Why I’m Skipping Black Friday This Year

Why I'm Skipping Black Friday This Year - picture of woman with boxing gloves with Black Friday bag in front of her

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Here we go again.

Even though Halloween was just five minutes ago, stores have already started hauling out the obligatory holiday decor. Websites that track Black Friday ads and deals are popping up left and right, and existing sites are updating with new information and sale updates every day.

With all the hype surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it makes a cheap-ass Santa like me wonder if these deals are really all that amazing, especially when you consider all the time and effort it takes to get the best “deals.”  Here’s why I am skipping Black Friday this year:

I HATE the Cranky Masses

There aren’t many things in life I’d say I truly hate, but crowds of cranky and greedy people make the list. Just a few hours after preaching about how thankful we should be to have family, friends, good lives, and good food, thousands of people rush out to beat each other up and stand in line for hours to get more stuff. Most of this stuff is just more unnecessary junk that will be cluttering up our homes as soon as Christmas has come and gone. Not only that, but I also hate how Black Friday and Cyber Monday perpetuate mindless consumerism. Will the day ever come when we finally have “enough?”

I Don’t Have Time for This

Since I’m a busy gal, I don’t really have time to scour the Black Friday ads, map out my route, stand in line to get into the stores, stand in line to grab my items, stand in line to checkout, or sit in crazy traffic to get in or out of store parking lots. I would much rather stay home and do some additional work that results in more income.  After all, my hourly rate is much higher than anything I could “save” on Black Friday.

Black Friday=Deceptive Marketing

One time I showed up at 8:00 p.m. Thanksgiving night to get a “hot item” at Staples.  Even though I was probably the 20th person in line, they were already sold out by the time I got in the store.  I asked the manager how on Earth that happened and he said they only had three of the said item at the advertised price.  THREE!  They literally sent out thousands of mailers to local families in order to advertise this “hot deal,” yet only had three to sell.  Deceptive marketing at its finest, folks.

What About the Salespeople who Have to Work?

Another thing that bothers me about Black Friday is that sales people are required to come into work on Thanksgiving afternoon in order to prepare stores for the first launch of “door busters” (a.k.a. junk). These people should get to spend the holiday with their loved ones too instead of being required to work and deal with the craziness that ensues.  I barely want to leave my house on Black Friday…I can’t imagine having to work in those circumstances.

So, there it is.  That’s why I’m skipping Black Friday this year.  I don’t have time for it, I hate crowds, and I tend to believe it’s all a sack of lies to begin with.  Oh, and I don’t need a toaster/cell phone charger, a $4.99 blender, or an ipad for my three-year-old .

Bah, humbug!

Are you going shopping on Black Friday this year?  Why or why not?

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  1. Just head to Britain around then every year. Holiday and you avoid it. Sorted!

  2. I almost always skip Black Friday. We went out last year, but it was around lunchtime, and I think the crazies had gone home already. We were in and out in 20 minutes and we got a pretty good deal on something we needed…..but I really can’t remember what. Definitely staying in this year though – there’s nothing we need!

  3. We never do Black Friday for the same reason we never shop at Walmart. Crowded and unpleasant. We do do some online shopping then because we have time to.

    1. Yep! Walmart on Black Friday must be hell on Earth.

  4. Many of your American stores are open on Thanksgiving Day. I guess when Americans gather round the table on whatever day they choose to celebrate they are grateful for bargains and not for the ability to spend time with their families.

    As a Canadian who has viewed your holiday through tv sitcoms and glossy ladies magazines I always thought it was your most important holiday that was about family but I see that simpler time has passed.

    1. Not all Americans! Many Americans think it’s awful for stores to be open on Thanksgiving.

      1. Beth, there is a very large number of Americans who are PISSED OFF that stores are open on Thanksgiving. We get very few days off throughout the year and we have begun to dig our heels in to support workers who get very few days off. People have gone out of their way to boycott stores, etc. In fact, the backlash has grown and very large chains have started to actually “hear” us and are staying closed.

        Don’t believe everything that you watch on t.v. If I did then I would think that all Canadians say “eh” By the way, I lived in Canada so I know that’s not the case 🙂

        1. Hard to argue with what you see on tv when it is line ups of people pushing and shoving on the 6:00 news but I do believe that some people still appreciate the time with family.

          Too bad that people that work retail can’t enjoy a full day at home with their families but they probably can’t afford to turn down a day’s pay.

  5. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    My younger (by 12years) sister and I used to go the mall in Black Friday as a little fun tradition. We hardly bought anything but it was a fun little sister thing to do. The whole open on Thanksgiving thing annoys me too and I refuse to participate in that nonsense. I typically have my gifting planned at this point so if something I am already planning to buy is available on cyber Monday I will go for it. Other than that I do all my shopping online with coupons, ebates and free shipping!

    1. Yep, same here. I have done some shopping at Kohls this year though. It is right by my house and not crowded at all. I hate the little carts though.

  6. I definitely will not be Black Friday shopping this year. I’ve only actually gone one year and that was three years ago with my husband. We went to Walmart to get a Blu-ray player, parked about 1/2 a mile away and when we got to the front of the store and couldn’t even see inside because of all the people, we turned around and went home. Does that count, haha? Two weeks later we ended up getting the Blu-Ray player at Walmart for the same “advertised price” on Black Friday. Totally not worth it!!! Holiday shopping isn’t even fun anymore because of the greed and crowds! 🙁

    1. It isn’t worth it at all. I’ll wait and pay more for that “doorbuster” if I really want it.

  7. I went for the first time last year and felt a little disgusted at myself afterwards. I did the Thanksgiving evening and all night shopping event with a neighbor who begged me to go. I did the walk of shame home at 3 am with my bags of junk. Ugh… Not happening again.

  8. Black Friday is by far the most requested day off by my employees. They love it and spend days before planning their strategy. Some of them spend 1-2 months worth of salary on that day which is depressing because most are already deep in debt. I have gone once but I was so bad at it that I went to a store without the sales so I was the only one there at Sam’s Club. It was pretty funny. Every year my wife’s family asks her if she wants to go and she says, “I will be sleeping.” We actually have all our Christmas shopping done already so good luck to everyone!

  9. I never have done black Friday. I simply don’t like the craziness of the crowds. And I have no desire to be like those who get up at 2AM and stand in line to be the first to get a new toy or electronic device . Most of my shopping is done on the internet .

    1. I don’t blame you. Shopping online is so convenient these days.

  10. I am hoping to do all my shopping online. I hate stores more and more as time goes on. We will be out of town for Thanksgiving so might go out later in the day to people watch, but I have no plans to shop for anything.

  11. I could never understand black friday really even when I had a good, full time job. I alway think thanksgiving is so relaxing and I pretty much have too much of a food hangover to do anything like deal with crazy people, lines, jammed parking lots, etc. 🙂

  12. Ha Ha an I pad for my 3 year old, I cant believe how useless I pads have become. Where families now give them to the kids to entertain them aka keep them quiet. I never dropped 500 dollars on it and I’m glad. I skipped last year as well, and will probably just shop from home for a few decent deals with free shipping.

  13. There are very few deals I’d venture out of the house for. Maybe if I didn’t struggle with fatigue/have to work that day. But probably not.

    At this point, all the pre-BF sales are nearly as good as the real thing. Even better, more and more stores offer the same specials online. THAT kind of BF shopping I can do!

  14. Heck no! I’ve never gone out on Black Friday, mostly because I dislike crowds, grumps, everything you mentioned!!! I guess no $5 toaster for me this year!

  15. I prefer going the online route, if their is something we truly need we can get just as good a deal without standing in line. By just as good a deal this also includes stress, time, dealing with people, and of course money.

  16. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I thought you might be skipping Black Friday 😉 My wife actually asked me just a few days ago if we are going Black Friday shopping. I responded by saying that so many things are available online now that I don’t know if we need to leave the house. It reminds me of showing my Mom that Kohl’s had the same deals online as in the store. She was shocked and had a much better time picking out a few things on the website (seriously, exact same price exact same deals) than waiting out in the cold at midnight. I think it’s important to only get things if you need them and only if it’s actually a good deal. Kohl’s was one place that had some legit deals last Thanksgiving and I got a ton of clothes for about 1/2 what I typically pay.

    1. They had some seriously good deals on luggage too. Last year my sister and I bought each other Samsonite carry-ons for Christmas while full of turkey in the comfort of my living room.

  17. I did Black Friday once at a outlet mall and it was awful. Never again. I do shop on Cyber Monday – there are usually good deals and I shop them all from my computer.

  18. I only shop on black Friday if it’s a good deal (and not just some lame 10% off promo) and it’s something I actually need and am looking to buy. I don’t buy impulsively and try not to get caught up in the hype, as I find most of it is just hype designed to increase store revenues

  19. I did it one year to get the TV I am still using. It was a really solid deal, but not the one everyone was looking for. I just stopped in on my way to work, got what I wanted and left. No way would I camp out for something.

  20. There is NO WAY that I’m going shopping on Black Friday. I really don’t understand standing in line for hours for a small payoff.

    I’ve already done most of my Christmas shopping this year, but if I hadn’t, I’d still consider Cyber Monday. Perhaps I’d find a deal and there aren’t any crowds.

  21. Yeah! I’m totally with you on this one, Holly. Black Friday is for suckers. Instead of stores competing for customers, these stores flip things around for one day of the year. Customers start competing for goods.

  22. I don’t ever shop on Black Friday. It’s just too crazy for me and not worth it!

  23. I’m Canadian, so Black Friday is not really a thing around here (though some stores are introducing it). We have “boxing day” which is the day after Christmas and is like your Black Friday except probably smaller. I would never, ever shop on either of these days.

  24. I have decided to skip Black Friday this year as well. During the past couple of years, I only checked out the online deals, only with a list of things that I needed and a budget set for each item. I did manage to find good deals, but there were always things that I didn’t need that I bought just because it was available for a great price. So this year, I’ll be skipping Black Friday too.

  25. This is the sale I have been waiting for all year round. You know the cut of price on every product. The best time to get all those gadgets and appliances I need.

  26. How sweet of you to care about the sales people! Holidays should be really spent at home for all.

  27. Your post makes sense. You think like a normal person. I do not! I like to go and grab a special coffee and enjoy the day – even if I’m not shopping for anything! My boyfriend said “that’s like going out during rush hour when you do have to go to work just because you like it.” LOL!

  28. My daughter said to me this past weekend while out at the store, Christmas already! We typically skip black Friday. If I need to get a deal on an item I’ll try and pick it up online. I don’t want to end up on YouTube wrestling someone for a deal on a gift for a family member.

  29. Nope…not doing any Black Friday shopping either. Fortunately I really don’t have many people to shop for. And you’re right…some of those deals really aren’t that great. The hot items are limited in stock. I might do some cyber Monday shopping if there’s a great deal for something I need or a gift I want to get, but I’m skipping the madness for the most part.

  30. I’m with you on the sales people point. I feel so bad for folks in retail who don’t get to enjoy Thanksgiving. I used to like Black Friday just because it feels like competitive shopping — so taking one thing I like (competition) and attaching it with something I generally don’t (shopping). It was also such a novelty to me after growing up overseas. These days, I’m not into it so much. My sister, mom and I will sometimes go to two or three stores (like Target or Gap) to pick up some DVDs or clothing as Christmas presents, and then we call it quits. We never go line up on Thanksgiving to do so!

  31. I usually will go out to Kohl’s around 11 a.m.. By then the madness has died down (but not the lines). Plus, their deals usually last all day. Even if they stop at 2, if you are in line by then, you still get the sale price. My daughters won’t be in town this year so I’ll see if I want to brave it alone. This is when I pick up the “white elephant” gifts for our annual family Christmas gathering. Nothing can be over $20 and we have a great time with it–about 25 people choosing a gift, stealing the gift etc. Lots of laughing along the way.

  32. I refuse to participate in Black Friday and that goes back to when it started at 04:00 AM. Now its starts Thanksgiving Thursday and I just think its crazy. But for those who do participate, there seems to be sort of rabid shopping glee experienced. I dislike shopping on crowded weekends so I sure as hell won’t put myself out there during that madness. To each their own. I always refuse to spend anything on Christmas gifts that entire Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I seem to find discounts just fine starting the following the week and beyond.

  33. I refuse to put myself in the path of being mowed down by other humans lol. I just don’t need or want anything that badly to wait in line, on an important holiday no less. I will be happily at home with DH relaxing with the stuff we already have, which is more than enough.

  34. Black Friday irritates me and I have only gone out once. I won’t ever do it again. I will buy online or wait until Cyber Monday and get some awesome deals then.

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