What’s up Thriftaholics? Everybody feeling OK today? Good, because we’ve got something to talk about…death.

Hold your horses folks! Don’t leave just yet. Talking about death isn’t going to make it happen sooner. But, it is important that you consider and plan for all of the things that have to happen after you die.

Did you know that there are more than 80 logistical decisions that need to be made when planning for a funeral. Even if your response is, “I don’t want a funeral,” your family will still have to make most of them. And, those are just the decisions. That doesn’t even touch on how everything is going to be paid for!

For those who don’t know, I was a funeral director for about a decade. Over those years, I pretty much saw it all. But, one thing I saw over and over again was the failure to plan. So, when the time came, families were stuck trying to decide between having the funeral they wanted and the reality of the budget they had to work with. Honestly, it’s a painful and uncomfortable position that can easily be avoided with just a little planning.

Seriously folks, this is a conversation that you need to have with your family. That’s why I teamed up with Haven Life this week to write a totally rad piece about planning for your funeral. A lot of my suggestions don’t even have to be formally written down. They’re just things to think about and discuss. You don’t have to plan and prepay for a funeral in order to be prepared. Just talk about it with your family and make sure to get life insurance and to  make a will!

So, if you are alive or love somebody who is, you should check it out. Just follow the link to read “After You Die: Preparing for Your Last Party!