What’s up frugal fanatics?!?

We’ve turned the page on a new year, which means it’s a great time to get your financial house in order! I know you want to make 2017 the best year yet, so here’s a little secret about a great book that can help you get started.

Our new book, Zero Down Your Debt: Reclaim Your Income and Build a Life You’ll Love, is available in stores TODAY!

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It’s been a long process, and we’ve worked super hard on this thing. To finally get it released feels great. Hopefully, it helps a lot of people. Maybe it can help you too.

Ten Fundamental Truths of Destroying Debt and Building Wealth

With that announcement out of the way, let’s talk about destroying debt and building wealth. Throughout the book, we explore the exact steps needed to get your money straight and pay off debt. But that’s not all.

Zero Down Your Debt is based on 10 key money principles that can change your life. If you understand  and follow them, you’re golden. If you don’t, you’ll struggle. Here they are:

Truth #1: Debt is the single biggest obstacle standing between you and the life of your dreams.

When you’re in debt, it’s hard to save for a vacation, your children’s college education, or other financial goals you might have. By and large, debt stands in the way of the things you really want in life, sucking your paycheck into its depths one dollar at a time.

Truth #2: Your paycheck is your most powerful wealth building tool.

We spend our whole lives hoping to hit the lottery or wishing we could just get a bigger raise at work. But if you learn to harness the power of the money you already earn, you might be surprised by how far you can stretch it. Plenty of people have grown rich with modest incomes and careful planning; you can be one of them.

Truth #3: Debt is the enemy of income.

Remember how debt sucks away your income one dollar at a time? When you have oodles of debt to pay back every month, your income never seems like enough. But when you’re debt-free, your income belongs to you, not your debt.

Truth #4: He who has the gold makes the rules.

Borrowing money gives away your power to others. When you owe money to someone, you’re beholden to them and must keep working in service of that debt – not your own goals.

Truth #5: When you tell your money what to do, it listens. When you don’t, it disappears.

When you don’t track your spending or live within a budget, any extra money you earn has a way of disappearing – and quickly. But when you tell your money what to do each month, it works magic for your finances.

Truth #6: A zero-sum budget is the most effective tool for harnessing the power of your paycheck.

Because a zero-sum budget empowers every dollar you earn to pay down debt, start saving, and get ahead with your finances, we believe it’s the most effective tool for getting your money straight. And if you aren’t zeroing down your debt, you’re not doing the best you can.

Truth #7: Debt neither discriminates nor is cured by income. Rather, it is caused and controlled by spending.

Plenty of high earners are deeply in debt, while many with modest incomes live rich, debt-free lives. That’s because debt does not discriminate based on how much you earn. Anyone at any level can dig their way into debt, and anyone willing to rein in their spending can dig their way out.

Truth #8: Living below your means is the most efficient way to unleash your paycheck’s potential.

Living below your means is the best and only way to destroy debt and start saving for the future. Spending every dollar you make means you’re standing still at best, unable to make progress toward your goals. Spending more than you make is a recipe for financial disaster.

Truth #9: If you can’t pay cash, you can’t afford it.

We’re brought up to believe that we can, and should, borrow money to buy anything we want. From new furniture to a new wardrobe, using debt to “buy now and pay later” is commonplace. But, our penchant for debt has proved disastrous for our finances. To avoid a life of debt and ongoing bills, it’s essential to buy only what you can pay for with cash.

Truth #10: Your spending decisions have consequences and are a reflection of what you value.

It’s easy to think that none of your decisions matter too much. Your monthly cable bill, the daily stop at your favorite coffee shop, and the new car you bring home every few years are no big deal, right? Wrong. Here’s the truth: Nearly everything you do with your money matters. Big and small, the decisions you make – and the decisions you don’t make – will eventually make or break your finances. It’s just a matter of time.

Final Thoughts

Maybe you’re struggling with money, or maybe you’re just not making the most of what you have. Don’t get down on yourself. You can do this! With the right tools and a commitment to change, you can seize control of your finances in no time.

Seriously, you got this. And, there’s no better time to start than right now. Good luck and let’s make 2017 wonderful!

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