Saving Money on Family Travel with IBEROSTAR

Saving Money on Family Travel with IBEROSTAR - picture of young boy sipping tropical drink on kayak at beach

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A few weeks ago, I was invited to IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Rose Hall All-Inclusive Resort in Montego Bay for a relaxation-themed press tour. As a luxury all-inclusive, I found the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Rose Hall rather indulgent. I mean, they had actual caviar on the breakfast and lunch buffet – caviar! Plus, lobster was on every dinner menu, as was top shelf liquor, pricey champagne, and pretty much anything else one’s heart (or appetite) could desire.

I have to be honest, the luxury side of the trip isn’t really my thing. Having a private butler made me feel like more of a nuisance to society than a queen. However, I was intrigued by the family friendly options at IBEROSTAR in Montego Bay. And, as luck would have it, the IBEROSTAR property I stayed in was just two doors down from IBEROSTAR’s entry-level property – IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach.

IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach: At a Glance

As IBEROSTAR’s family-friendly property in Montego Bay, the IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach was created with both kids and adults in mind. Lavish guest suites are fully furnished with mini fridges, deluxe bathrooms, and toiletries. Meanwhile, many offer comfortable terraces or balconies with ocean views.

The best part, however, is probably the 24-hour dining experience. At any time of the night or day, you can pop into one of IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Beach’s buffets, snack bars, or ala carte restaurants. And, the all-inclusive pricing includes everything from morning pancakes to champagne toasts at dinner. At IBEROSTAR’s all-inclusive properties, you can eat as much or as little as you want, and you’ll never ever see a bill.

Another feature offering families lots of value was the resort’s on-site kid’s club. Two of the three IBEROSTAR properties in Montego Bay had their own fully-staffed on-site daycares with water features, games to play, and plenty of opportunity for supervised fun (the adults-only Grand property was the only one without a kid’s club). As the mother of two small kids, I like the idea of having a place to bring my children for a few hours of crafts and activities each day – even if it just means getting a short nap while the kids play.

Can All-Inclusive Resorts Help You Save Money?

While I stayed in the luxury section of the resort, I have no doubts that all-inclusive resorts can help you save money. That’s especially true if you have some big eaters in the family or if you drink more than your share of mojitos and B.B.C.’s.

According to IBEROSTAR’s website, folks can stay at the Rose Hall Beach location in Montego Bay for around $144 per person, per night. But, other IBEROSTAR resorts offer price points that are even lower:

  • IBEROSTAR Paraíso del Mar: from $93 per person, per night
  • IBEROSTAR Tucán. Riviera Maya: from $111 per person, per night
  • IBEROSTAR Cozumel: from $85 per person, per night
  • IBEROSTAR Punta Cana: from $113 per person, per night

With all of the amenities all-inclusive properties include, it’s easy to see how going all-inclusive could save you money. After all, IBEROSTAR properties and almost all other all-inclusive resorts offer:

  • All of your meals, snacks, and drinks. Many properties, including IBEROSTAR properties, offer a 24-hour dining experience that allows you to eat at any time of day or night.
  • Non-motorized watersports and other sports rentals. Most all-inclusive resorts include the use of non-motorized watersports and sport rentals in your nightly room rate. Depending on the property, that can include kayaking, snorkel gear, paddle boats, and even bicycles.
  • Non-stop entertainment. All-inclusive resorts, including IBEROSTAR, offer nightly shows, live musicians, cocktail parties, and fun entertainment venues just for kids. The IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Suites, which was next door to the property I stayed at, even included an on-site water park with slides and water features.
  • Relaxing pools. No beachfront all-inclusive would be complete without a waterfront pool for the kids to play and adults to relax. The best all-inclusive resorts usually have adults-only pools as well, which can give the older generation a break from the splashing and excitement of little ones.

One Way to Save Even More at All-Inclusive Resorts

With prices as low as $85 per person, per day, all-inclusive resorts offer immense value for families. After all, it’s hard to have a nice dinner for $85 these days, let alone enjoy breakfast, lunch, drinks, and snacks, plus entertainment to boot.

Of course, a good credit card rewards strategy can make the deal that much sweeter. With a card like the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®, for example, you can earn 40,000 miles worth $400 off your all-inclusive resort. Meanwhile, dozens of all-inclusive resorts can be booked with points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal – and at a 20% discount. And in case you forgot, I offer free travel advice to those who are interested. If you need help creating a comprehensive credit card rewards strategy, hit me up!

Since all-inclusive options are offered at nearly any price point, it’s possible to book one of these properties without breaking the bank. And, if you eat and drink plenty while taking advantage of all the included perks, you could easily come out way ahead.

Have you ever been to an all-inclusive resort? Ever been to an IBEROSTAR property? How much do you feel you have saved by going all-inclusive?

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  1. I think we could probably save more by not going all inclusive BUT having all those choices means no arguing about when and where to eat or play. I love all inclusives for families for that reason.

    1. Me too. It is so great to spend a week where everyone eats what they want and nobody is being sassy.

  2. It depends on the resort. All-inclusive resorts that are $400-$500 (and up) a night are not going to save you money, unless you regularly go on vacation at $350/night hotels.

    But an all inclusive that is $200 a night for two people definitely saves you money, so long as the food is of good quality and you enjoy drinking (I do.). I do like however, that a lot of all-inclusives are big on making “virgin” drinks, (the frozen machines at ours were all free of alcohol and liquor was added on top) so even if you’re not a drinker, at least you can enjoy some fun drinks.

    Also, it depends on what you want in a vacation. IF you are bored easily and don’t enjoy sitting by a pool or the beach, they’re not for you. But if you could spend a week doing nothing but reading while working on your drinking and your tan, then they’re definitely for you.

    1. I agree with you- it really depends what you want. There are certain places where I enjoy all-inclusive more, too and others where I would rather rent a condo. We’re going to Playa del Carmen this summer with friends and we rented a condo this time just because there are so many amazing places to eat.

  3. I love all-inclusives! We went on one for our honeymoon and we are actually going to an Iberostar property in Mexico for Christmas, so I’m glad to see that you had good things to say about them. For me and my hubby, we like to have a cocktail or two when we really go on vacation, so we know we get ahead on that part of the all-inclusive; but we found that they were really reasonable just comparing hotel room nights alone. I will let you know what I think about their Mexican property when we get back! We can’t wait!

  4. We’ve looked into staying at an Iberostar property and I would love to do so one day. Looks so nice!

  5. I’ve honestly never even heard of IBEROSTAR, but I did check Sandals prices recently and wow they aren’t cheap! If IBEROSTAR is more affordable (and comparable) to Sandals I would totally consider it. My question is this: how is the food? The food at Sandals was very good and I worry some of the less expensive all-inclusives have food that is sub-par.

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