulary.  Yet, in American culture, debt manages to permeate our lives in almost every way imaginable.  Everywhere you turn, people are struggling to stay on top of their everyday living expenses in addition to servicing their debt.

Obviously, the best advice anyone could give you would be, “Stay out of debt in the first place.”  But, it’s too late for many of us. Debt has a tendency to creep up on us when we least expect it.  Some personal finance writers differentiate between “good” and “bad debt.”  I’m here to tell you that all debt sucks.  Some of them, like a house payment, are just less oppressive than others I guess.  Here are 4 reasons you should try to get out of debt as soon as humanly possible.

1) Debt Is a Burden

Debt is a pain in the ass, whether you want to admit it or not.  It represents another bill to pay. It’s another thing to keep track of.  It’s another piece of mail and another check to fill out.  Debt is a burden and it’s hard to understand how heavy it weighs on you until you are finally free of it.

2) It Could Be Holding You Back

We all have dreams….and our debts could very well be preventing them from coming true.  Imagine the freedom you would have if you didn’t owe money to anyone.  What could you accomplish if you had fewer bills to pay?  Would you start your own business?  Would you go back to school?  Would you retire early and travel the world? The possibilities are endless.

Debt. It's just another four letter word in our vocabulary, yet it manages to control much of what we do. Here are 4 reasons to get out of debt today!3) Interest Payments Are a Waste of Money

Not only is being in debt a burden, but interests payments suck. Paying interest on borrowed money can be a huge drain on your finances.  Interest payments are truly a waste of money, and freeing yourself of those obligations can make a huge difference in your finances.

4) Debt Could Be Preventing You From Getting Ahead

We’ve already covered the fact that debt is a burden.  However, being in debt could also be what prevents you from achieving your financial dreams.  Being in debt means working longer and possibly having to wait to retire.  It can mean having to put the life you really want on hold.

If you are in debt, start by cutting your expenses.  Determine which creditors you would like to pay off first, and allocate all of your extra income toward them.  Some people choose to use debt consolidation services, but make sure to read all debt advice terms before agreeing to them.  There are plenty of resources to get help.  The most important thing to do is to learn to be happy living below your means. If you can do that, your money problems will eventually take care of themselves.