Waaaazzzzz up all you Thriftaholics?!? Have you been well? How has the New Year treated you thus far? Great I hope!

Well, as you probably know, we just got back from a pretty swell vacation in St. Maarten. Basically, what that means is that I’ve been checked out of the world for the past week. When we got back, I took a quick look at my calendar, noticed it was mid-January, and went about my usual Tuesday buisness. Then, I sauntered over to the giant stack of mail waiting for me on the counter. After sifting through the endless mound of junk, I ran across a few tax forms. “HOLY SCHNIKES!” I realized. It is tax time again!

Going Solo – Sorta

You guys know me, and you know that I can barely stomach the thought of paying somebody to mow my yard. The same goes for taxes. Why would I pay somebody a Shiite-load of money when I can find the time to do them myself?

Seriously, guys. If you haven’t done your own taxes before, it really isn’t that hard. I can almost guarantee that I need to use more forms than your average Joe – what with the rental houses, the business, etcetera. Yet, I’ve never had to hire it out. Granted, I’ve got a little trick up my sleeve. My best friend at tax time is my H&R Block tax software.

The Process

H&R Block even makes e-filing intimidating tax returns like mine go as smooth as butter with their easy to understand guided interview. In fact, it is so simple that you don’t even have to lay your eyes on the actual forms if you don’t want to! All you gotta to do is gather your tax documents (W-2s, 1099s, etc.), answer the interview questions, and SHAZAM! H&R Block takes care of the rest!

H&R Block Guarantees

You want customer service? Holla atcha Block! H&R Block guarantees to help you achieve the maximum refund available to you. “How so?” ya ask? They do it by guaranteeing that their calculations are 100% accurate. Should their calculations be wrong, H&R Block will actually reimburse you for any IRS penalties that you have to pay. Furthermore, H&R Block has your back even if  you get smacked upside your head with an audit, providing free in-person audit support. So, they are there for you even after you file. How ya like them now?!?

Hard to Beat the Price

I have used H&R Block at Home for the last several years to prepare our own tax returns. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like most of my refund away to an accountant when I can do just as good a job with H&R Block. While the average accountant will charge over $250 just to file Form 1040 alone, you can pick up H&R Block at Home for as little as $9.99. Say whaaa?!? Yes, you can get H&R Block for as little as $9.99!!!! H&R Block offers different at home versions depending on your needs. Yet, all of them come with FREE federal filing. Personally, I like to use the H&R Block Premium version, since it is ideal for self-employed people and rental home owners…and it still costs considerably less than sending my taxes to an accountant.

So, yes – I love me some H&R Block! I know it. I use it. I LOVE IT! I think that you will love it too. So, what are you waiting for? Get your H&R Block tax software and your Maximum Refund Guarantee today!