Good morning, peeps.  I apologize for my brief hiatus from the blogosphere.  I don’t have daycare this week due to the holiday and I get very little done when my kids are running around.  They’re so cute and fun….but incredibly distracting.  And, ask any parent, it’s hard to write when someone is asking you for something every five minutes!

Anyhoo, I woke up the day after Christmas to a mess of monumental proportions.  Boxes everywhereStickers out the wazoo.  New toys in various stages of play.  Wrapping paper was littered here and there.  Basically, it looked like some sort of toy explosion had taken place.  Needless to say, it stressed me out.  And I have a confession to make: I hate toys!  Some of them are okay, but it seems that most toys my kids get are poorly made and falling apart.  My kids think they’re awesome, of course, but it drives me crazy when we get a giant new batch of junk all in one day.  Sigh.

Fortunately, we had a plan for all of the new arrivals at our home.  Unfortunately, I was the only one to see the plan through since Greg had to work.  Bummer.  So, how are we recovering from Christmas?  One step at a time.

Clean Up

We started by cleaning up all of the trash.  Then we sorted the gifts and made two stacks:

  • What to play with now
  • What to play with later
We will unpack these toys after we move....

We will unpack these toys after we move….

Since we’re getting ready to move, we decided that it would be prudent to hold back all of the gifts with small parts.  That way we don’t lose them.  I also think that too many gifts at once can be overkill, so it made sense for us to let the kids open a new toy or two every few weeks.  They’re used to doing it this way so they were very compliant.  Once we chose which toys to store temporarily, I let them go ahead and start playing with the toys they chose to keep out.

Packing some of the toys away made a huge difference.  Since we’re living in a smaller, temporary home, we just don’t have room for a lot of stuff.

Something’s Got to Give

I also needed to do something about the fact that the number of toys we own just doubled.  I mean, we can’t very well accept 30 new toys into our home without moving some of the older stuff out.  And even though I mostly bought my kids practical stuff like clothes, bedding, and art supplies, they got all kinds of toys and things from our very large extended family.  So, we chose to do what we always do.  For everything that came in, something had to leave.

We spent about an hour going through their old toys and my kids were surprisingly willing to part with about 25.  And fortunately, the volume of toys leaving the house is larger than the volume of new toys (two boxes old vs. one box new) so I feel productive.  At this point, I’m either going to bring the toys to Goodwill or donate them to someone.  Regardless, they aren’t coming to my new house, capiche?

Anyway, check out my new Christmas present.  It’s a food dehydrator and it’s currently making apple, sweet potato, and banana chips.  Yum!
What do you do to keep your kid’s toys under control? Do you let them have them all at once?