MSC Seashore Review: A Gorgeous Ship for Families, Groups, and Couples [Photos Included]

MSC Seashore

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If you follow us on Facebook or are a regular reader of this website, you already know that we love MSC Cruises. We’ve sailed with MSC nearly a dozen times – including itineraries in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and even the Norwegian fjords. So, when we heard that one of MSC’s newest ships – the MSC Seashore – was sailing the Caribbean out of Miami, we were super stoked to check it out!

As usual, MSC Cruises did not disappoint.

The MSC Seashore is the sixth MSC ship we’ve sailed. (Psst…you can find links to several of our reviews at the end of this piece!) It is an absolutely beautiful ship which delivers the same quality service and European feel you expect from MSC, all while bringing guests closer to the sea than ever before. We’re super excited to share the ship with you, so let’s check it out!

MSC Seashore Review: Cruise Cabins

The MSC Seashore offers several types of staterooms, complete with different amenities and “experiences.” We’ve had the opportunity to tour several of the cabins and have stayed in two of them – the Deluxe Balcony Stateroom and the Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite.

Both room types are clean, comfortable, and accommodate up to four guests. Additionally, they both come with a King bed (available as two twins upon request) and a separate sofa area with a desk and television. The sofa also converts into a bunkbed, allowing four people to sleep comfortably in the room while saving floor space.

Deluxe Balcony Stateroom

Here’s a look at our Deluxe Balcony cabin:

MSC Seashore - Deluxe Balcony stateroom photo of bathroom
MSC Seashore - Deluxe Balcony stateroom photo of bathroom
MSC Seashore - Deluxe Balcony stateroom photo of bathroom

Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite

Here is a look at our Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite:

MSC Seashore - Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite photo
MSC Seashore - Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite photo
MSC Seashore - Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite photo
MSC Seashore - Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite photo of bathroom
MSC Seashore - Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite photo of shower

Comparing the Staterooms

The main differences between the two rooms are size and perks.

Our Deluxe Balcony cabin on Deck 14 measures at roughly 180 square feet with a balcony measuring about 55-65 square feet. Compare that to the 269-463 square foot YC Deluxe Grand Suite (balcony of 86-129 square feet), and you can see that the Yacht Club suite offers a lot more room to move about. For me, this is mainly felt in the floor space, extra closet space, and the bathroom space.

Booking a Yacht Club stateroom means you also get access to the Yacht Club privileges and amenities. This includes things like the Top Sail Lounge, Yacht Club Dining Room, and the Yacht Club pool – which are all exclusive to Yacht Club members.

Additionally, you’ll have a butler who will help you with anything you need – from making dinner reservations, to setting up your excursions, to stocking your mini fridge with the right drinks. Yacht Club members also get priority embarkation and disembarkation which can save you oodles of time waiting in line.

Of course, the Yacht Club experience costs significantly more than the booking a regular stateroom. We love the extra service, amenities, and perks (like free drinks) that YC provides. However, most of our sailings with MSC have been in regular rooms, and we have two future cruises booked in them.

In our opinion, the experience is great either way – although we really do love the larger room, top-notch service, and even better sailing experience in Yacht Club.

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MSC Seashore Bars and Common Areas

The MSC Seashore is an absolutely gorgeous ship, and this is especially obvious while enjoying the common areas and bars on board. There are tons of common areas and 19 different bars on the ship, so I’ll just cover a few of our favorites.

Atrium & Seashore Bar

Like its sister ship, the MSC Seaside, the main gathering area is the Atrium in the middle of the ship. The Atrium is a semi-open area spanning four decks (Decks 5-8).

The main feature is the entertainment stage which is backed by several stories of stages and video screens. You’ll also find a variety of bars, gathering areas, and several sets of stunning crystal staircases. It’s a perfect spot to snap some selfies or grab a drink and listen to music after dinner.

(Side Note: I thought the live music on this particular cruise was a notch above other MSC sailings I’ve been on. Bravo!)

Photo of MSC Seashore Atrium
Photo of MSC Seashore Atrium
Photo of Seashore bar and crystal staircases in Atrium from above

Times Square

Just forward of the Atrium, you’ll find the Times Square area of the ship. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see the images of the famous Times Square towers.

Photo of dueling pianos on board
Photo of MSC Seashore Times Square
Photo of MSC Seashore Times Square seating area

This semi-open area of the ship runs from Deck 6 to Deck 8. On Deck 6, you can enjoy drinks while listening to dueling pianos. You’ll also find some shopping and the Venchi Chocolate Bar.

Photo of Venchi Chocolate Bar on MSC Seashore
Photo of drinks from Venchi Chocolate Bar

The casino is found on Deck 7 (Times Square area). It boasts a variety of slots and table games where MSC is hapy to take more of your money! The bar is also topped with a pretty cool replica of the Statue of Liberty.

Image of slot machines on MSC Seashore
Image of MSC Seashore Casino Bar
Image of table games in casino
Image of Statue of Liberty replica above the MSC Seashore Casino Bar

Cheer on your favorite sports teams inside the Sports Bar, located on Deck 8 in the Times Square area. They have some really great screens as well as semi-private tables/screens for sports fans. Deck 8 also features some more shopping.

Photo of MSC Seashore Sports Bar
Image of shopping on board ship

Top Sail Lounge (Yacht Club)

The Top Sail Lounge is only available to Yacht Club members. This is a quiet spot to chill, grab a snack, and sip on a drink any time of the day.

If you’re lucky, Bartender Alex will whip up some delicious drinks while performing a few magic tricks for you. There is also live easy-listening music during the evening and dinner hours. We love this place!

Top Sail Lounge on MSC Seashore
Image of Top Sail Lounge snacks

MSC Seashore Bridge of Sighs

The “Bridge of Sighs” is a unique glass bridge which offers incredible views from the aft portion of the ship. Walk across it for a fun thrill and soak up a bird’s eye view of the Infinity Pool below. Then, soar down the glass elevators behind the bridge for even more fun!

Image of MSC Seashore Bridge of Sighs

Pools on the MSC Seashore

Speaking of pools, the MSC Seashore features four pools and a waterpark. The Long Island Pool is the ship’s main pool. It features an entertainment stage and a massive video board.

The indoor/outdoor Jungle Pool spans two decks and features several hottubs. The retractable roof makes it a great spot to swim, no matter the weather outside.

Located all the way forward on Deck 20 is the Yacht Club Pool. Again, this area is for Yacht Club members only.

The Infinity Pool is all the way aft. These two whirlpools provide some stunning views of the ship’s wake.

MSC Seashore Infinity Pools photo

Finally, the waterpark is located on Deck 18 just forward of the Long Island Pool. Here you’ll find a rocking splash pad and some pretty fast waterslides that made this 40-something feel like a kid again!

MSC Seashore waterpark

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Onboard Dining

Let’s face it: When it comes to food, everybody’s tastes are different.

Over the years, my palate has become a bit more discerning. With that said, I’ve always found the food on MSC Cruises to land somewhere between mediocre and good. That hasn’t changed on the MSC Seashore.

Keep in mind that, on any given sailing, the clientele is typically at least 50% Europeans. Because of this, food options tend to skew more toward a Mediterranean menu than typical American tastes. Personally, I like that because I can find plenty of healthy food options.

Don’t worry though – no matter your tastes you won’t go hungry. There is plenty of food on board – including pizza, burgers, and more – so you are sure to find something you’ll like.

Marketplace Buffet is the ship’s main buffet and is located midship on Deck 16. Here you’ll find options like pasta, burgers, salads, and much more. You can also grab a delicious slice of MSC pizza almost any time of day!

(Hot tip: Don’t wait around to grab your food at the buffet. Generally speaking, European guests don’t naturally fall into a queue. So, find what you want, step in, and grab it. If not, you’ll be standing “politely” in line while waiting to eat all day!)

Photo of Marketplace Buffet sign
Image of Marketplace Buffet on MSC Seashore
Image of Marketplace Buffet on MSC Seashore
Image of Marketplace Buffet on MSC Seashore

The ship’s two main dining rooms serve plated a la carte dinners every evening. These are typically pretty yummy, although some meals don’t always hit the mark. You can also visit one of the restaurants for a nice breakfast and lunch if you like.

Dining room on MSC Seashore
Image of coconut shrip in dining room
Image of dessert in dining room

Dining in the Yacht Club Restaurant is similar to the main dining rooms – except the food is a bit better. They also have special nights, like lobster night. Yacht Club also comes with “Anytime Dining” which we think is a plus.

Image of menu and view from Yacht Club Dining room  - MSC Seashore
Photo of MSC Seashore Yacht Club Dining Room
Image of Caprese Salad - Yacht Club Dining Room
Image of spaghetti dish in Yacht Club Dining Room

Finally, don’t miss out on the Seashore’s five specialty restaurants – four of which are located in Chef’s Court. In my opinion, this is where you’ll find the best food on the ship. If it is in your budget, I highly recommend getting a package and trying at least three of these restaurants.

Ocean Cay caters to seafood lovers while Butcher’s Cut is great for meat and seafood lovers alike. Dinner and a “show” at Kato Teppanyaki makes for a deliciously fun night out while HOLA! Tacos and Cantina will fill your cravings for Mexican food.

Photo of Chef's Court Restaurants sign on MSC Seashore

If you like sushi, you have to try the Kato Sushi Bar. Here, you’ll get to choose which dishes you want by grabbing them off of a conveyor belt in front of you. It is super fun and the food is simply delicious.

Photo of Kato Sushi Bar conveyor on the MSC Seashore

Kids Club and Teen Areas

One of my favorite thing about MSC Cruises is how family-friendly they are. Honestly, they really do make every effort cater to families – especially those with young children and teens. In fact, kids age 17 and younger sail free on many itineraries!

On board the ship, you’ll also find the MSC Kids Club and Teens Club. These facilities are available to all guests, free of charge.

The Kids Club is supervised, making it especially great for families and parents who need a break. Our kids have outgrown the kids club now, but they used to absolutely love it when they were younger. Although we haven’t used the club on this ship, on our past sailings, we’ve given it a massive two thumbs up!

The Teens Club area is a fun spot for older kids to meet, gather, and hang out. They have plenty of places to chill, play video games, and more.

Additionally, the Seashore has a very solid arcade area. This is also where you’ll find the F1 simulator, XD Cinema, and more.

MSC Seashore Arcade

MSC Seashore Review: Final Thoughts

The MSC Seashore is a magnificent ship that is perfect for your next cruising vacation. Whether you’re a couple, family, or group, we think you’ll love this ship!

Like with all MSC Cruises, the staff members on board are simply wonderful. I’ve yet to meet a staff member who won’t bend over backwards to help you.

MSC’s European vibe might feel a bit foreign to some American cruisers, however, we find that it adds to the experience. Once you relax into it, we believe you’ll think so too.

If you’re considering a trip on the MSC Seashore, don’t hesitate. This ship is amazing and we highly recommend that you check it out for yourself.

Feel free to ask any questions or drop any comments below. Until next time, happy traveling!

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