I have a confession to make: Greg and I work from home… and we have two cars. Seriously, two cars. Why?

Our main vehicle is an awesome, if somewhat aging, used Toyota Prius. Those of you who read my first Indy Star article already know a little about the other car that rounds out our fleet: My 2007 periwinkle Dodge Caravan. *Try* not to be jealous.

Yes, I realize that my minivan is beautiful, and the fact that it is completely paid off truly makes it a sight to behold. The night shot makes it look even more dazzling, right? So, at this point, you’re probably wondering how I could even consider selling this amazing set of wheels.

Well, the problem isn’t really with the car itself. It’s awesome. I love it. Not only does it have stow away seating, but it also has side doors that open when I push a button. Do your car doors open automatically? Better yet, is your front bumper held together with a zip tie? I didn’t think so.

Yet, despite all of this minivan’s attributes, we’re starting to wonder if we really need a second car. Here’s why.

Why We Have Two Cars

Waaaaay back in the day, we used to work regular jobs. So, we needed a couple of vehicles to haul us back and forth to work. We also started having children, so we thought having a minivan would be nice for toting the little ones around.

Of course, we actually worked together, so our reasoning didn’t make a ton of sense. That just goes to show you our mindset at the time. In many ways we were cheap, but if we wanted something, we bought it without thinking too much about the consequences. We also were stuck in a perpetual cycle of trading in cars and picking up new payments, but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, once we had our financial awakening, we decided it made a super amount of sense to carpool. (Ta-da!) The result was that we started driving our minivan less and less. Now that we both work at home, the thing barely gets driven. It’s very rare that we actually *need* to drive our minivan. And when we do, it’s typically because we want to look freaking awesome driving to the grocery store.

Should We Sell Our Second Car?

We obviously don’t need a second car, we rarely drive it, and it’s still worth a little bit of cash. I also realize that not driving this beautiful beast is hard on her. Frankly, the battery is going kaput, and I’m sure it needs a bit of a tune up before we sell it. I’d also hate to lose out on the money by letting it rot in my garage and driveway.

So, the question is this: Should we keep the minivan or sell it? We’ve come up with a list of pros and cons… and we’ve shared them with you below. Check ’em out!

Reasons to Keep the Minivan:

  1. It provides a second, paid off vehicle to use at our convenience.
  2. It is amazing.
  3. It has stow away seating and occasionally comes in handy for hauling things (maybe thrice per year).
  4. It is amazing.
  5. In the rare occasion that we need two vehicles at the same time, it is available.
  6. Did I mention it is amazing?

Reasons to Sell the Minivan:

  1. We don’t really need it and we rarely drive it.
  2. We have to pay for insurance, license plates, oil changes, and maintenance on it (estimated at $700 per year total).
  3. It takes up valuable space in our garage, and selling it would free up extra space to keep storage stuff and our children’s bikes.
  4. We can still get about $3,000 for it, and that number isn’t growing any larger.

Final Thoughts

For your information, I’m instructing asking my wonderful husband to take her in and get her all shined up this weekend. Regardless of what we decide, I want her looking ready for the ball!

To be honest, I’m leaning toward selling her and putting the cash to good use. Greg is reluctant because he thinks we need it to “haul” stuff. Since the van is paid off, he’s not too worried about it. But, as usual, I’m slowly breaking him down and encouraging him to see things the right way my way.

What do you think, my frugal friends? Should we keep it or should we sell our second car? We really need your input on this momentous decision. Please share your feelings by commenting below.