8 Easy Ways to Update Your Home’s Exterior Without Going Broke

Easy Ways to Update Your Home’s Exterior Without Going Broke - picture of wheelbarrow of dirt and shovel next to garden bed

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Improving the look and value of your home is something almost every homeowner can get behind, but the initial enthusiasm can be hard to maintain after looking into the cost and time required for many home improvement projects. It seems as if updates are becoming harder and harder to finance, especially if what you’d like to improve involves your home’s exterior.

How to Update Your Home’s Exterior on a Budget

Thankfully, a little creativity, hard work, and savvy spending can actually go a long way in increasing your home’s curb appeal, and oftentimes, you’ll be happy with the results for years to come. From putting up some window boxes to replacing old hardware, here are eight easy ways to update your home’s exterior without spending a ton of money.

1. Get a New Porch Light

It may seem overly simple, but your porch light is one of the first things you and others notice when approaching your house early in the morning or after dusk. Online stores like Amazon.com offer a great selection if you’re in the market for something brand new, or, if you’d like to incorporate a more vintage and repurposed look, shop around at your local flea market and antique stores.

2. Improve Your Landscaping

You don’t have to hire a pro to improve your landscaping, but if you were born without a green thumb, and you’ve never worked to acquire one, you will have to do some research to ensure that you don’t actually end up making it worse than it was when you started. From planting bushes and shrubs that stay green all year to utilizing flowering plants that improve your home’s look, taking some time to enhance nature’s colors around your fence, mailbox, and have a very dramatic effect.

3. Get a New Front Door (or Paint Your Old One)

When was the last time you took a good look at your front door? Does it look tired and worn? Does it seem dated or unattractive? Consider getting a brand new door to replace your old one, or, if you don’t have enough cash to get the quality of door you’d like, choose a color and get to painting the one you’ve got. From simply refreshing the existing color to transforming your entire entry with a bold new palette, a new — or new-looking — front door will make your home feel fresh and revitalized.

4. Replace Hardware

Sometimes, the devil really is in the details, and when it comes to hardware, it’s only after you switch everything out that you’ll realize it’s true. From door knobs and locks to knockers and house numbers, replace your old hardware with some that’s shiny and new, and you’ll feel like you moved into a new house.

5. Better Your Mailbox

Whether it’s a brand new mailbox, a fresh coat of paint on your existing mailbox, or a colorful bevy of freshly planted wildflowers, improve the look of your mailbox in one afternoon without spending too much money or time. Not only will your mail carrier notice the difference, but you and your neighbors will, too.

6. Put in Window Boxes

Window boxes sit just beneath your windows and add charm and color to your house instantly. Whether you build the boxes yourself or buy them from your local hardware store, be sure to mix and match plants so that your window boxes look good in any season. Fresh herbs will come in handy during spring and summer and hearty boxwoods will keep your window boxes looking fresh and festive during the cold, winter months.

7. Replace Gutters and Downspouts

Far from just an aesthetic choice, replacing your gutters and downspouts can also work wonders for your home’s and yard’s drainage, which will keep basements, roofs, and trims in better shape over time. Snap-fit vinyl systems are easy enough to install yourself, and if you’re willing to make a bit more of a financial investment, you can opt for a copper guttering system, which add an unmistakable look of class.

8. Paint the Trim

From windows and steps to doorframes and railings, a fresh coat of paint on all your trim work will make your house look brand-new — even if it’s the same color! Just be sure to prep the surfaces properly, so you don’t have to redo it in a year.

Improving the look of your home’s exterior doesn’t require a 12-man crew and thousands of dollars. From fresh paint to fresh plants, these eight easy updates can be accomplished by just about any homeowner, and they won’t stress your finances either

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  1. Painting the trim is key! And, it’s pretty easy. I painted our door and some window trim this summer and it didn’t take long at all. Looks a lot better too!

  2. Great site. Sometimes for inspiration I will just drive around and look at other people’s front yards for ideas on trim, landscaping, etc.

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