Hello folks! Welcome back to Club Thrifty’s VIP Club Roundup! We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


It has been a pretty rough week around these parts. We have been incredibly busy at work. Add that to the fact that we have a 3-year-old who has been keeping us up almost every night for about 2 months, and you’ve got some very tired peeps here at Club Thrifty. (BTW – be looking for a beautifully written, well crafted story about this “waking up” coming soon!) We are very sorry that we haven’t been doing as much commenting and tweeting lately. It is our plan to get back to normal next week.


Due to the holidays, among the other life events, we have been a little light on content around here lately. We do hope you had a chance to read the following:




Search Terms

Here are the “best” search terms of the week!


  • hello beautiful getting student loans forgiven
  • my husband is into inflation (Kinky!)
  • spender in the ass.com (Zoinks!)
  • tythtrftykyyftgyf (Sweet! We totally optimized for that.)
  • where do porn stars get breast implants (…that too! We’re on a roll!)



What is Holly Obsessed With This Week?

Getting some sleep. That is it. That is all we want this week. At least it is Friday. Which reminds me…





You’re welcome.


In other news, we are still theatre nerds. We did get to see Les Miserables on Tuesday. Here is a trailer from the movie with the awesome Samantha Barks singing “On My Own.”





Or, if you prefer it on a stage…





Now…we must get to The Hobbit!






As I said, we (unfortunately) haven’t had much time to read blogs this week. However, we do want to say thank you to everybody who mentioned us lately…so, thank you very much to:

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You guys rock!


So…I guess that is it for this week! We’ll be back on schedule with the usual awesomeness next week! Have a great weekend everybody!