*Tap tap tap* Is this thing still on? Are we still here? If we are, it appears that we have avoided the apocalyptic predictions of the Mayans. Of course, the day is not over so it could all go to hell at any second. But, for now I guess we are safe. So, “Happy Not the End of the World Day!” You know that means? It is also “Happy First Day of Winter Day!” To be honest, I’m not completely sure that we lucked out on that one.


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Sandy HookAll kidding aside, we are participating in the national moment of silence today for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy which took place one week ago. Being parents of two young children, we have been both deeply saddened and disturbed by this senseless act of violence against these innocent children and the adult heroes who attempted to protect them. It is with heavy hearts that we observe this moment of silence between 9:30 and 9:35 A.M. E.S.T. Please join us as our website will go “dark” for these 5 minutes in honor of those who lost their lives. For more information, you can go to webmomentofsilence.org.



Now, on with the show…

Here is a listing of our swank posts from this week:




Search Terms

Here are some of the interesting search terms that brought people to our website this week!


  • people being stupid
  • why save for retirement if you are just going to die – I hope you weren’t counting on the Mayan prophecies or you may have a problem
  • einladung 40 vip – OK?
  • rich as a lannister – You know I always love that one!
  • emails from craigslist just the title of my ad nothing else
  • cheap ass stuff for christmas
  • do i suck at work or is my job toxic – Possibly both?
  • pretty nice young sisters ass for christmas – Ummmm…I told you to quit contacting us. Holly’s ass is not for sale!



What is Holly Obsessed With This Week?

This week, Holly is obsessed with living. She really hopes that you are reading this right now and that all of the Mayan predictions aren’t true. She’d be totally bummed if she missed out on the sweet vacations she has planned. Just to make you jealous, here is a photo of where we are going. Read it and weep…or something…


VIP Club Roundup



Top Posts of the Week

Here are some of our favorite posts from the week:




Whew! I know there are others out there that I forgot to write down. If I missed you, I’ll try to get you back next week!



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