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We are living in an age of apps that are efficiently downloaded to the computers and mobile devices that we always have with us. We can now track what our eating, spending, exercising, and many other activities. Finance apps are useful tools that can add security by storing data of our financial records, save us time with budgeting, and increase our knowledge base of useful information that encourages us to make wiser financial decisions. The following is a list of apps that will make your financial life a lot easier.


Easy Envelope Budget Aid

This finance app is beneficial for couples who shop for household items separately. Money is organized by using the concept of virtual envelopes. Each month the household expenses are organized into rationed spending amounts for basic categories such as groceries, eating out, entertainment, gas, and giving. Family members that utilize the same budget can spend money dedicated to where it is needed. Spending money according to each category helps you purchase what you need for your household and also keep on track with your budget.

Mint organizes your personal assets and expenditures into many facets. Your account is stored online so it is accessible through any internet connected device by downloading their simple app. Mint is a powerful web-based application that can seamlessly integrate all of your financial accounts into a well-structured and organized overview of your spending with charts and graphs. It also serves as a financial watchdog for bill reminders, late fees, going over your budget, large purchases and interest rate changes. They will send you weekly summaries of your financial statistics and forecast by email along with helpful tips about how you can save more money.


BillShrink promises to save you money in under a minute of signing on and adding your regular bills and spending history. They focus on scanning products and service that you use to find a better deal that is out there. The common everyday services that most of us use, such as mobile phone service, cable, credit cards, insurance, and even local gas stations, can save us a bundle when we know where to find the best deals. They will also locate areas where you can maximize your money with saving accounts, credit card rewards, and CDs.



Xpencer is a mobile finance app that enables you to track expenses and mileage. Users get in the habit of tracking their purchases with fuss free software that make entering information simple and quick. Everything is up to date and accurate because your records are continuously updated every time you send your purchase amounts by SMS text or email from any mobile device. All receipts, accumulative expenditures, and mileage statistics will become easily tracked and organized into a database.


Debt Minder

Debt Minder enables you to take charge of your debt by supplying software that can systematically track where you stand with your debt in real-time, and will also show you different strategies for payoff plans to help you achieve becoming debt free. The personalized charts and graphs instantly draw you a picture of where your money is spent, and areas where money can be saved. All of their charts can be downloaded in printable PDF formats.

Have you come across other great financial apps that help you keep your bank accounts in order? Please share them with us below!


Editor’s Note: I would make sure to add our friends at Ready for Zero, Springcoin, and Payoff to this list of finance apps.




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