I have never understood the allure of destroying other people’s stuff and/or stealing things from them just to have a good time. This is especially true when it comes to computer hackers and computer virus purveyors. Seriously, can somebody let me in on the big secret? Congratulations a-hole! You’ve wasted your talents being a jerk.

A few months back, we had a run-in with some of these opportunistic yahoos. Our desktop computer contracted a pretty devastating virus. Over night, the computer slowed to the point where it was barely operational. I tinkered with it for a few weeks, trying to remove the the virus/malware. I deleted files. I ran probably 100 scans. I did all I could. Finally, I had to admit defeat and I sent the CPU over to my buddy who is a computer whiz. Unfortunately, the virus/malware/whatever it was had done its damage. He was able to get the computer to work just enough so that I could copy all of my important family photos and videos. The rest is pretty much lost.

Luckily, there was nothing on there that would be of value to a hacker. Clearly, it could have been a lot worse. I was able to keep my family treasures. I was also able to keep the data from my accounting software (which is not hooked up to any bank accounts for just this reason), although I did have to buy the program a second time.

Saving Money on Antivirus Security with Norton

This event really made me appreciate the value of a good anti-virus program. I immediately went out to the big blue and gold electronics store and talked to their salesmen. Since I figured that they know more than I do, and since I just had a computer decimated by a virus, I went ahead and bought the program that they were pushing that month. It ended up costing me $45 for a 6-month subscription – which I thought was a little pricy. But, I didn’t care. I was panicked that one of my other computers was going to catch a virus, so I went ahead and purchased it.

I received notification a few days ago that the subscription is almost up. So, instead of making another panicked purchase, I decided to shop around a bit this time. I not only looked for a quality product, but – you know me – I also wanted a good deal. After searching through some of the popular tools, I decided to check out Norton. It is a product that I’ve used before, and I felt confident in it.

Giving Ourselves the Gift of Security

According to the company, third-party testing indicates that Norton Security is the fastest product out there and it scored 100% on vulnerability protections. The program also protects against apps that leak personal information while determining if a website is being used as part of an attack scam – which I think is pretty cool…and way above my head. Norton is so confident in their own abilities that they offer 100% money back guarantee if they fail to remove a virus from your computer. Finally, I like the 1-year subscription better than the 6-month subscriptions offered by most other antivirus products.

And, you gots to know I found a deal, right?!? There is a special holiday coupon available for $30 off the 1-year purchase price. That means that I can protect up to 5 computers for a whole year for just $49.99. So, yeah, I think I’m gonna go with that!

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Clearly cyber attacks are on the rise. Have you guys had to deal with any destructive computer viruses or malware lately? What did you do to remove them? How do you plan to combat them in the future?

Let us know in the comments below, and click on our link to save $30 on your Norton Antivirus purchase!