This is what I’m thankful for.



This is a video of some of the best moments of my life – when my oldest daughter met her little sister for the very first time.  In these moments, my family became complete.  I had waited for so long for this. I had even dreamed of it.  I would sit and imagine my oldest daughter’s expression when she saw her baby sister for the very first time.  Imagining holding my new baby would bring tears to my eyes.  What would she look like?  Whose personality and characteristics would she have?  Would she be healthy?  Was she going to be okay?  As I recorded this home video, the wait was finally over.  All of my questions had been answered and I knew that everything was going to be great. After a long and miserable pregnancy, everything that I had waited for was here….and our new little best friend had joined our family.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Most of all, I am thankful for my family that I love so much.  I simply cannot imagine living without them, and I am thankful for them every day.

Holly’s List of Thanks

Here are some other things I’m thankful for:

– I am thankful to have a stable job where I can make a living and save for my future and my children’s future.

– I am thankful that I live in a part of the world where food and water are not scarce and I can adequately take care of my children.

– I’m thankful for the beautiful planet that we live on, and I cannot wait to become debt free so that I can spend more time exploring it.

– I’m thankful for the support of loving family and friends.  I appreciate everyone who has ever offered me friendship or support.

– I’m thankful that I started this blog and for all of the blogging friends that I’ve made.  I don’t know a lot of frugal lifestyle enthusiasts in “real life,” so it has been wonderful getting to know all of you.  Over these past six months, I have felt much less alone in the way that I think and live my life.

– I’m thankful to have reached the point in my life where  I feel confident enough to put myself out there every day on my blog.

– I’m thankful for thick skin.  Without it, it would be hard to take the criticism that all bloggers get.  I’m thankful that I’m no longer afraid to fail.

– I’m thankful that at age 32, I’m finally not afraid to be me.

– I’m thankful that this is my blog where I can say whatever the hell I want.  Shit.  Damn.  George W. Bush is a pork sword.


Ahhh……that felt good.

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