TRS Yucatan Hotel Review: Outrageous Luxury On a Budget

If you're looking for an affordable all-inclusive resort with a touch of luxury, the TRS Yucatan Hotel is it. Located in Riviera Maya, Mexico, this adults-only hotel offers luxury accommodations with a Caribbean vibe. In this TRS Yucatan review, we'll explore whether it's a good fit for your travel plans.

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Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the newly remodeled TRS Yucatan Hotel within the Grand Palladium Resorts of Riviera Maya.

In case you’re unaware, the TRS Yucatan is an adults-only “hotel within a hotel” of sorts. The adults-only section has its own buildings, pools, bars, and restaurants, but guests here can also access the rest of the Grand Palladium resort if they want. Personally, I think it’s pretty cool this hotel makes it possible to get away from people’s kids if you want while still having access to the amenities of the entire hotel complex.

Since I only stayed in the TRS Yucatan section of the resort, that’s what this review will focus on. In a minute, I’ll break down what I thought about the entertainment, the food, the pools, and everything else. (Spoiler alert: I thought the entire place was amazing!) I would love to go back and take my husband to enjoy the amazing food, service, and scenery….and I hope to do so one day!

Arrival at the TRS Yucatan Resort

My arrival at the hotel from the Cancun airport was short and sweet. The ride to the Grand Palladium Resorts of Riviera Maya is a little over an hour, but I had the keys to my room within five minutes of arriving at the hotel. I was served a welcome drink (champagne, I think?) and given a cute hat as a souvenir. A butler then helped me with my bags and took me to my room.

One of the best parts about this hotel is the amazing rooms. I stayed in the lowest tier room at the TRS Yucatan Hotel – a junior suite – but I was still blown away by the beauty of the rooms and how big they were.

My room had a giant king bed, an amazing soaking tub that I practically lived in, a spacious balcony, a mini fridge stocked with drinks and snacks, four large bottles of liquor (they will swap out brands for you based on your preference), a big walk-in shower, and a living area.

I’m pretty sure my room at this hotel was bigger than my first apartment! I could live in it.

Another small detail I really liked about the room is the fact that your room key is on your resort bracelet. As someone who is awful about carrying my room key around and forgetting it, I loved that!

Also, in case anyone is wondering, I stayed in room #6635!

As you can see, my room was huuuuuuuuuuuuuge. It was also extremely clean, which is something I truly appreciate when I travel. The water in the tub and shower was always as hot as I wanted it to be, and I found the building rather quiet even though I was close to the restaurants and the water.

Another cool thing about this hotel – you get a butler in your building. My butler offered to do all sorts of things for me, from running the water in my bath to unpacking and packing my suitcase. I like to do that kind of stuff myself, but my butler was very helpful when I let him be. He also arranged golf cart transportation any time I wanted to go somewhere on the resort.

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Entertainment at the TRS Yucatan

While I was only at the resort for a few days, I still enjoyed quite a bit of entertainment on the property. It seems like they always had someone playing an instrument or a live DJ at the pool or near the lobby. The entertainment was always around but it was also understated in a way that’s hard to explain. There was always music in the background to set the mood, but it was never annoying.

I did go to the Chic Cabaret dinner show, which was a blast! When I first heard my group was doing a three-hour cabaret show including dinner, I thought it sounded way too long. However, the fact that dinner is served during the show makes it go really fast. Plus, the show itself was fun and unique.

The entertainers in the Chic Cabaret dance, sing, and do all kinds of acrobatics. They wear very few clothes while they entertain you, but this is an adults-only all-inclusive resort. Overall, I would recommend doing the Chic Cabaret if you stay at this resort. You won’t regret it!

Food at the TRS Yucatan

One area that really stuck out with me at this resort is the food. The food was amazing! I have stayed at almost every all-inclusive brand (including really expensive properties!) and the food here was easily the best food I have had at an all-inclusive resort anywhere in the world.

Even the buffet food was outrageously good. They always had homemade bread, all kinds of seafood, a ton of desserts, soups, tacos, and more.

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I’m not really a food writer, and I’m certainly not a foodie, but I enjoyed everything I ate there – and that isn’t an exaggeration. My favorite was the sushi at the Helios Bar, which is offered between meals. We also had dinner at the French restaurant one night, and my meal was amazing. Seriously, I can’t say enough about the food.

If you’re picky about drinks, the property has you covered there as well. They had top shelf liquor and tried really hard to make any drink you wanted. They also had delicious tequila and Mezcal drinks, so make sure to have a few while you’re there.

One really special feature they offered was a sunrise toast.

Yes, seriously.

I woke up at 6:30 a.m. one day to have champagne and breakfast treats on the pool deck while the sun rose up from the water and the sky turned the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen. It sounds crazy to get up that early and drink next to an infinity pool, but I thought it was a magical experience. I believe they offer this on Friday mornings, but make sure to check.

The Beach and Pools at TRS Yucatan

Let me start off by saying I am not a pool person. I am an ocean person, so I never get in the pool when I travel unless I’m playing with my kids.

Still, the TRS Yucatan has some pretty amazing pools!

It all starts with their multi-tiered infinity pool. The atmosphere around this pool was pretty fun, with music playing and lots of people lounging around. The infinity pool has great views of the ocean, and there are several bars right there where you can get a drink while you relax.

The hotel also had a saltwater pool, which was really just a sectioned off pool area that is fed by the actual ocean. This pool makes it possible to swim in the ocean without really getting out in the water. It’s hard to explain, but it was really neat.

Finally, the beaches at the Grand Palladium are gorgeous! The TRS Yucatan doesn’t have the swimming beach on site, but you can take a quick golf cart ride over to the other side of the hotel to enjoy the beach. It seriously takes two minutes.

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The beach at the resort is to-die-for, and I say this as someone who is pretty snobby about beaches. The water is warm. The sand is white. What else do you want?

The TRS adults-only section also has a really cute VIP area sectioned off if you want some privacy. There is also a beach bar there and waiters who will bring drinks to you as you relax on a Bali bed. I wish I could have spent more time there.

So, if you read reviews that said there isn’t a beach at TRS Yucatan, these are incorrect! The beach is amazing. It is just next to the resort instead of right in front of it. Personally, I prefer it that way because it gives you two entirely separate areas where you can go and relax.

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Service at the TRS Yucatan

While the food at the property really “wowed” me, the other thing that really sets this property apart from its competitors is the service. Every hotel employee acts like you are their long-lost friend. They aren’t overly friendly or fake at all. They are sincerely interested in being helpful, and you can tell they take an interest in their guests right away.

I am not just talking about butlers, either. Everyone who works at this resort is wonderful and ready to help with anything, from the waiters to the golf cart drivers to the front desk staff. Heck, I had security people come up and ask if I wanted a golf cart and strike up a conversation because they thought I looked lost (which I was).

My favorite employee was a gentleman named Romeo. Romeo is the best and he truly deserves a raise. He has a great attitude, but then again, so did everyone else I met at the resort!

Honestly, there is something really special about the way they treat you here, and the level of service takes everything else the property offers up a few notches. I would give the service at this property ten stars out of five. It was that good.

I am easy to please for sure, but this resort offers the highest level of service and comfort money can buy. If you want to be pampered, this is your place!

Check Availability for the TRS Yucatan Hotel Here

Other Rooms at the Resort

I stayed in a junior suite at the property, but I had the opportunity to see several other types of rooms during my stay. I visited a two-story ambassador room that you can book if you belong in the property’s vacation club or via the hotel website, for example. The hotel also has “romance suites” that sit over a small lagoon and have their own canoes!

You can also book a room with your own private plunge pool, so make sure to compare all these options before you book.

The Hotel Spa

The spa at the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya is also outrageous.

I had a pedicure while I was there, and they brought me a mimosa. My nail polish even peeled a little within a few hours after my pedicure, but I went back the next day and they fixed it. I thought that was a nice touch, especially since they insisted!

Inside the spa area, there is a big pool with a walk-through lazy river. I swam laps in this pool one day and it was so relaxing. They also have hot tubs that are actually “hot,” which is a rarity in Mexico and the Caribbean. The best part about the spa is that, as a guest of the TRS Yucatan, you can use the spa pool and water feature area for free.

I wish I snapped more pictures of the spa, although I’m not sure pictures could do the pool area justice. Just trust me that you’ll want to go, and you should plan on staying a while. Heck, book a massage while you’re there.

One Final Benefit of the Property

Another reason I love this property and would book it again has nothing to do with the property itself. The location of the TRS Yucatan is great for people who want to get off the resort a few times to do something fun or different. Not only are you right next to Tulum, but you’re only a little over an hour from the ruins of Coba as well.

I took a day trip to Coba during my stay, and I thought it was well worth the visit. I climbed to the top of the ruins, too. The trip up wasn’t bad, but the trip down was rather scary.

Still, if you want to get off the resort for a few hours, I think Coba is a great way to spend a morning. Tulum would be a good option, too. However, you’re also near eco-parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha.

How Much Does it Cost to Stay at the TRS Yucatan?

Finally, we’re to the question we all want an answer to. How much does it cost to stay at the TRS Yucatan Resort in Riviera Maya?

The answer might surprise you.

While the hotel is newly remodeled and is offered at a slight discount as of this writing, prices in June still start at just $388 per night.

I have stayed in all-inclusive resorts that cost well over $1,000 per night, and they don’t hold a candle to this property – and that’s the truth. Remember, that’s even for the “basic” junior suite, which is actually a huge luxury suite. You can pay slightly more if you want to book a room with a plunge pool or an overwater suite with your own canoe.

Make sure to check for the best prices here before you book!

Have you ever stayed at the TRS Yucatan Hotel? Please share your experience below. Also post any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer!If you're looking for an affordable all-inclusive resort with a touch of luxury, the TRS Yucatan Hotel is it. Located in Riviera Maya, Mexico, this adults-only hotel offers luxury accommodations with a Caribbean vibe. In this TRS Yucatan review, we'll explore whether it's a good fit for your travel plans.

TRS Yucatan Hotel Review
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TRS Yucatan Hotel

The TRS Yucatan Hotel is in a class by itself. I was blown away by the beauty of the rooms and how big they were. My room had a giant king bed, a soaking tub, a spacious balcony, a fully stocked mini fridge, walk-in shower, and a living area. You also get a butler in your building. What really sets this property apart is the service. Every hotel employee was superb.

There are some pretty amazing pools, too, including a multi-tiered infinity pool and a saltwater pool. And the beaches at the Grand Palladium are gorgeous! You can’t go wrong with this resort.

The food was amazing, even the buffet. They always had homemade bread, all kinds of seafood, a ton of desserts, soups, tacos, and more. They had top shelf liquor and worked hard to make any drink you wanted. They even have a sunrise toast.

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  1. Great report. I am a long time Palladium fa and love the TRS as well. Thanks for sharif.

  2. I’m a bit hesitant to go on vacation in Mexico, with all the crime and drug wars. For now I’m sticking with Dominican Republic for my winter getaways .

    1. Don’t let the news worry you. It’s fine. The tourist areas are safe and you are safe as can be if you stay at your resort.

  3. How did you book your excursions to Tulum and other ruins? Do they assist with setting those things up?

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