As you read this, I am probably doing one of two things –  either playing in the friendly surf in Montego Bay with my family or passed out in a beach chair.

Yes, it’s finally spring break, and we’re on our long-awaited vacation. The dog is at my mom’s, our house sitter is probably eating all my snacks, and I am enjoying some quality time with my family. Even better, we’re at an all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay – and we paid with points! (You can read my review of the Holiday Inn Resort in Montego Bay here.) Not only can I enjoy a week without paying a single bill, but I don’t have to cook, either!


March 2016 Online Income Update

Anyhoo, I had a really good run in March in terms of income – both through my freelance endeavors and our website. Overall, I’m pretty pumped! Sadly, I spent a lot of time working in March and put in quite a few more hours than I normally do. Not only am I working on a special project, but I had to “get ahead” on my work so I could take a real vacation – you know, one where I don’t work.

Fortunately, all that hard work paid off and I got the bulk of my work squared away before I took off.

That leads me to explain that “payoff.” In March of 2016, we made:


In total, my husband and I made around $28,117 for our efforts, which is pretty swank if you ask me. Although there have been months where I didn’t track my income at all, I’m pretty sure March was our most lucrative month ever. Here are a few of our previous income updates if you want to compare and see our progress:

Since we rely on dozens of separate streams of income, and I don’t divulge how much people pay me for consulting or writing, I broke our income down into vague categories for your viewing pleasure. Remember, these numbers are approximate:

  • Affiliate Marketing and Blog Income: $4,953
  • Social Media Management and Consulting: $1,403
  • Content Creation and Freelance Writing: The rest

Our expenses were pretty weak sauce again last month, which happens to be just the way I like it. However, we did hire a virtual assistant and that costs us around $150 per week. Here’s what we paid to run our online businesses last month:

  • Internet: $51
  • Virtual Assistant: $600
  • Blog Hosting: $15
  • Misc. $140

Total: $806

In addition to these expenses, it’s important to remember that we fork over around thirty percent of our income to the tax man and buy our own health insurance since we’re self-employed. Imagine writing a five-figure check to the IRS every three months and you’ll understand why I’m so crabby! Let’s face it – I have first world problems.

But hey, at least I’m open about them. Right???

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Should You Talk About Money to Family and Friends?

Speaking of my income and how open I am about it, I recently wrote an article on this hot button topic. In a post titled, “Let’s Talk Openly About Money” for Haven Life,  I discussed the many reasons I think it’s perfectly okay  to share financial information – and problems – with our family and friends.

Not only do many of us share the intimate details of our daily lives, but we’re also quick to talk about problems and arguments, how we discipline our kids, and even our health. Why are we so shy about money? I have no idea, but I would appreciate it if someone would clue me in.

So, here’s my question: How do you feel about sharing your financial details with the people you love? And, why do you feel that way?

Also, make sure to check out my guest post on 13 Ways to Save for a Disney Vacation over at Deals Plus. If you ever want to incite money rage in this household, just mention the cost of a Disney trip or cruise. I can tell you, it makes me absolutely crazy. Fortunately, through my research and personal experiences, I have found that there are actually quite a few ways to save on a Disney trip. You just have to be willing to sacrifice in terms of convenience and think outside of the box.

Life Updates and Goals for April

As I write this, I am mentally checked out for vacation. As a result, coming up with new goals is not really on the agenda. In fact, the only real goal I can come up with is having an awesome time at the beach with my family. I worked so many hours in March that I feel like I neglected them. As a result, I’m ready to have fun!

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How was your income in March? What are your goals? Anyone else seeing some good concerts this year?