As many of you know, I quit my job in April of 2013 to pursue a career as a freelance writer. After years of building my portfolio and career, I’m now earning over $200K a year! Not bad for a girl who started with no experience, no contacts, and zero tech skills to speak of, right?

Even though I have technically “been a writer” for my entire life, my life changed between 2012 and 2013. During that time, we created this website as a way to hold ourselves accountable to our budget. But, that’s not all it did. It opened the doors to a whole new career opportunity for me.

All of a sudden, I started getting offers for a crazy number of writing jobs – so many jobs, in fact, that I could barely complete them on top of my 9-5 job. After a year of working full-time and hustling on the side, I was convinced I could make a full-time living as a blogger and writer.

Now that I’ve got a few years of full-time writing under my belt, two things have become clear; first, I know it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Second, freelance writing is one of the most legitimate work-from-home jobs around.

Over the past few years, I’ve made it my goal to help others get started writing as well. I’d love for you to attend my FREE webinar, “Build a Six-Figure Writing Career.” More on that in a bit!

My Freelance Writing Goals

When I left my job, my goal was to gross at least $4,000 per month. I came up with that specific figure because I wanted to fully replace my old income, which was about $38,000 a year. Additionally, I needed to add a little more money to make up for a few key benefits I lost – health insurance, my 401(k) match, and my employer-paid phone to name a few.

I surpassed my goal quickly, making around $90,000 in 2014. Then in 2015, I earned around $150,000 from writing jobs alone. Add to that the fact that we earned money from this website and some other online hustles, and we had a very good year!

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In my December 2015 income report, I shared that we made a total of $23,620. When my husband and I first started this website, I never dreamed we’d be able to make that much money online. Actually, it’s been pretty hard for me to wrap my head around because it isn’t just a lucky month. We regularly earn over $20,000 a month now!

How to Get Freelance Writing Jobs

Since I’ve done pretty well securing writing jobs, I get a lot of emails asking for advice. Instead of repeating myself over and over, I actually created a course. It’s called Earn More Writing, and I think it’s the best freelance course on the web.

In the course we talk about how to find (and keep) great jobs, how to determine your rates, making editors love you, and lot’s more. It’s a great resource for beginners and pros alike. I promise, you’ll love it.

For now, I want to help you get started finding jobs right now. Without further ado, here are a few ways that YOU can get freelance writing jobs of your own (and don’t forget to grab your FREE gift at the end):

Write For Free

Wow! This lady quit her day job to become a freelance writer and blogger and makes over $200K a year. Learn how she get's freelance writing jobs here!I know, I know. No one wants to do this. And, it sucks. However, most of the high-paying writing jobs I have now were secured by sending several free guest posts ahead of time. While you may not want to write for free in the long-term, this strategy really can work. Start by finding sites you want to write for. Then, send them some awesome posts that haven’t been published elsewhere. Make sure to ask them for a definitive answer so that you don’t lose that piece if they choose not to run it. Most big sites will be nice enough to respond and let you know either way. And, if you aren’t having much luck, keep trying! Sometimes it takes a while to find someone who will give you a chance.

Guest Post

I don’t do a lot of guest posting anymore, but I used to guest post a lot. (In fact, I should probably be doing more now.) Hands down, guest posting is one of the easiest ways to get your writing skillz noticed. And, since you’re typically not getting paid to guest post, you can just consider it an investment in your freelance writing future.

Reply Promptly

After you start emailing websites to get freelance writing jobs, you’ll notice that some of them will respond. Answering those emails promptly will put you in the front of their minds and make it more likely they’ll give you a shot. Trust me, no matter how amazing you are, no one wants to wait three days to hear back from you. Freelance writers are a dime a dozen. You have to be quick!

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Use Your Personality

A lot of my freelance writing jobs are totally boring. However, some of the jobs require an infusion of my amazing personality and/or hilarious anecdotes. In a sea of other writers competing for the same jobs, it doesn’t hurt to let your individuality shine. Just be yourself. Better yet, be a more interesting version of yourself. Trust me….it helps!

Apply for Jobs on Job Boards…Or Not

A lot of people apply for freelance writing jobs at or, and that may be a good way to get started. However, from my experience, the jobs posted are low-paying. Plus, a million people instantly apply for every job that’s posted, making it increasingly difficult to get your foot in the door. Although I personally don’t apply for jobs on job boards, I do think it’s worth your time if you’re just getting started. At the same time, don’t get your hopes up.

Start a Blog

Having your own blog is an excellent way to showcase your writing skills. You wouldn’t believe how many jobs I’ve gotten just because this crazy ol’ blog exists. However, if you decide to start a blog to get freelance writing jobs, it’s important to post frequently. If someone finds your blog and notices that you haven’t posted in a month, they will not be impressed. Although I post almost every day, posting 2-3 times a week is enough to be considered “up to date.”  And, if you make the topic of your blog broad enough, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Get Your FREE Gift

If you want to make money online, I truly believe freelance writing is the best way to start. Whether you’re hoping to replace your income or just earn a few extra bucks on the side, freelancing can change your life. I hope this piece has given you some ideas on how you can start finding freelance writing jobs right away.

As a my gift to you, I’d love to invite you to my FREE webinar – “How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Career.” We’ll talk more about pitching clients, increasing your income, and my six keys to online freelance success. Reserve your FREE seat now!