Karma’s a bitch sometimes.

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about how dumb Bath & Body Works mailings can be. Yet, there I was – gift card in hand, a disgusted look on my face.

I didn’t plan it this way. In fact, I didn’t do anything wrong. I blame it all on my husband. Here’s how it went down:

Since a cousin’s wedding is coming up, I sent my husband to the store to pick up a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card. Everyone likes that store, right?

Unfortunately, he came home with this:


So close......

So close……

It says “bath” on it – I’ll give him that. But it’s not quite the same thing. Thank goodness it wasn’t a for some huge denomination, like $500. Whew. Disaster averted.

Now I just have to figure out what in the world I can spend that gift card on. I’ve got a feeling that a family member might just be getting it for Christmas this year, so perhaps it won’t be a total waste.

Unfortunate Ways We’ve Wasted Money Recently

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only silly incident that led to wasted dollars in the last few months. Here are some other unfortunate ways we’ve wasted money recently:

We Wasted a Babysitter….Twice

We usually get a babysitter so we can go out a few nights a month, and the last 30 days have been no exception. Unfortunately, we totally squandered those dates two times in a row. Let me explain.

The last few times we’ve hired a babysitter, we’ve gotten a last minute invite to our neighbor’s to play cards. Each time, we immediately abandoned our plans to go to the movies and went over to our friends, who just happen to be five doors down, instead. Usually we bring our kids over there, so it was weird paying $6 an hour for someone to babysit while we played cards and drank vodka within earshot. The good news is, we at least saved money by not going to the movies. #ForTheWin

We Joined a Gym and Cancelled….Again

Sometimes I think I’ll never learn. We joined a gym a few years ago and rarely went, so why did I think this time would be any different? To be fair, we did go – just not often enough to justify the $35 monthly fee. Now that it’s nice out, I would rather just exercise outdoors or in my garage.

Regardless, there is good news. The gym we joined this time was month to month, so we only needed to cancel to end the monthly expense for good. I’m glad it’s behind me, and I hope I remember how much I loathe driving or walking to the gym next time I get the urge to join one.

I Spent $32 On Ugly Paint

To save money and make our yard look a little nicer, we decided that we would do our own landscaping and stain our own deck this spring. But things didn’t go exactly as planned. When I went to Lowe’s, I decided on a maroon deck stain that I thought would go well with our paver patio. The problem? It went on this nasty maroon/hot pink hue.

I didn’t take a picture, but I thought it was really annoying that the real color looked nothing like the sample. I’m also glad that I stopped painting after I realized how freaking ugly it was going to be. $32 and a half and hour down the drain, I headed back to Lowe’s to pick out something more suitable. Fortunately, it looked much better the second time around.

Recovering from Unfortunate Spending

Even those of us who are frugal make mistakes sometimes. Let’s face it – unfortunate spending happens to the best of us, and all any of us can do is try to learn from it and promptly move on.

Now all I can do is laugh at how dumb we can be.

And next time, I’ll get my own gift cards and let Greg pick out the paint.

What are some of the dumbest ways you’ve wasted money lately? Were you aware the Bath & Body Works and Bed Bath & Beyond are two completely different stores?