Do You Force Yourself to Exercise?

Sleeping during workoutOn January 6th, I turn 35-years-old.  The strange thing is, I don’t feel 35-years-old at all.  Maybe I’m just crazy immature, but sometimes I feel like the real adults are going to show up someday and take away my car keys and bank card.  I look around and think, “am I really in charge?” all the time.  Reeeeeeaaaaaally?  [Read more…]

All We Have Is Time

cemeteryA lot of people don’t know this, but I spent over six years working in a mortuary with my husband.  It’s true.  It was just a strange twist of fate, really.  I was considering a new job at the same time they were looking for someone to work in the office.  Looking back, I’m so glad that we found each other.

I quickly learned to love that job, not only because of the perks, but because of the people.  Since I sat at the front desk, I met every family that came through the door.  I learned their stories, and I helped them in every way that I possibly could.  [Read more…]

Let’s Talk About Spring

praying for snowIf you live anywhere near the Midwest, you’ll be able to relate to this post.  It’s been colder than a witch’s tit around these parts, so cold that I don’t think I’ve been warm for two weeks.  The pipes have frozen at our new home and at our temporary home so far.  The roads are nasty and dirty, with all of this yucky muddy snow tracking in almost everywhere you go.  I already told Greg that we’re having a shoes-off policy at our new house since it now has all new floors.  I actually had that policy at our old house, but no one listened.  But, there’s a new sheriff in town.  Well, not really.  It’s still just me.  Sigh. [Read more…]

Financial Tips for those Going Through a Divorce

When shit gets real.....

When shit gets real…..

Yup, it happens.  As much as it sucks, married people occasionally decide that they hate each other.  Some people grow apart and others just want to move on to greener pastures.  Regardless, going through a divorce can be a stressful experience.  And if you’re not careful, your divorce could leave some serious financial consequences in its wake.  Here are some savvy tips for those who decide to call it quits: [Read more…]

How Much Life Insurance Is Enough?

Many of us have life insurance through our employer or one of the big insurance companies, but how do we know if it’s enough?  The answer is complicated but it’s important to think about income protection before it’s too late.

Since most of us love our families, we want them to be financially set for the rest of their lives should something happen.  Life insurance enables us to provide for our families no matter what happens. [Read more…]

An Anchor, a Stripper and a Goat-Hair Collector: The World From Different Points of View

An Anchor, a Stripper and a Goat-Hair Collector: The World from Different Points of View

Joe Saul-Sehy was a financial advisor for 16 years. His new website, Stacking Benjamins, launches today. What’s it like to be financial planner for people from diverse walks of life? Our guest blogger shares some “unique” stories…


What did I hate about being a financial advisor? That’s easy: Neurotic clients who knew nothing about the financial world and didn’t want a teacher…they just wanted someone to blame.

My second favorite question? What did you like best? That’s nearly as easy: I loved the diversity of people who walked into my office every day. One hour I’d be sharing my client’s vacation pictures of India or the Canadian Rockies, and an hour later, I’d be hours away from another client’s retirement, reviewing pension documents.

What I didn’t understand initially (but also why I loved the job) was just how absolutely diverse the job would become. Here are five of my favorite examples:

The Stripper

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: she was extremely attractive, even without makeup. [Read more…]