32 Easy Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in 2021

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If I told you how to get a free Amazon gift card, you’d probably listen, right? Of course you would! It’s like free money in your pocket, and why would you say “no” to that?

If you’re an Amazon junkie, you already know that you can get just about anything you need from the online giant. Of course, that also means Amazon gift cards are an awesome thing to have. Well, guess what: You can earn free Amazon gift cards just for giving your opinion. Sounds just about perfect, right?

Dozens of the best survey sites are eager to know what you think, and they’re willing to pay you for it! All of these companies offer rewards in the form of free Amazon gift cards, which are basically as good as cash.

We all offer our opinions every day. Whether on social media or in person to friends and family, we say what you think all the time. Why not make some money for it?

Now, you can’t expect to get rich off an online survey habit. Still, you’ll end up with more money than you had before! So, if you have an extra few minutes, why not earn some Amazon rewards? Here’s a list of the 32 best ways to earn a free Amazon gift card. Enjoy!

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

1) Survey Junkie

Our top pick for survey companies is Survey Junkie. It’s super easy to sign up and start earning rewards right away. Once you’ve got your free account and fill out your profile, the company will start matching you with surveys. Earn points for each survey that you can redeem for cash or Amazon gift cards.

With Survey Junkie, once you’ve earned a minimum of 1,000 points, you can begin to redeem them for rewards. 1,000 points is equal to approximately $10.

Just hop online on the device of your choice and start to complete surveys!

Sign up with Survey Junkie here.

2) Pinecone Research

Another great way to earn a free Amazon gift card is through Pinecone Research. The payout is around $3 apiece for these surveys, and it’s free to join! Why not give your valued opinion and start earning today?

Another fun perk of using Pinecone is they sometimes also offer product testing. That means you might have the chance to test out fun new products that interest you, for free! Plus, you’ll get a $3 bonus just for signing up. What else do you need?

Start earning at Pinecone Research now!

3) Swagbucks

You probably know at least one person who has already earned easy cash through Swagbucks. One reason it’s such a popular place is the great variety of options for earning. Not only do they pay you for taking surveys, but they also reward you for watching videos, shopping online, and even just surfing online!

Joining is free, of course, and you can make some money from wherever you are, just for doing fun and easy tasks! Cash and free gift cards to Amazon and other retailers are the main rewards you’ll earn. Oh, and you’ll get a $5 signup bonus as well!

Earn easy cash through Swagbucks by joining here.

4) Vindale Research

Need another survey option? Vindale Research sends you surveys about products for some of the most well-known companies in the world. Imagine earning cold, hard cash just for giving your opinions about companies like Samsung, Nike, Disney, Volkswagen, Amazon, and more.

It costs nothing to join, and they’ll even sweeten the deal with a $2 signup bonus. And don’t worry–since you’re earning cash, you can spend your rewards literally anywhere, including Amazon!

Click here to join Vindale Research.

5) Rakuten

Rakuten isn’t a survey site but a shopping site that offers various percentages of cash back on purchases you make. Shop through either their portal on Rakuten.com or the app and start earning rewards immediately. It’s a totally foolproof way to get some fun rewards for your shopping!

Not only does Rakuten give you cash back (or gift cards to Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and more), they also help you find discounts on the products you buy. So, it’s like getting paid twice!

Start earning (and saving) today with Rakuten.

6) Survey Club

Survey Club makes it incredibly easy to make extra cash. Whether taking surveys, participating in product testing, or joining focus groups, you’ll be paid for your time. You might even receive offers of local opportunities!

As with other companies listed here, there is no cost to sign up. You may elect to be notified by text message or email when new paid surveys become available. Join Survey Club for yet another way to add to your earning power!

Start with Survey Club today.

7) InboxDollars

If you like giving your opinion in exchange for a free Amazon gift card, look no further than InboxDollars! Each survey lists a straightforward dollar amount you’ll earn for taking it, which makes it super-simple.

Every day brings new surveys on InboxDollars. Payouts range in amount, and you can only take a certain number of surveys per day. You never know what kind of surveys you’ll get from one day to the next!

A fun benefit for signing up is that you automatically earn a $5 bonus just for joining! It’s a no-brainer for anyone looking to build up some “fun” money to spend on Amazon, just for completing fun surveys.

Get a $5 bonus by signing up with InboxDollars now!

8) Harris Poll Online

You might recognize Harris Poll Online as a political polling group. What you might not realize is that they also conduct other market research surveys. Amazon is just one of the retailers you can earn rewards for through Harris Poll!

Signup is free, like the other sites we’ll include here. What are you waiting for?

Get started with Harris Poll Online here.  

9) Ibotta

This one is an app that allows you to scan receipts from 289 different retailers to earn rewards. Ibotta is mainly for grocery stores but includes quite a few other choices as well. You just complete simple tasks, get savings offers, and grocery shop as usual.

After uploading your receipts to the app, you’ll be paid within 48 hours. If you prefer cash, that’s fine. Or you can opt for plenty of gift cards to major retailers, including Amazon! Free money in your pocket for grocery purchases you’d make anyway! Plus, you get a $10 bonus after signing up.

Get started with Ibotta here.

10) MyPoints

Spend a few minutes each day on fun tasks to make easy money! Taking surveys, answering polls, watching videos, and shopping online can fatten your wallet.

Real people have been earning money and gift card rewards since 1996 with MyPoints. After taking your first 5 surveys, you even get a $5 bonus! Help support your Amazon addiction with MyPoints!

Join and start earning with MyPoints today!

11) PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is another fantastic site that will pay you good money for simple tasks. It’s completely free to sign up and start taking surveys today! You’ll earn points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards, or even PayPal credit.

Amazon is, of course, one of the major retailers connected to PrizeRebel. Just join using your Facebook or email account and watch the survey offers roll in!

Get started with PrizeRebel here.

12) mySurvey

Want to get paid just for offering your opinion on common products and services? Here’s another great way to make money from your smartphone, with just a few simple clicks: mySurvey! Whatever device you use to log on, it’s easy to start taking surveys to add to your bank accounts.

It costs nothing to sign up with mySurvey, and you can choose from a variety of rewards, such as product vouchers, PayPal e-certificates, and Amazon gift cards. You’ll definitely want to include this in your selection of survey sites to join!

Sound good? Join mySurvey here.

13) ShopTracker

What’s even easier than answering survey questions? Shopping on Amazon and getting paid to sync your account to ShopTracker!

ShopTracker does just what it sounds like. It tracks your purchases and shares the data with marketers. The data remains anonymous, so it’s totally secure. For each time you sync your account, you earn $3. Pretty sweet deal!

Get started and earn while your shop with ShopTracker!

14) Panda Research

How does $25 just for completing a survey sound? Well, with Panda Research, you could potentially earn up to $25 for giving your opinion! Compensation varies from one offer to the next, but you could definitely make some sweet cash through this site!

You’ll be paid twice a month with Panda Research, plus enjoy discounts, coupons, and giveaways! You might even get bonuses for reading emails and referring your friends.

Just do a short questionnaire including your name and contact info to get the ball rolling! Enjoy the extra $3 they’ll offer you just for signing up and start making money with every survey you complete. You can shop on Amazon.com with your rewards!

Join Panda Research today.

15) Springboard America

Springboard America is like many survey companies in that you earn points for filling out surveys online! Get paid for your time in free gift cards to Amazon and other top retailers.

To add to the fun, upon signup, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $1,000 prize! Hey, anybody’s got a chance, right? Earn while you couch-surf, wait on a train, whatever you might be doing at the moment.

Sign up with Springboard America now.

16) Product Report Card

Product Report Card is another one of my favorite survey companies! All it takes is a couple of minutes to sign up and activate your earning power.

Take as many surveys as possible to make as much money as possible. Rating your favorite products and services can get you free products, cash rewards, and Amazon gift codes! Earning extra cash couldn’t be any easier!

Start earning cash with Product Report Card here.

17) Drop

Wouldn’t it be great to make money while you shop? Drop pays you just for shopping from your favorite brands!

All you have to do to get started is download the app to your Apple or Android device. Once you connect your credit card to the app, you start earning points every time you shop!

Shopping for your weekly groceries, new clothes for work, or electronics? Purchases can all connect to the app and get you points that you convert into gift cards for retailers like Amazon.

Join now and make money while you shop with Drop!

18) Jobs2Shop

Would you like to earn money testing out new products? In addition to taking surveys, Jobs2Shop pays you to try out new items that interest you!

You can try out some simple mystery shopping, playing games, winning contests, and more. You even get a $5 bonus for setting up an account! Use your newly earned cash for Amazon goodies and more!

Get started today with Jobs2Shop and get a $5 bonus!

19) Opinion Outpost

Join Opinion Outpost today and you can start earning money from the convenience of your home, while out and about running errands, or wherever you go! Signing up is easy and free!

With seven different options for payment, Opinion Outpost definitely offers you flexibility along with convenience. Whether you choose to earn free Amazon gift cards, gifts to other retailers, or simply cash, the rewards come easily for very little work.

Since all participants are entered automatically into a $10,000 monthly drawing, it’s practically a no-brainer to get started right now!

Join Opinion Outpost and begin earning now.

20) E-Poll Surveys

One of the best survey sites out there, E-Poll Surveys gives you chances to earn money just for telling what you think. Points from the surveys earn you cash to spend at Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and more.

Want another bonus to sweeten the deal? Every month, as a member, you’ll be entered into a $1,000 drawing. 50 winners split the prize, winning $20 apiece. Signing up is a breeze, so why not give it a shot?

Earn extra cash with E-Poll Surveys here.

21) EarningStation

We all would love to make money for spending time online, right? Well, you can do just that with EarningStation! A variety of ways to earn money makes EarningStation a great place to start!

Watching videos, shopping online, and redeeming coupons are great ways to start earning. Of course, taking regular opinion surveys will also get you paid. Every task increases your point total, and those points are worth real money at PayPal, Starbucks, and Amazon, to name a few.

EarningStation pays a nice high rate for their members. They’ve got some unique and interesting ways to make money, too!

Get paid for your time online – join EarningStation now!

22) YouGov

Another great option for adding to your Amazon stash is YouGov. Use your email address or Facebook account to sign up in no time flat. You never know what topics you’ll be sharing about from one day to the next because they offer new surveys and poll questions daily!

Not only will you answer questions about popular or new products, you might also get to answer questions about breaking news. Pretty fun gig, right?

As with most survey sites, YouGov is totally free to join. Ready to earn gift cards to Amazon and other top retailers? Sign up right away and start sharing your opinions!

Get started with YouGov here.

23) Global Test Market

Here’s another fun site where you can take surveys from anywhere and be rewarded for a little bit of your time! Take surveys and get paid in MarketPoints, which convert into cash through PayPal. You can also choose valuable gift cards to Amazon, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and other retailers!

There’s something extra special about Global Test Market, too. Of course you want to get your money. But anytime you’d like to give back, you can also opt to redeem your earned points for a donation to a reputable charitable organization like UNICEF.

Learn more about Global Test Market here.

24) ClickPerks

Want to know how to get free amazon gift cards? ClickPerks can help. Simply use your smartphone or other device and earn points for taking surveys, surfing online, reading emails, and shopping on the web. Great range of activities!

Points are redeemable for cash, which is great, as well as for gift cards to Amazon and other retailers. Joining is free, plus you’ll get a $10 bonus gift card if you click through the site to shop. Check the terms and conditions and enjoy these perks!

Learn more about ClickPerks here.

25) InboxPays

If you need to earn some cash but don’t have a lot of time, InboxPays offers a lot of fun ways to earn money online! Can you believe they pay you for doing simple tasks like reading emails, playing games, shopping online, and taking surveys?

You’ll be able to redeem your earnings through PayPal, which is about as easy as it gets, right? The dollar amounts on each survey or task can range all the way up to $50, which is pretty impressive!

InboxPays even mixes it up with fun extras, like spinning wheels to get a chance at prizes, clipping coupons, and more. Today’s the perfect day to get started earning more money for yourself!

Join InboxPays today.

26) Toluna

What could be better than hanging out on your phone or other device, earning money for fun activities you do anyway? Answering simple survey questions for Toluna is the next best thing to earning money in your sleep.

Become a member at Toluna, and you could fatten your wallet right away! With each survey you complete, you earn points. The more points you accumulate, the more you get paid! Sweepstakes entries are available, but of course, cash and gift cards to places like Amazon are popular rewards.

Get started with Toluna here.

27) EarnHoney

EarnHoney pays people in points that help you get free gift cards from Amazon and Paypal just for doing the simplest tasks! You can even opt to take some of your rewards as a donation to your favorite charity.

Ways you can earn money with EarnHoney include playing games, shopping, taking surveys, and referring friends. You only need a minimum value of $1 to cash out rewards, so earning begins immediately!

The site claims to be “ranked one of the top two sites to earn money in your spare time”. Sounds like a great deal! Sign up for free now and start earning more money today!

Start earning today with EarnHoney.

28) Opinion City

Still looking for more great survey reward companies? Give Opinion City a try! You can earn up to $500 a week just for survey completions. That ought to help you pay for your loaded Amazon shopping cart!

Your opinions matter. When you sign up, just fill out a profile and they’ll start matching you to surveys. Tell them what you think about popular brands like Best Buy, McDonald’s, and more. The more surveys you take, the more money you’ll make!

Learn about Opinion City now!

29) Panel Payday

Panel Payday is a cool and different company from the others included here. They actually connect you with a bunch of different survey companies.

Surveys, focus groups, and mystery shopping are some ways they’ll hook you up to earn money. Register for all of the different options and watch for opportunities to make that extra cash!

Get going with Panel Payday in just a few minutes here.

30) Ipsos I-Say Panel

Interested in politics? Ipsos I-Say Panel is a fantastic company that is seeking your opinions on public policy. Here, you can serve your passion of speaking out for your political causes, all while earning easy cash!

Besides political polling, the Ipsos I-Say Panel also conducts surveys on products from popular brands and other topics. On the panel, you’ll rack up points that you can redeem for free gift cards to Amazon, iTunes gift cards, and more!

It’s easy and free to sign up today and begin earning for your Amazon habit right away! You’ll even make bonus points for sounding off on your opinions and staying active on the site.

Feed your Amazon habitat by joining Ipsos I-Say Panel now.

31) Amazon Trade-In

Amazon offers a program where you can trade in products you no longer want for Amazon credit. Books, video-games, and Kindle readers are just a few of the types of items you could earn money back on.

It’s better than a garage sale! Just search online to find out which of your old items are eligible for buyback through Amazon trade-in, and you can get more money to shop on Amazon!

Learn about Amazon Trade-In now!

32) Various Credit Card Rewards Programs

This isn’t a survey site, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. If you use a credit card for your everyday purchases, like gasoline and groceries, chances are you’re earning credit card rewards.

Most credit cards will reward you with a percentage back on all of your qualified purchases. You’re going to buy stuff regularly anyway, so why not make a little money back? So be sure to redeem those rewards for cash or Amazon gift cards!

Check out our favorite cash back credit cards here.

Get Surveying and Start Earning

As you can see, there are tons of sites out there that will reward you nicely for simple and fun tasks. Answering survey questions from the comfort of your own couch isn’t a bad way to earn a free Amazon gift card or put some extra money in your pocket, right? Sign up for as many of these companies as you like and watch your earning-from-home power soar! 

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  2. I’ve looked into doing surveys and i was getting really worried about all the (often very) personal questions they ask. I don’t want to lie but I also don’t want to share details about my life, household etc. How do you feel about this? Does the information stay secure and anonymous?

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