As you all know, summer was an expensive season in the Club Thrifty household.  Greg took the entire month of July off in between jobs and we regrettably used that as an excuse to get slightly off track.  From our budget-busting vacation to Mexico to our general lack of oversight in regards to spending, I have to admit that we pretty much sucked.

Fortunately, we put ourselves on FALL FINANCIAL LOCKDOWN starting August 1st and we’re doing really good on our budget so far this month.  We did all the free things with the kids this past weekend – took them to two different parks, filled up the ol’ baby pool in the driveway, and blew bubbles for what seemed like an eternity.  What?  Putting a baby pool in my driveway makes us look like white trash?  Seriously, I’m offended.

Regardless of what you think of me, I have turned over a new leaf and we are determined to stick to our August budget to the penny.  And even though we’re only eight days into the month so far, we’re really rockin’ it!  In fact, I’ve already used a little strategery in order to save a little cash.  Here is how I am overcoming laziness and complacency to save money this month:

I dealt with AT&T

As I mentioned in my August Budget Breakdown post, my internet is was only $35.95 per month.  Ironically, I got my AT&T bill the same day and was shocked to find that my monthly bill had nearly doubled to $67.  AS IF I’m going to pay twice much for the exact same service.  Now, usually, I hate calling AT&T and would rather cut my boob off than call them on purpose.  In the past, the customer service people I’ve dealt with have been downright horrendous.  However, this time I forced myself to call and try to work something out.  After all, their only real competitor in the area is Comcast and there was no chance in hell that I was going to go that route.  So I lied.  Kind’ve.  After talking to a variety of go-bots and yelling things like “representative” and “question about my bill” into an automated service, I got to talk to a real, live human being.  The customer service rep, who sounded suspiciously like Darius Rucker, happily lowered my total bill down to $34 per month…..less than I was paying before!  All I had to say was that I was on Comcast’s website price shopping (which was true).  They also upgraded me to the highest speed that was available “just because I am a valued customer,” said Darius.

We’ve been eating what we have

I swear I have been staring at the same food in my pantry for forever.  Why is it that old food looks “boring,”  And, what’s so exciting about buying “new” food anyway?  In order to keep our grocery spending in check, we’ve made a conscious effort to eat the food that we have.  Like, for instance, the other night when I made a box of Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuit mix to go with the salads we were having.  Sure, it wasn’t quite the same thing as eating at Red Lobster but those biscuits are freaking delicious!  And we’ve been eating a lot of frozen green beans these past few days….just because we had a surplus.  I know that I bought that food to begin with…but it does feel good to finally eat it once and for all.  Eating what we have feels like free money!

We’re not going anywhere

I know, I know.  My strategies are seriously blowing your mind!  But seriously, we had an amazingly adventurous summer season.  We traveled, we went out to eat, we went to parties.  Enough already.  We did have a lot of fun this summer but we wasted a lot of money in the process.  So, this month we’re not going to get a babysitter or go out and do anything too exciting.  Instead, we’re going to stay home and stare at each other.  It’s free!

So, there you have it.  If you were looking for groundbreaking insight on how to save money this month, you’ve found it.  You’re welcome.

How are you saving money this month?  And, who sucks more?  AT&T or Comcast?