Hot Deal: Earn Up to 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® Miles By Doing This

Do you love points and miles? Want to fly for free? Learn how to earn up o 25,000 American AAdvantage miles through this limited time offer.

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Hey points and miles fans, have you heard the news? Let’s start the weekend off right with a juicy little tidbit that could boost your travel budget.

You’ve heard of American Airlines and Sprint, right? You know, the airline and the cellular company? Well, these two giants are teaming up to kick-start your next vacation by offering a whole pile of AAdvantage® miles!

Lemme ‘splain.

Sprint and American Airlines: A Match Made in Travel Heaven

So, what do smartphones and air travel have in common? As it turns out, a whole lot actually.

For a limited time, you can earn up to 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® miles when you switch your cellular service to Sprint! That’s a bucket load of points, which is why I’m telling you about this in the first place.

We all know that flights get expensive, right? We also know that using points and miles can help us save thousands on the cost of air travel. So, it makes sense to pile up the points any way you can… which just happens to be on of our specialties!

In the past, we’ve used AAdvantage® miles to fly to places like London, Paris, Rome, and St. Maarten. Not only did they help us cut our airfare costs, they actually got us to these places for FREE (minus taxes and fees)! Now you can see why we’re so excited about this deal. When used correctly, AAdvantage® miles can be super valuable in providing a boost to your travel budget!

Where Can You Go?

Under certain conditions (think “off-peak”), 25,000 miles might get you a free round-trip ticket to Europe. Even if you can’t book a trans-Atlantic flight for free, you can still use the points for a healthy discount. That said, 25,000 AAdvantage® miles covers most round-trip tickets within the Continental U.S. That’s nothing to shake a stick at, and it’s great if you’re planning any travels closer to home. To get you started, here are a few ideas on how to use those points:

  • Head to Las Vegas for a “girls weekend.”
  • Hop a flight to Chicago and visit your family.
  • Spend a long weekend sightseeing in New York.
  • Visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
  • Get your relax on for a few days in San Diego.
  • Take a trip to Washington D.C. and enjoy the sites.
  • Hit the beach in Miami for some fun in the sun.

Obviously, this is just a tiny sampling of how you could spend your 25,000 AAdvantage® miles. I could think of dozens more, and I’m sure you could too! Just switch to Sprint, earn the miles, and you’re on your way to some free travel.

How to Get 25,000 American AAdvantage® Miles

If you think this sounds like a good deal, you’re right! Earning these mile is super easy, and you can get started by following these 5 steps:

  1. Create a free American Airlines AAdvantage® account.
  2. Open a new Sprint account and connect your AAdvantage® account here.
  3. Activate your new Sprint account
  4. Earn 20,000 AAdvantage® miles.
  5. Stick with Sprint for a year, and earn up to 5,000 additional AAdvantage® miles.

How easy is that? Switch to Sprint, earn up to 25,000 AAdvantage® miles, and start flying free today!

Can Current Sprint Customers Earn Miles?

Do you love points and miles? Want to fly for free? Learn how to earn up o 25,000 American AAdvantage miles through this limited time offer.But what about current customers? Can they earn any miles? I’m glad you asked!

While the biggest point haul is offered to new customers, Sprint isn’t leaving their current customers in the cold. If you’re already a Sprint customer, you can still earn a nice chunk of miles. Simply connect your AAdvantage® account to Sprint, and you’ll start earning miles on a monthly basis. Stay with Sprint for a full year, and you’ll earn up to 5,000 AAdvantage® miles. (Please note that this deal is not available with the Sprint Discount Program.)

More Good News From Sprint

Sure, I love earning points and miles, but they’re only helpful if I’m still saving in other places. Luckily, Sprint has an answer for this too.

Through June 2017, you can get 4 lines in a Sprint unlimited plan, for just $22.50 per month per line if you get 5 lines. They’re even giving you a 5th line for free! Once the promotional period ends, you’ll still get the first line for $60, line 2 for $40, and lines 3 through 5 at just $30 per month. That’s a savings of $1,200 in the 1st year if you have 5 lines. Not bad, right?

But, that’s not all. How does a $400 Visa prepaid card sound? Yep, by activating 3 or more new lines with Sprint, you’ll get a cool $400 thank you gift. At less than $25 a month, that basically makes line 3 free for a whole year!

Wrapping Up

If you’re searching for a new cellular plan, now is a great time to switch to Sprint. You’ll join one of the nation’s largest cellular networks at a pretty good price. Plus, you can load up on 25,000 American AAdvantage® miles, helping you cut costs on your next vacation. I know you like that!

Of course, this deal isn’t lasting forever. You’ve only got until June 30, 2017 to take advantage of the rate offers, so step to it! Earn up to 25,000 AAdvantage® miles by using this link and switching to Sprint today!

Disclosure: Per FTC guidelines, this piece has been sponsored by Sprint, and we have received compensation.

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  1. We are already with Sprint (and American). How do you connect your sprint account to your American Advantage account? I can’t figure that one out .

    1. I found it … … then scroll down down down to the box that says, “Already a Sprint Customer? Start earning your miles. Enter your AAdvantage® number: ______________”

      Thanks for the head’s up.

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