Here we go again.

Even though Halloween was just five minutes ago, stores have already started hauling out the obligatory holiday decor. Websites that track Black Friday ads and deals are popping up left and right, and existing sites are updating with new information and sale updates every day.

With all the hype surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it makes a cheap-ass Santa like me wonder if these deals are really all that amazing, especially when you consider all the time and effort it takes to get the best “deals.”  Here’s why I am skipping Black Friday this year:

I HATE the Cranky Masses

There aren’t many things in life I’d say I truly hate, but crowds of cranky and greedy people make the list. Just a few hours after preaching about how thankful we should be to have family, friends, good lives, and good food, thousands of people rush out to beat each other up and stand in line for hours to get more stuff. Most of this stuff is just more unnecessary junk that will be cluttering up our homes as soon as Christmas has come and gone. Not only that, but I also hate how Black Friday and Cyber Monday perpetuate mindless consumerism. Will the day ever come when we finally have “enough?”

I Don’t Have Time for This

Since I’m a busy gal, I don’t really have time to scour the Black Friday ads, map out my route, stand in line to get into the stores, stand in line to grab my items, stand in line to checkout, or sit in crazy traffic to get in or out of store parking lots. I would much rather stay home and do some additional work that results in more income.  After all, my hourly rate is much higher than anything I could “save” on Black Friday.

Black Friday=Deceptive Marketing

One time I showed up at 8:00 p.m. Thanksgiving night to get a “hot item” at Staples.  Even though I was probably the 20th person in line, they were already sold out by the time I got in the store.  I asked the manager how on Earth that happened and he said they only had three of the said item at the advertised price.  THREE!  They literally sent out thousands of mailers to local families in order to advertise this “hot deal,” yet only had three to sell.  Deceptive marketing at its finest, folks.

What About the Salespeople who Have to Work?

Another thing that bothers me about Black Friday is that sales people are required to come into work on Thanksgiving afternoon in order to prepare stores for the first launch of “door busters” (a.k.a. junk). These people should get to spend the holiday with their loved ones too instead of being required to work and deal with the craziness that ensues.  I barely want to leave my house on Black Friday…I can’t imagine having to work in those circumstances.

So, there it is.  That’s why I’m skipping Black Friday this year.  I don’t have time for it, I hate crowds, and I tend to believe it’s all a sack of lies to begin with.  Oh, and I don’t need a toaster/cell phone charger, a $4.99 blender, or an ipad for my three-year-old .

Bah, humbug!

Are you going shopping on Black Friday this year?  Why or why not?