A few years ago, we decided to discontinue our cable television service and keep the $80 we were spending each month for our greedy selves.  But, we didn’t go without any television.  Instead of paying Comcast (a.k.a. Worst Company Ever), we bought a Roku Box and subscribed to Hulu and Netflix.  So, instead of paying $80 per month, we started paying $15.98 per month (Hulu and Netflix are $7.99 per month each).  Needless to say, we were pretty pleased with ourselves.

After a while, we quit missing the few shows that weren’t available on Hulu and Netflix.  For instance, my beloved Real Housewives.  I love those bitches.  But I learned to live without knowing what those hussies were up to.  An added bonus: I found myself with a lot more free time.  I used that free time to do productive things- like write, work on my blog, and organize my home.  And the less TV we watched, the less we wanted to watch.  We also started to see television as a giant waste of time.

Life Without TV

Well, we moved a few months ago and quickly found out that we couldn’t watch TV at all.  Since we’re currently paying for wifi per gigabyte, it’s far too expensive to watch anything on Hulu or Netflix.  Hell, my bill was still $120 this month, and that was after I called and bitched.  Regardless, we haven’t been able to watch anything that didn’t come through on the antenna or play in our DVD player.  And it’s been interesting…..

Now that we’ve gone a few months without any television to watch, I have to admit that I really do miss it.  After all, all we can do at this point is watch whatever our antenna can pick up, which is often “hit or miss.”  Some days I can get NBC or CBS.  Other days I can get PBS.  But, even when it does come in, the reception isn’t great and you basically can’t move once it’s on.  Why?  Because the reception is so unstable that any slight movement of our antenna can cause us to lose reception altogether.  So, it’s almost not worth it to try to watch TV at this point.  It’s too much trouble.

We’ve also rented a whole lotta Redbox movies lately.  Want to know what we’ve seen?

  • After Earth
  • The Call
  • World War Z
  • The Colony
  • Jack Reacher
  • Elysium
  • Despicable Me
  • Oblivion

The fact that I attempted to watch another M. Night Shayamalan movie should indicate our desperation.  We miss television and we’re so ready to move into a new house where we can get unlimited internet and the amount of television we’ve become accustomed to.  I’ll never go back to paying $80 per month for cable but we’ve realized that we do enjoy having some sort of access to television, even though it’s a lot less than what most people have.

What about you?  Could you live without any television at all?