We all have a favorite type of salad dressing, right? For me, it’s Ken’s Honey French.  There’s just something about its flavor and texture that I haven’t found with other brands.  Hell, I’d take a bath in it if Greg would let me, and I dip everything in it- even French fries!

With that being said, I will not buy it if it’s not on sale– the full retail price is $3.99!  So I have a few options- a) I can stock up on Ken’s Honey French when it’s on sale, or b) I can buy a different French dressing when it’s not.

I usually go with option A.

Being Picky is Okay if You Think Ahead

Being picky isn’t that big of a deal if you’re willing to plan for it.  Like my situation with Ken’s ooey-gooey Honey French dressing, for example.  I might have ten bottles of that pure-gold deliciousness in my pantry at any given time because I sure as hell don’t want to pay full retail.

There are plenty of other ways to save money if you’re picky about specific brands too.  Let’s say you only like Coach purses <insert eye roll here> and insist on getting each new design as it comes out.  In my eyes, you have a few options:

  • You could wait until each new design goes on sale and buy it at a discount
  • You could look for a used one on ebay or Craigslist
  • You could buy a  knockoff- maybe a “Couch” purse or even a “Cooch”  (*Don’t laugh, I have a Goochie)

The point is, you can be picky and save money if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.  Unfortunately, it appears that most people aren’t.

Here’s Why You’re Broke: You’re Picky

Facebook can be a goldmine if you’re looking for examples of financial recklessness.  In fact, there are days when my news feed reads like a transcript from a credit counseling agency.  A few updates that made me shake my head these last few weeks (I’m paraphrasing here):

“I can’t believe I just paid a month’s rent for the new iphone, LOL.”

“Look at my Tiffany bracelet.  He loves me!” (from a girl who was complaining that she didn’t have a job a few days earlier)

“I would rather walk or ride a scooter than drive a minivan.”

I find these types of comments troubling because they tend to come from people who don’t appear to have their financial lives together.  You know the type- they’re broke, yet have nicer stuff than you do.

Open Your Mind, Not Your Wallet

The good news is, you don’t have to be picky.  Instead of obsessing over every new product that comes out or your favorite brands, consider branching out.  Try generic versions of your favorite products, or look for ways to buy stuff that has already been gently used by someone else.  Or try something revolutionary- avoid buying anything that you don’t absolutely need.  Chances are, life will go on.

On the other hand, being frugal doesn’t always mean going without; sometimes it just means finding creative ways to save money on things you were going to buy anyway.  And if you’re broke, the best thing you can do is let all of that go and make each purchase with an open mind.

Being picky can destroy your potential for wealth, but it only strikes if you let it.

Do you know someone who is broke because they are picky?