For the last year, I’ve been cramming all of my glasses onto two tiny shelves that are barely big enough to hold them all. It’s been really annoying at times, but never annoying enough for me to do anything about it – like, you know, put some cups somewhere else. 

I’m a pretty motivated person, but I’m also busy.  And let’s face it – I’ve got priorities, people.  Sadly, cups in my kitchen just don’t make the top of the list most days.

But a few days ago, I realized that almost half of one entire shelf was full with sippy cups!  What the hell.  I found this extremely annoying because a) we no longer use sippy cups, b) some of our sippy cups are unusable, and c) it took

Miracles happen every day.

Miracles happen every day.

me at least six months to make this connection.

Still, I knew that being annoyed with myself wouldn’t get me anywhere, so I did what I should have done months ago.  I put all of the sippy cups in the garage with some other garage sale stuff.

Problem solved, folks.  My kitchen cabinet now holds all of my cups- even when they’re all clean.  That may not sound amazing to you, but it sure made my life easier.  So after that, I took some time to fix some other things in my house that have been bothering me.

Fridge Clean-Up 2015



It started with my fridge.  First of all, the inside of my refrigerator is squeaky clean, so no problems there.  But the outside? That’s an entirely different story. 

For the last year, it’s been covered with stick figure drawings that were both whimsical and creepy.  But the art itself wasn’t the problem; every time someone bumped up against the fridge, they would fall all over the place which forced me to pick them up.  Having that happen a few times a day was annoying, so I took the time to carefully go through the pictures to figure out which ones I should save.  In the end, I saved about half and threw the rest away.  And look at my fridge now!

Shoe Organization Emergency Situation


This is much more reasonable!

Next up was our completely crazy shoe situation.  I counted at one point and we had 22 pairs of shoes in our downstairs area – for four people!  But before you start lecturing me on wasteful spending, hear me out.

I own a ton of shoes, but I haven’t paid for more than a few pairs…ever.  My sister hands me down all of her daughter’s adorable shoes and boots and my girls love changing shoes every few days.

Still, having 22 pairs downstairs is crazy, which is why I went through them and put up the ones they wear the least.  Now my little shoe holders are no longer bursting at the seams with shoes we never wear….and it’s no longer driving me crazy!

Sometimes It’s the Little Things

Maybe I’ve just got cabin fever over here, but I think it’s crazy how a roomy kitchen cabinet, an organized fridge, and fewer shoes can make my life easier and improve my mood.  So from this point forward, I’m going to take the time to fix the little things that are bothering me.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make you happy or sad, stressed our or relieved, and frustrated or content.  But if we can fix them quickly and easily, our lives can become a whole lot simpler.  So if something is seriously annoying you, don’t wait to fix it!  Five minutes might be all it takes to simplify your life and make it easier in one fell swoop.

Side note: Next up I’m going through my drawers to remove clothes I no longer wear and, as always, going through the garage for a serious spring cleaning.  It’s almost garage sale time, peeps, and you know what that means.  Wish me luck!

Do you ever let the little things drive you crazy?  Have you ever fixed something simple that was bothering you and been glad you did?

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