Do You Force Yourself to Exercise?

Sleeping during workout

On January 6th, I turn 35-years-old.  The strange thing is, I don’t feel 35-years-old at all.  Maybe I’m just crazy immature, but sometimes I feel like the real adults are going to show up someday and take away my car keys and bank card.  I look around and think, “am I really in charge?” all the time.  Reeeeeeaaaaaally? 

Financial Tips for those Going Through a Divorce

When shit gets real.....

Yup, it happens.  As much as it sucks, married people occasionally decide that they hate each other.  Some people grow apart and others just want to move on to greener pastures.  Regardless, going through a divorce can be a stressful experience.  And if you’re not careful, your divorce could leave some serious financial consequences in […]

An Anchor, a Stripper and a Goat-Hair Collector: The World From Different Points of View

Joe Saul-Sehy was a financial advisor for 16 years. His new website, Stacking Benjamins, launches today. What’s it like to be financial planner for people from diverse walks of life? Our guest blogger shares some “unique” stories…   What did I hate about being a financial advisor? That’s easy: Neurotic clients who knew nothing about […]

Surviving a Bear Market Encounter in the Wild


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the stock market is up. I mean way up. Up to the clouds up. When I looked at the status of my 401(k) last week, I swear I almost pooped…with joy! I believe my exact words were, “Shazam!” If you are like me, you are probably feeling like […]

The 5 Financial Habits that Changed My Life

Making huge life changes may mean changing life-long habits. It wasn't easy, but here are 5 financial habits that changed my life forever.

I don’t try to hide the fact that we used to be pretty sucky with our finances.  Although we never let things get too out of hand, I finally accept the fact that we used to waste most of our income.  We bought stuff.  We went on trips.  If we didn’t have the cash, we would finance […]

Our Majestic Adventure

Our Majestic Adventure

  Obviously, everyone knows that we went on vacation earlier this month.  We’ve talked about it nonstop and even wrote a review of the hotel we stayed in.    In case you forgot, we did our first “all-inclusive vacation” at the Majestic Colonial Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Blah, blah, blah.  We know you’re all sick of hearing […]