Unifimoney Review | An App for Banking, Investing, and Crypto

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In this Unifimoney review, we explain what Unifimoney is, highlight its top features, and help you decide if it’s the right fit for your financial needs. 

The money management needs of today’s generation are changing. Savvy consumers want seamless integration between their banking, investing, and credit products. We’re pressed for time, so we want one app that houses everything and includes as much automation as possible

Some of us are outside-the-box investors, too. Index funds make investing easy, but some of us want options that traditional banks just don’t offer — like Bitcoin. 

Speaking of traditional banks, measly interest rates won’t cut it either. We want fully equipped high-yield accounts to grow our money.

Is all of that too much to ask? Unifimoney doesn’t think so. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the new money management app, Unifimoney. 

Unifimoney at a Glance

Unifimoney logo
  • One app that connects all your finances
  • Includes hybrid high-yield checking account
  • Commission-free, self-managed trading
  • Robo advisor available
  • Trade cryptocurrency and precious metals 
  • Credit card with investment rewards (coming soon)
  • Available on iOS

What Is Unifimoney?

Unifimoney is a new money management app that conveniently meets your spending, saving, and investing needs. 

The user-friendly platform offers a high-yield checking account, self-directed or robo advisor investing, and a cash back credit card (coming soon). 

The cool part is that the checking account and credit card integrate with your investing account to help grow your wealth effortlessly. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. 

Oh, and you can use your Unifimoney investment portfolio to buy cryptocurrency and precious metals, if that’s your thing. 

How to Get Unifimoney

Right now, Unifimoney is only available to Apple users, but I expect this will change in the future. It’s available for free download in the App Store. 

How Much Does Unifimoney Cost?

Unifimoney is free to download with each service having its own fee structure. 

High-yield checking accountFree with monthly deposits totaling at least $2,000 or a minimum balance of $20,000. Otherwise, $10 per month. 
Robo advisor (basic)0.15% annual advisory fee charged monthly
Robo advisor (advanced)0.30% annual advisory fee charged monthly
Self-managed investingCommission-free trades, no annual fees
Precious metals trading1% margin above costs + customer service fee (0.75% for gold, platinum & palladium; 0.85% for silver) 
Cryptocurrency tradingBased on order value, starts at $0.99

Check out the full fee breakdown here

Top Features of UnifiMoney

High-Yield Checking Account

First thing first: Unifimoney isn’t a bank. Thanks to a partnership with UMB Bank, however, it offers an FDIC-insured checking account that packs a punch. 

You get a Visa Debit card with free ATM access through the Allpoint network, mobile check deposit and bill payment, and money transfer via ACH or wire. You can even order a checkbook! 

But unlike traditional checking accounts, the Unifimoney high-yield checking account pays a high interest rate — currently 0.20% APY. 

It also integrates with your Unifimoney investment account to automate wealth building. If you choose, $25 per month (or more) plus any interest earned on your account balance will automatically transfer to your investment portfolio. 

There’s an opening deposit minimum of $100 and no monthly fee with monthly deposits totaling at least $2,000 or a minimum balance of $20,000. Otherwise, there is a $10 monthly fee, but it doesn’t kick in until 90 after account opening. 

Self-Managed Investing

For hands-on investors, Unifimoney offers a commission-free, self-managed investment account through a partnership with Drivewealth. You can buy and trade 3,000 U.S. equities, 1,000 ETFs, and 300 ADRs (American Deposit Receipts). 

You can’t buy mutual funds and there is no support for options trading, but options are expected in the second half of 2021. 

Cool features include fractional investing from $1 and 12 themes that help investors choose companies based on their interests and values.

The account doesn’t charge any trading commissions or annual fees, so you just pay the fees associated with the securities themselves. 

Robo Advisor

In partnership with TenjinAI, Unifimoney offers two low-cost, SIPC-insured robo advisor accounts. 

The entry-level product is called Tenjin AI Basic. It includes a smart ETF portfolio aligned with your risk tolerance and rebalanced yearly. The annual advisory fee is a low 0.15% of assets under management, charged monthly. 

Tenjin AI Advanced takes things up a notch with quarterly rebalances based on monitoring of market trends using Tenjin’s MarketCrash Index. This responsive service aims to keep your portfolio allocation optimal to achieve your goals and commands a 0.30% annual advisory fee. 

If you’re interested in socially responsible investing, both robo advisor accounts include ESG equivalent options. (ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance factors). 


Unifimoney partners with Gemini to offer cryptocurrency trading. Buy, sell, and store 33 cryptocurrencies — including Bitcoin — using the user-friendly and secure platform. 

Buying crypto works pretty much the same way buying equities does, just on a different platform. You transfer funds from your Unifimoney high-yield checking account into your crypto account and execute your trade. When selling, the money takes 3-5 days to transfer to your checking account. 

As a licensed New York trust company, Gemini is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange subject to bank exams and cybersecurity audits through the New York Department of Financial Services. In other words, it’s legit. 

Transaction fees are based on the value of the trade:

Value of the tradeFee
$10.00-$24.99 $1.49
$50.00-$199.99 $2.99

Precious Metals

Unifimoney customers can buy, sell, and store precious metals through a partnership with GBi. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are currently available, with more options coming.

Through fractional investing, customers buy as much or as little as they like. Metals are stored in a regularly audited secure vault network and can be liquidated into coins and bars for delivery at any time. 

The transaction fee for buying and selling precious metals is 1% margin above costs. There’s also a customer service fee, which covers secure storage and insurance. For gold, platinum, and palladium, it’s 0.75% of your precious metals balance. For silver, it’s 0.85%. These are annual fees charged monthly. When you sell and arrange delivery, you’ll be quoted a redemption fee. 

Cash Back Credit Card (Coming Soon)

In Q3 of 2021, Unifimoney will launch a cash back Visa card with a unique reward structure: The cash back will be redeemable only as an investment contribution. Customers will have a choice between gold, Bitcoin, or equity purchase. 

While this isn’t as flexible as straight cash back, it helps customers invest more without thinking about it. Bravo. 

Special Offers

Unifimoney has a bunch of special offers available right now. For example:

  • Join Unifimoney and get up to a $1,000 Bitcoin reward
  • Refer a friend and get a $25 Bitcoin reward
  • Additional offers available through Unifimoney partners
  • Get Started with Unifimoney Here

Who Should Consider Unifimoney?

Cryptocurrency Investors — Most mainstream money management apps don’t support cryptocurrency investing, and I don’t know of any credit cards with Bitcoin rewards. So, if crypto is your thing, Unifimoney will be a breath of fresh air. 

Hands-Off Investors — If you’re a set it and forget it investor, Unifimoney fits the bill. The robo advisor handles asset allocation and rebalancing, so you never have to think about it. Plus, the checking account and upcoming credit card integration make it dead simple to automate your investing. 

Self-Directed Investors — There’s a service for hands-on investors, too! If you love picking your own stocks, ETFs, and ADRs, you’ll enjoy Unifimoney’s commission-free trading. 

Who Should Avoid Unifimoney?

Those Who Won’t Meet the Checking Account Minimums — Unifimoney’s Checking account is free for “active users”. That means depositing at least $2,000 per month or maintaining a balance of $20,000. If you’re using it as your primary checking account and get a direct deposit paycheck, this probably isn’t an issue. But people who don’t use the account this way will pay a $10 monthly fee, which detracts from its value. 

Mutual Fund Lovers — Unifimoney doesn’t offer mutual funds through either of its investing platforms. However, you can buy fractional shares of ETFs, which is pretty close. 

Investors Who Want Access to the Full Stock Market — At this time, Unifimoney’s self-managed investment account offers a finite selection of equities, ETFs, and ADRs, and no options trading (although that’s coming). Hands-on investors who want the complete stock market experience won’t find it here. 

Android users — Right now, Unifimoney is only available to Apple users, but I expect that will change. 


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your banking and investing needs, Unifimoney deserves a look. This is especially true if those needs include cryptocurrency and precious metals. When the credit card launches, Unifimoney might really be a one-stop shop!

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