The VIP Club Roundup – 9th Edition

VIP Club Roundup


Welcome to Club Thrifty’s VIP Club Roundup! Here we do the dirty work of finding some of the best personal finance articles on the web so you don’t have to. Speaking of “best articles,” here is what we’ve been up to this week:



Now that you know about our articles, let’s find out the best search terms that people used to find us this week!


Best Search Terms

  • apology for spending money which is not mine
  • some people just love to spend money than making it
  • football-ticket tax break helps colleges get millions from fans
  • can i get bill gates to pay my student loans
  • trying to save money feel need to spend on wants
  • how to make fun dates without guy feeling pressured to spend money
  • “two bachelors degrees” on “business card”?



Top 5 Posts of the Week

Here are our favorite posts from other personal finance bloggers this week:


David at Prairie Eco-Thrifter wrote a great article about how our petty politics won’t matter one bit if we don’t have a planet that is suitable to live on. I think he is right in his assessment that A Healthy Environment Should be Our #1 Priority.

We always love a good discussion about healthcare in America. It is a topic that makes us really passionate, and – due to what has transpired in our own lives over the past few days – I’m sure that you’ll be hearing more from us on the subject over the next few weeks. However, this week, Jefferson at See Debt Run speaks about the pros and cons of his employer’s new consumer driven health plan. The article is an informative read as are the comments.

Mandy at Money Master Mom teaches us how to free up more of our time, money, and energy by learning how to say “No Thankyou.”

Catherine from Plunged in Debt had a monster week (Halloween pun intended)! She wrote a great guest posted at Canadian Budget Binder about how they renovated their first house on the cheap. She also wrote an interesting article on her own blog about whether or not being frugal strains relationships with friends.

In addition to Halloween, Hurricane Sandy was a big topic this week. The Savvy Scot explained what we can learn from this disaster.


…and here are 3 bonus Halloween stories…

My Money Design gives us some insight to the lack of retirement planning in this country. His article on Scary Retirement Statistics is easily one of the scariest reads of the week.

Average Joe tells us a spooky Halloween story about his friend’s, cousin’s, uncle’s, boss’s, daughter’s, niece’s, boyfriend’s mother getting a new job in a hospital…and taking a zombie to the morgue.

Kim at Eyes on the Dollar gives us another fun Halloween post about random things that she is scared of. Funny enough, I’m scared of some of them too!



That does it for this week! Please make sure to head over to our VIP Club page to pick up your VIP Club badge! Have a great weekend everybody!



  1. says

    I guess you could get Bill Gates to pay for your loans in a roundabout sort of way. You could use some of the systems he helped create to make online money, right? Little bit of a stretch I guess… Anyway, thanks for linking to Jeff’s post. We learned so much from our smart readers! What is the thing you’re talking about that recently happened to you? Did I miss something? Hope you guys are all well!

  2. justin@thefrugalpath says

    Those are some interesting search terms.
    Don’t people good grammar people use anymore?
    Enjoy your weekend and stay on budget with those Christmas gifts. Wouldn’t want to see it in a post in a week or so :)

  3. says

    You got that wrong. It’s my COUSINS third uncles wife’s best friend’s mom that had the very freaky story….

    I think I might start posting “My fav Club Thrifty Piece of the Week!” instead of my roundup. This week Holly wins with the toxic employee. Better luck next week, Greg (maybe need some more Lannister posts to curry favor with the judge….).

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