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Toys ‘R Us Corporate Policy: Stealing?!?

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A few weeks ago, I got most of my Christmas shopping done.  I wanted to avoid the holiday shopping crowds, so I went ahead and got it all out-of-the-way.  I bought gifts for my nieces and nephews and some other family friends.  “Santa” also bought some toys and clothing for my little ones.  Of course, I am always on the lookout to save money, so I scoured the ads ahead of time to make sure that I was getting the best deals possible.

The Toys ‘R Us ad had a deal going on that I thought I should take advantage of.  Their offer stated that if I spent $75 that I would get a free $10 gift card.  I thought this was particularly awesome because they also had an art easel on sale for $44.99 that I had wanted to get my oldest daughter.

I headed to Toys ‘R Us with coupon in hand and bought the art easel and a few other small gifts for the kids and other family members.  My total came up to a whopping $137.11.  I had nearly spent enough to earn two $10 gift cards!  However, I only had one coupon and that just isn’t the way that it works.  Still, I was happy with the $10 gift card and it was definitely what had lured me into the store in the first place.  Shopping at Toys ‘R Us is pretty close to torture on a normal day, and I would have never gone there if not for the special opportunity.

Fast forward a few weeks and I told my boss about the art easel that I had bought my 3-year-old.  “Darn it,” she said.  “I have a practically new one at home that you could have had for free.  Do you want it?  Can you still return the art easel to where you bought it?”  My boss knows me so well.  Of course, I was going to take the free easel and return the one to the store.  That was a complete no brainer!!!!  Duh!!!!!!!!!!!

My Return to Toys ‘R Us

So, that is exactly what I did.  I headed to Toys ‘R Us to return the children’s art easel.  As the cashier started to issue my refund, she said something completely perplexing to me.

Cashier: “I can’t return the full amount because you got the free gift card.”

Me: “Huh?  But I still spent $75 even after returning the easel…”

I busted out my cell phone calculator.

Me: “Even after returning the easel, I still spent $92.12.”

Cashier: “Well, that’s our policy.  Sorry.”

Me: “Your policy is stealing?  I clearly paid $44.99 for the art easel and you are going to deduct the gift card from my refund….so now I am paying for the gift card that was supposed to be free.  Do you see that?”

Cashier: “Well, that’s corporate policy.  You can call 1-800-Toys-R-Us if you want but I’m not going to refund what you paid for it.”

The Anger Starts Building

I was pretty irked by this whole situation.  I had clearly paid $44.99 for the art easel and I had spent way more than $75 to earn the free $10 gift card….yet, here they were making me pay them back for the gift card.  It didn’t help that the cashiers working at customer service were indifferent and rude about it.  Yes, I was starting to get a little crabby….but it should be their job to try to fix guest problems, not just ignore them.  Even the manager went on with her duties and completely ignored me.

I called the 1-800 number as I stood at the customer service desk.  I finally got transferred to a person who could help me and she seemed to agree that I should get the full refund back.  We talked for a while and I could see the customer service employees getting agitated.  I was put on hold again and one of the cashiers motioned to speak to me.

Cashier:  “I’ll just refund your money.  I’ll override it.  You can hang up the phone now.”

Me: “That’s fine for you to go ahead and refund my money as you rightfully should….but I’m not going to hang up.  I think what you’re doing is wrong, and I’m going to report it to your corporate office.”

The cashier shook her head and rolled her eyes.  I decided not to let her blatantly rude attitude make this situation escalate any further.  Honestly, I always feel sorry for people who work in retail so I gave her a pass.  People who work in customer service get yelled at all the time for things that aren’t their fault.  I wasn’t mad at the employees who were only doing their jobs….but I am livid at Toys R’ Us for creating a corporate policy that I feel is misleading and dishonest.

Giving Toys ‘R Us Another Opportunity to Comment

A Special Message to Toys ‘R Us: I filed a complaint with your corporate office.  I left my name and phone number.  I told you that I would be writing this story today, and I even tweeted it to you and posted it on your Facebook page.  How do you feel about your corporate policy in this context?  How do you justify taking people’s money simply because they returned something?  Making stealing your corporate policy doesn’t change the fact that, in my opinion, it’s still stealing and dishonest.  You know, I can shop anywhere for cheap toys.  Hell, if I want terrible service and low prices, I can always shop at Walmart and even pick up something for dinner while I’m there.  You’re not special. Do you have anything to say for yourself?  If so, I welcome your comment below.

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  1. How bloody ridiculous! Toys R Us, what a stupid policy! I can only imagine this particular cashier made a decision that wasn’t actually in line with corporate policy. If it was then Toys R Us really need to explain. How stupid.

    1. That’s the scary part. That IS their corporate policy. She was just following the rules.

      1. Problem with corporate policies is they’re set by people who are rarely in touch with consumers or with their staff at store level.

  2. I wouldn’t expect a response if I was you. The big guys just aren’t interested in the complains of one of two shoppers.

    That’s why I would rather take my business to a small retailer.

    1. I’m sure they won’t respond….they are probably busy anyway with black friday!

  3. Good for you for not taking it out on the employee. As one who used to work in customer service, you’re right in that they usually take the brunt of people’s frustrations.

    That said, that is a COMPLETELY ridiculous policy and the service you received was horrid. I think a lot of times they just expect people to take this crap and not rebuff, which is probably why you got the reactions you did. You just gave me another reason not to shop there…I already didn’t like them anyway.

    1. Yeah, pretty much. It’s a shitty store….small aisles piled from floor to ceiling with junk toys that are probably made with lead. No thank you.

  4. Yikes! I can feel the heat from here 😉 Good for you for taking it to your blog, some large retailers pay attention to stuff like that, and some don’t. I hope you get a response, but at least one or two parents will think twice before shopping there after reading your post.

  5. “A disgruntled customer is six times more likely to share their experience than a happy customer.” This is something I’m constantly repeating to my co-workers whenever we have to deal with a customer service related issue.

    It’s really appalling that Toys R Us behaved this way, instituting a corporate policy that makes no sense, and treating their employees badly enough for them not to even care. I think you did the right thing trying to shed some light on this situation here on your blog, hopefully they’ll take notice!

    1. That is so true about disgruntled customers. Whenever somebody tries to screw me over, I shout it from the rooftops!!!

  6. UGH! I have been to a couple of stores that do this also. It’s ridiculous and makes no sense.

    1. Apparently there have been some class action lawsuits against other stores for doing this same thing…..

  7. I understand your sympathy towards the employee and good for you for not losing your cool. At the same time, the employee could have gone a step further rather just saying she isn’t going to refund you the money because it’s corporate policy. Using corporate policy as the reason, IMO, it’s the easy way out of not wanting to help a customer.

    1. I agree but they probably get paid minimum wage and I just have to guess that anyone that works there hates their job. I could be totally wrong on that. Ok, maybe 90% of them hate their job. I know I would!

      1. I worked there in the early ’80s. It was minimum wage (or about .25 cents higher after 3 years). I hated my job. But anyone that would make a career out of it is beyond me.

  8. Maybe they should change their name to Theives “Я” Us instead 😉 Thanks for taking a stand for consumers everywhere. We need to keep these big companies honest 😀 Their top line is over $10 billion a year, they should not be so stingy. It’s about time they revised their policy for gift cards and returns.

    1. I totally agree~! Actually, after a quick google search last night I found multiple message boards where people were complaining about this exact thing…or other crappy policies that they have!

  9. Good for you for taking a stance, I wouldn’t put up with that crap either! Toys R Us is more expensive than other stores and I generally try and avoid them if I can get the product somewhere else. Although unlikely, I hope you get some resolution.

    1. I feel better already just for bitching. Ahhhhh……

  10. Good for you for calling out the stupid policy. I think I’ve been to Toys R Us three times in my life and I’d rather eat glue. We don’t have one anywhere near us, so it’s not usually a problem. Another tip is not to wear a red shirt when you go there. I asked this poor lady where to find something and she didn’t work there, but said people kept asking her for stuff.

    1. lol, same thing at Target. Never wear a red shirt to Target!!!

  11. I don’t know if I would have been so “polite” about it. I hate how large companies think they can do whatever they want. It obviously was not using math when the policy was enacted. Too bad the customer service rep couldn’t use common sense coupled with math to figure out that you will paid more than the required amount.

    1. That’s what crazy about it- that is actually their company policy. She didn’t have to care about the math because she was following their rules- to steal!

      Total insanity.

  12. I think the employee misunderstood the policy as it was corrected right away when you called corporate. I think people make the purchase for $75 then return items and try to keep the $10 gift card. You’d be surprised what people do for $10! Because you still spent over the required amount even with the return, you should be able to keep the gift card. I think the employee was in the wrong for not calling corporate when she realized the policy made no sense. The manager should have realized it too. That is poor customer service. I’d write a letter to Toys R Us but not through the website.
    On another note, good for you for getting a free easel and $10 gift card!

    1. She was following corporate policy unfortunately. Apparently Toy ‘R Us doesn’t feel that making an honest profit is enough so they devise these schemes to squeeze a few extra dollars out of their unsuspecting customers. Never again!

  13. Brian Porter says:

    Holly vs. the World – part 157…

    Probably just a suit making a decision without thinking what legitimate people would think, just the scammers… Welcome to Lean Six Sigma at work…

  14. I love it… especially that you wouldn’t hang up the phone even after getting the full refund. I agree that was a sham on the part of Toys-R-Us and now that have a nice article on the internet for the world to see. 🙂

    1. Im going to try to share this article at a few different places later in the day when I have time. Let’s see what kind of trouble I can stir up…..

  15. Yeah, about the only way that makes any sense would be if you purchase had taken you below that $75 threshold. Because I could totally see people trying to scam for that $10, but in your case you clearly had spent more than enough….

    It’s kind of a shame they don’t empower their employees to think for themselves and know you aren’t trying to scam them.

    1. Well, that is their policy though… deduct the gift card if you make a return. I think they know exactly what they are doing. The employees didn’t even disagree with me they just said that they had to follow corporate policy.

  16. Justin@TheFrugalPath says:

    I’m glad that you didn’t just sit there and let them walk over you.
    I remember reading somewhere that a customer who receives bad service will tell 12 other people. In your case it’s quite a bit more.
    I’ll bet that you do get a reply. I’ve gotten a reply for less and didn’t threaten to write it on a blog, and no company wants bad press.

    1. Oh, I dont think they’ll reply. Im pretty sure that they blocked me from commenting on their facebook page this morning after I posted my article on it about 20 times.

  17. Good for you Holly! That same thing has happened to me before at Toys R Us which is why I don’t shop there. They are so ridiculous.

    1. Yeah, they are. Oh well, there are a ton of other places to shop!!!

  18. Yeah that’s pretty crappy. I hope that you are able to get a response from corporate, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were in your position.

    Why don’t they do it the way Target does and isolates which items on the receipts are tied to the gift cards? It makes it super clear that if an item in that group gets returned, the gift card value is forfeit.

    1. I think they do it this way for this exact reason- extracting extra cash from their customers.

  19. I have never heard of this before. I have made returns before after discount and not had this issue. Crazy. I would have been just as pissed as you.

    1. Yeah, pretty much. I hate shopping there anyway, so it’s really no loss.

  20. It’s shocking when companies that are in a highly competitive market (which seems to be almost ALL retail markets these days) have absolutely ridiculous corporate policies. I appreciate you sharing this story, and I hope that it catches Toys ‘R Us attention. I once had a TERRIBLE experience with a local groupon-like company here in Minnesota, and I tweeted about it and then wrote a blog post about it and they responded to me on Twitter. I did get half-assed one sentence email response from them before the post where they essentially said “we won’t refund you, it’s not our policy to refund deals that have been purchased.”

    1. Big companies think that they can get away with anything….and they can when people are complacent and dont complain.

  21. I’m not a big fan of Toys R Us. Their prices are generally higher than I can buy things anywhere else and I’ve had similar problems with their so called deals and incentives. I registered for one of my kids’ baby registries at Babies R Us because I’d get 10% off to complete the registry, but they never awarded it to me. They will give you gift cards for buying x amount in dollars of diapers, but their diaper prices are ridiculously high. It’s better to just buy them…anywhere else, because you still come out on top even with the gift card. They’ll send me my store rewards after their expiration date making it impossible to use them.

    I’ll be tweeting and sharing your story, Holly.

    1. Thank you!!! Yeah, I will never shop there again!

  22. JediJones says:

    They aren’t “stealing” anything. Their terms are clearly stated that if you qualify for a promotion like this, the value of the free gift is pro-rated among all your items and deducted if you return any items. You can see this clearly if you took a minute to look at your receipt. Otherwise you could spend $75, return the items and keep the gift card, ripping them off. As it is now, you get back the other portion of your “refund” by buying something with the gift card.

    If you want to avoid this, you should split up the purchases as you make them. Make one purchase for just over $75 to get the gift card and then have the cashier ring you up separately for the other items, so you don’t lose any value if you return them. By the way, Kmart works the exact same way. There isn’t any other good way for them to handle this electronically to prevent someone from ripping them off.

    1. Did you read my article?

      Basically, I spent $137ish and returned something for 44.99. I still spent more than $75 and earned the $10 gift card. Yet, they wanted to deduct the gift card from my refund of the art easel therefore having me pay them back for it.

      Is it on their sales receipt? Im sure it is. That doesn’t change the fact that they wanted me to repay them for the gift card that I earned and were going to take that money back from me via my refund.

      I understand that they dont want people to rip them off for $10 gift cards. However, they should devise a better way to link gift cards to the items that earned them in order to not rip people off.

      There are lots of companies that have similar cash bonuses- (Kohls Cash for instance) that do not financially penalize customers for returning things off of their receipt. Imagine if they do this too 100 people a day….how many thousands and millions of dollars does this put straight into their pockets? And who cares what K-mart does? The last time I checked, Kmart wasn’t setting the moral standard.

      The point of the article is that making something your corporate policy doesn’t make it right. Asking me to repay them for the gift card even though I had still spent $75 is wrong. I mean, geez, they have a multi-national company and they cant figure out a better way to do promotions that doesn’t require squeezing a few dollars here and there from their customers? Give me a fucking break.

      By the way, do a quick google search and you will find many many websites and message boards created for the sole purpose of posting complaints like this. Toys R Us has so many that I literally got sick of reading them because it was the SAME COMPLAINTS over and over.

      Toys R Us:
      – tries to deduct gift cards from returns, even when customer has met required purchase to earn gift card
      – sells gift cards that end up having zero value on them when the customer goes to redeem them
      – give promotional gift cards with short expiration dates and doesn’t honor them afterward

      You said:
      “If you want to avoid this, you should split up the purchases as you make them. Make one purchase for just over $75 to get the gift card and then have the cashier ring you up separately for the other items, so you don’t lose any value if you return them.”


      Your own advice is even to split up my purchase as to avoid getting ripped off. How pathetic.

    2. Your comment is so ridiculous you might as well be writing corporate policy…. Toys R Us should realise that by adding all these T&Cs that they are essentially losing customers.

  23. Mo mofTwoPreciosGirls says:

    I stopped shopping at toys r us long ago. There return policies are ridiculous, especially when it comes to baby registry. My last stars was when we bought a baby gate, the first one they sent was OBVIOUSLY used…it was all scratched and missing pieces. They refused to return it in the store bc it was bought online. When I called them, they said that i would have to pay to return it AND to ship the replacement. I fought through several supervisors and got them to send me a replacement and pay for the return. The replacement lasted all of 6 months! It was over $100! Since then, I only shop there when I absolutely have to…which is rare!

    On the flipside, most everything that they carry can be found at Walmart for 25% less and I have never had a poor customer service experience there! I do my grocery shopping there every week and have no complaints!

    1. I was going to say something about the registry at Babies R Us (same family as Toys R Us), I’m glad you mentioned it! We ordered a glider from there when I was pregnant with my first, and the footstool was backordered; after three months of waiting, the company that made them went out of business, and BRU tried to say they couldn’t give us a refund because our purchase had been made more than 90 days prior. Huh? We’d never even received our merchandise!!!

      Holly, I can’t wait for an update on this post!!!

  24. From the context of your story, and after reading a few of the comments, it seems to me that the cashier/customer service person had it wrong. She was willing to override it for you after you spent time on the phone. She should have done that in the first place! Then the person on the other end of the phone agreed with your stance, right?

    Perhaps you should be slamming the specific store and/or name of the cashier who was being rude to you on your blog. Forward that to Toys R Us and see if they’d do anything about it.

    1. Maybe you didn’t read the other comments. It actually IS their corporate policy and several employees reiterated it to me before one cashier finally decided to refund my money. The cashier that finally did do the refund made it clear that she was refunding my money because she was sick of me standing there, not because they had somehow changed their policy. The person on the phone- took down my information and acknowledged my complaint but didn’t say that they had to refund my money. In fact, she said that someone from corporate would return my call in 3-5 days. So….they were going to let me leave the store without my refund and wait 3-5 days (or who knows how long) without any resolution at all.

      I have no reason to pick on the particular store if this is Toys R Us’s nationwide policy. And since it’s my blog I can do whatever I want. Isn’t it wonderful?!?!?! Thanks for the quick lecture on how I am somehow handling this incorrectly, though.

      They had a chance to respond and they chose not to. That is their choice.

      1. Haha. I didn’t think you handled it incorrectly, per se. Maybe I was just confused by the wording. If it were me, I would have been satisfied to have gotten my refund, regardless of the big stink I had to raise just to get it, and then left it at that. I see now why you got so pissed and took it to the next level.

        Have you considered doing any press releases for this article to try to get it some attention on some of the bigger outlets? No doubt, that would get Toys R Us’s attention.

      2. Don Key Ponch says:

        I’ll pay you ten dollars to shut up. I worked customer service for 17 years before getting fired in the summer if 79. Customers feel so entitled these days and are never happy unless you take them to the back and give them a happy ending. Which is why I got fired..,.

  25. I’m a bit confused about how splitting up your order to just over $75 and then purchasing the rest separately would have helped. How would you know what to put on each receipt? If you had the easel on the $75 receipt, you would have forfeited the $10 credit and you wouldn’t have been able to argue that you’d spent so much more than the required amount in total on separate receipts.

    I don’t shop at stores that offer you a discount but that you have to return at a later time to shop and use it…like Kohl’s, Bealls, and others.

    1. Wow Cheryl, that is a good freaking question. What if I had to return something off of the receipt that was tied to the *free* gift card?” Exactly. I agree- some stores policies make it a pain to go back and get the discount at a later date. I would prefer if everyone just kept things simple for once.

  26. What an absolutely ridiculous policy. This makes me so MAD when companies do things like this. Good for you and sorting it out Holly 🙂

  27. Mandy @ MoneyMasterMom says:

    Wow, Holly you really delivered a 1-2 punch on them. This is clearly a corporate policy aimed at HOPING the customer won’t object, and just accept a RAW deal. I’d

  28. So was it REALLY a corporate policy or was the cashier trying to rip you off? I have often found at TRU and a lot of other big box stores that if they are poorly managed, the service desk cashier can tell you some pretty crazy things that aren’t necessarily true. I’m sure in larger situations, the middle management may even be in on the scheme. Good job calling their bluff!

    1. No, it really is the corporate policy!!!! Craziness!

  29. Oh TRU… I used to work for them myself. Don’t be too hard on the cashiers… They like to hire high school students to do back breaking work (everyone has to unload the truck at the end of the night).

    At the same time, yeah, their corporate policy sucks in general. When I worked in the babies department, we were instructed to throw out the plastic hangers that baby clothes came with even when the customer was purchasing the clothing item. That way, they’d *have* to buy hangers. :p

  30. Even more bizarre, most ‘big box’ retailers get some public funds or tax breaks to build a store; assistance the ‘mom & pop’ stores never get. Our tax dollars are used to destroy local businesses!

  31. Believe it or not.. we have had issues with the TRU return policy in the past as well, and try to avoid shopping there as a result.. Store’s return policies definitely effect whether or not we will shop there.. That is one reason, why we prefer Target.. they generally treat folks well when it comes to returns… Even if you lose the receipt..

  32. Policies are inherently programmed into systems. My guess is that the ‘formula’ programmed to calculate the refund was simply missing some criteria to say ‘if’ the net amount equals $75 or greater…. Not making an excuse for them, just saying that I would bet that it was human error in programming. The beauty of technology is that you do not have to think. In fact, you may be told not to. The problem is when it does not work, you are not used to thinking and are like a fish out of water…..

  33. I have to say, I absolutely LOVED this post. I’m sorry to say, I laughed a little bit, but mostly because I love that you kind of stuck it to the “establishment”. It really irks me that big business thinks it can screw consumers over and no one is going to say or do anything. I hate it when companies cop out to “it’s policy” – well, your policy is just dumb and unfair.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing! =)

    1. I know, right? Thanks for being a voice of reason here. I’m tired of all of the apologists saying “it’s corporate policy.” Isn’t there such a thing as right and wrong? Making stealing your corporate policy doesn’t change the fact that they are stealing in my book. Toys R’ Us can pretty much kiss my ass~! I will never shop at that hellhole again!

  34. Well watch out on the gift card. I took mine to the store on the expiration date at 9pm pst and was told it was not going to be honored, they go by eastern standard time. I live in Nevada, I don’t follow EST. Nothing on the card states a time constraint. just a date. but 5 minutes arguing in store and 25 mins on the phone to customer service ended up with “sorry. we can’t help you.” Going to write a letter to corporate office, but I am not hopeful. Seems very misleading to me…and stupid! What’s $10 to them? I spent a lot of money with Toys R Us last year. Sad!

  35. “Stealing” The policy says that if you modify a transaction from a sale you lose the sale, I’m not sure how that doesn’t make sense to you to be honest. Not everything that doesn’t work out in your favour is a criminal act.

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  39. I know this is after the fact… but am shocked at their off-setting customer service. I am purchasing a city mini GT double stroller (I have a 6 month old infant and a very tall 2 year old tot)… it’s $579 without tax. I thought I’d use a 20% off coupon and open up a toys r us credit card for extra 15% off for first purchase (EEEK! i know! In my 40 years, I’ve never done & hate toting another useless card but I just can’t explain having this very expensive double stroller!!) … anyhow – can’t do it! Can’t combine it. 1st off, they have to order it online for you, thus this becomes an “online purchase” – so 20% go out the window… they can give you a courtesty 10% off but it cannot be tacked onto the credit card 1st purchase for additional 15% off… also, any actual reward bucks also can’t be used… it’s pick ONE promotional code – although in-store stated opening up the credit card, i would receive a total of 25% off… then “online corporate guest services representative” says “No… can’t combine…” So now I’m stuck with opening a worthless credit card – as you can get 20% off coupon for babies r us, which is better than a 15% off for opening up a credit card… DUH! And for children’s store… customer service and their policy is very mis-leading… retail versus online seem to battle each other… sad! Now just for the principle, I rather purchase it at Buy Buy Baby as they will honor their 20% off coupons; and it seems to be given out regularly as it is associated with Bed Bath & Beyond who gives out 20% off coupons regularly as well. Buy Buy Babies R US!!

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  44. Also, with the coupons they do have some exclusions. So, the only thing i can think of if some of the items you bought probably didn’t fall under the coupon requirements. So, thats why your refund sucked. Sorry. If they did accept it, or over rode it then YOU, your the one who really scammed the store bc of your complaint.

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  46. I was told I couldn’t return something today because 9 months ago I return 60 dollars worth of merchandise without a receipt. The manager told me it was corporate policy, but she didn’t know what the policy was. Then proceeded to ask my why my address showed as a different city than I was trying to return items in. Umm I moved! How come my husband doesn’t come with me to return items?

    1. People steal and return merchandise for store credit every day!!!
      Sales associates can do nothing but smile and let them do it.
      Because of blogs like this, the company is afraid to prosecute real shoplifters! They are afraid of being sued or badmouthed, when people walk out with hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of merchandise on a regular basis!! The company is now forced to give every guest everything they complain about now. The company has lost BILLIONS because consumers do not understand retail and do not like the policies that are created to prevent scammers and thieves! the comment ” The policy says that if you modify a transaction from a sale you lose the sale, I’m not sure how that doesn’t make sense to you to be honest. Not everything that doesn’t work out in your favour is a criminal act.” is true! Think about if you had a company and you would not like people stealing and cheating you out of your revenue. Look up the history of how this company was started. Only 75 years ago it was a small mom and pop shop. Theft causes inflation. If you cheat the retailer out of the cost of the items by complaining until they do what you coerced them into doing by threatening bad reviews you are stealing and ultimately causing inflation therefore you and all the other thieves cause everything to go up in price and its your fault items are so expensive! Does anyone ever think about that fact?! No! Everyone just wants a deal for themselves! And no one cares who it affects!! Well they are raising minimum wage in most states as well. So how do you think that they are going to pay their employees more when people are stealing and cheating the policies with threats like this?!!

  47. this happened to me today… I purchased 3 items for 200$ to get a 50$ gift card(ps4 games).. I went in to exchange one of the games. and do an even exchange for a different game.. both games at the price of $59.99 they told me that because of the gift card they can only refund $43.99 so i said to the girl.. so u expect me to pay 17 extra dollars for a game so u want me to buy one game for 77$ . she said well no you got a 50$ gift card… I said no if thats the case then i would only be recieve a 33$ dollar gift card.. I purchased 200$ my credit card reflects i spent 60$ per item.. all i want to do is get a different game.. she said no we have a one day deal for 5$ off ps4 games. so we would lose money.. ( HOW WOULD YOU LOSE MONEY).. you are taking one game off the shelve and replace it with another game that u are going to sell.. technically at a 5$ profit.. if anyone is losing money its me.. cuz I paid 60$ now I would be getting one for 55$ … she called the manager over to explain.. who said she cant return or exchange on item for a different item. even though both items are the exact same price.. you cant exchange it…. i walked out of the store because with no exchange.. .. I understand y they cant refund the full price .. cuz people would return everything for full price and keep the 50$ gift card.. but for an exchange of equal value.. because i made a mistake and bought the wrong game the first time.. they wont exchange it..

    1. Hey KC, game exchanges are typically only allowed for the same product (same game title, same platform) to avoid complications. And that’s not just the policy at Toys R Us, but pretty much everywhere at all retailers. Also, the new game that you were trying to get was perhaps never intended to be part of the “buy 3 get $50 gift card” offer, which is why they had that offer the week before, and the week when you went in, it was a whole different offer entirely.

  48. I am shocked on how your store manager “Joe” from the Wellington Store in Florida on State Rd 7 handled a very serious problem. My wife Melissa Behr works as a store receiving clerk and has for over a year. A few months ago, I found out my wife was having a midlife crisis and it appeared as another worker named Eric M. Billington was making moves on my wife. He is a Supervisor in the back of the store. I spoke with Joe about this serious issue and explained my concerns that Melissa and I have been married for over 18yrs, have5 children with our youngest passing away a few years ago and that my wife was in the process of getting counseling for her serious midlife crisis. Joe said he had to check in with Human Resources to see if there was a store policy regarding a supervisor dating a clerk and if so, what the choices as a store manager he has and when he finds out, he will give me a call back. I asked him if my call was confidential as at that time the slightest think can send my wife off. He said that’s not an issue and he will make sure no one knows. He turned around and brought Eric into the office and Eric told him that he was just a friend. A few days later, my wife moved into Eric’s Home again claiming they are just friends. I called Joe and informed him that my children discovered that they were more than friends by the texts on my wife’s phone. They are lovers. The issue here is if my marriage was in poor shape why would we have had 5 kids and been married for 18 yrs? Turns out Eric has done this before in ANOTHER STORE OF TOYSRUS I WAS INFORMED WHICH was why he was transferred. Now my wife just saw her thersapist today and she was informed that the longer my wife continues dating Mr. Billington, the wife. As of today, my wife has filed for a divorce/ I find the longer her recovery will take. Eric Billington was informed of this and continues to date my wife who is 5 yrs older than Eric. Now my wife has filed for divorcee because of Eric. I find that this behavior in a family style or any type of store which allows supervisors to date younger staff members is a disgrace. Second when a corporate officer is informed that an associate is having psychological issues and does nothing to help and has aided in breaking up a family of 7 an absolute shocking and revolting. I am hoping to get some help from your office or I will be forced to get a permit to have my 4 kids and myself to picket your store in order to expose to the news media that this corporation encourages extra marital affairs! I and my family fully appreciate all your help. I have also found out that Eric was arrested for failing to appear for a criminal trial and some how had the records expunged.


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  51. I work at toys r us, the register software would have automatically calculated your total refund based off your receipt and the service desk worker most likely had no leverage in the situation. I would have just called a manager up though, they seriously will give you their left foot for your business (at least the ones at my store would have). Thanks for being cool and not flipping out about it though. BTW a lot of us really like our jobs because it’s incredibly easy off season and busy and booming during the winter. Plus (in my case) I just walk around electronics and talk to people about new video games and such

  52. Even though you wrote about this experience that you had at Toys R Us about a year and-a-half ago, I just wanted to point out that even if TRU’s system wasn’t going to let you have that $10 gift card for free, most employees and managers would’ve understood the situation, and would’ve used an override to give you the full refund for returning your art easel. Also, it’s not really “corporate policy” as evidenced by the TRU rep that you called, who actually agreed that you should still be awarded the $10 gift card. In fact, store managers/supervisors definitely do have discretion on matters like this, and can override the system to make the necessary adjustments. However, the employee that was dealing with you on that day, just didn’t seem to want to call their manager and help you out for whatever reason, and so you did what you had to do (in a very reasonable manner as well) to get the matter resolved. So, good job in that regard, and if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, ask to see the manager and they’ll likely take care of it for you.

    1. Christine says:

      So the reason why they don’t return the full amount is simple. There are a lot of dishonest people that shop there. They will spend 75.00 to get the free 10.00 gift card and then return the 75.00 item to get their money back which would then mean they got a gift card totally for free. Now in the situation where they spent double the amount then yes it would be ok to fix it. However if they only spent 75- 100.00 then they would need to return The gift card as Well to get the full refund.

  53. I am an employee at toys r us and I work customer service . You guys have to understand we are just regular human beings who work there because we have to make a living, but we have to follow the rules. I understand the gift card thing but we’re only doing what the computer is telling us to do. We put up with a lot of craps every freak in day with you customer s and it gets frustrating . Put yourself in our shoes for a second , but wait you guys are so ignorant and rude you will never think that way . Life idle to short for the small little complaints that you guys haves. But the one thing I do agree on this article on is it is not our fault which it is were just doing our job. I didn’t make this company I just applied to this company because I needed a job. So relax realize we are human and not ur freaking slaves.

  54. Toys r us – Happy Holidays 2014 – Please give us your money and all of your personal information! I did some early Christmas shopping only to be mortified when I tried to return a purchase because of the online bad reviews of my purchased item. I went to the store with unopened item and receipt in hand only to be told by the manager of Toys r us their new return policy required my driver’s license or some other federal identification (passport, military id) in order for me to return my item. Toys r us did not allow me to return my item with only the receipt. I also had to provide my drivers license so they could scan my personal information into their database. I had my receipt that should have be enough! BEWARE All TOYS R US customers, they will not accept returns with only your store receipt – you must also provide your personal information. Toys r us will track your returns in their database. Basically nothing can be done with just your receipt. Toys r us new return policy states you must provide your receipt and your personal identification information before you will be allowed to return any items. On their website Toys r us states returns are not required by the store, (basically Toys r us is doing us a favor by allowing us to return items) it is a privilege. Toys r us will not have to worry about me returning another item, because I will not be shopping in their store again.

    1. Lots of retailers are requiring federal ID to issue a return. I did some research and the reason being that 2% of customers are costing retailers a lot of money because they use items and return them (especially clothes) within the return policy time frame.

      The only way to protect businesses is to start using ID to track who is abusing and who is not abusing the return policy.

      1. That sounds a lot like the response Toys R Us told me. Do you work for Toys R us? Alan since you have done your research please provide all the retailers that have the same insane policy. I will make sure I do not shop at those stores either. Walmart?, Target?… yes did not think so, they do not have it. It is a crazy return policy. I think people should show their disproval for their insane Toy r Us policy which basically calls all their customers thieves. Using your numbers, this policy was established because 2% of customers are costing retailers money, but the other 98% cost probably make them money. I will reiterate, it makes no sense. So, I am the 98% that has stopped shopping at their store. If no one shops there, Toy R Us will not have to worry about requesting a federal ID for return items. Hope it works out for them. Because I will not be doing any Christmas shopping at Toys R Us anymore.

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  56. I totally get where you’re coming from! I won’t be shopping there anymore either. I was just at their store the other day, with my cart full of items. I was doing Christmas shopping, and I wanted to make sure we could return any item if necessary. So I asked about their return policy and they said 90 days with receipt. They said they won’t even exchange anything over 90 days or without a receipt. It’s even less than that for electronics at only 30 days with receipt!

    What an absurd return policy! Basically we as customers (mostly busy parents) are screwed if an item doesn’t work or if we just didn’t have time to return it before the 90 days. I’m a single mom of 3 and I don’t always have time to return things right away. I hardly have time to shop.

    When I found this out, I told them that I’m not purchasing anything and was ready to walk out the door. They tried to convince me that it would be okay, but I told them I didn’t want to be screwed later if an item needed to be returned…. and I indeed walked out the door empty handed and headed over to Target. No thanks, I’m good Toys-R-Us.

    As a customer, I think we should be able to AT LEAST exchange an item if we don’t have the receipt or if it’s over 90 days. Their toys are expensive enough! It seems like the people at the top of that corporate ladder are some very greedy ones!

    It’s a shame that people can’t understand basic principals of how things work…. People that are too greedy, will end up with less. Not to mention that most customers that return 1 item to a store will stay in the store and buy at least 3 or more items. I usually return items when I am going back to purchase something to save time.

    But I will not be going to return, purchase, or combine a return and purchase from these greedy fools ever again based on the fact that they are so ridiculously greedy.

    1. Jasmine Anderson says:


  57. My daughter got a gift for her first birthday and we’re moving so we won’t be taking it with us because it is big.

    As I went to return it today, they wanted to give me a store credit for less than HALF the price my friend paid (the price it is still being sold for at the store as I checked today). I did not accept and will go back there with my friends bank statement to show how much she paid.

    I had been shopping there since pregnancy and honestly feel disgusted right now. Trust me, not buying there anymore.

    Toys R Us casual stealing needs to stop, this is just ridiculous!

  58. Jasmine Anderson says:

    That’s because with out the proof of purchase I.e (receipt,rewards card,debit/credit card) you will get back the lowest sale price within the last 90 days . That’s the return policy it’s not the employees, we just follow the toys r us policy n we are just doing our jobs .so we can eat and pay our bills just like u .

  59. IOn Ymous says:

    Perhaps ToysRUs’ idiocy has caught up with them. They’ve gone out of business.

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