Please enjoy this guest post from Natalie over at Everything Finance.  Everything Finance is a site about just that, everything related to finance.  You can get information about investing, saving money, insurance, shopping, blogging, and making money online.  

Life is one of those things that seems to slip from us faster and faster with each year that passes. At least, that is what it feels like for me. Sometimes it seems overwhelming with what needs to be done and a lot of people look for ways to lighten their load around their homes and their lives. I know this is true for me as there are certain things that I do not mind paying for to make my life easier. I am as frugal as they come but, in my opinion, some things are just worth the convenience:

Monthly Housekeeper

I have been given flack over this but the truth is I would not trade my housekeeper for anything. She charges $60 to clean my whole apartment and it is such a relief to have someone come in and deep clean in a way that I never would. Coming home to a clean space is an amazing feeling. This feeling alone is worth the price of the cleaning and it gives me a break from daily cleaning grind.

Organic Milk

I am sure I will get a lot of snickers for this one- but hear me out. I love the taste of organic milk. In my opinion, it’s the greatest thing ever.  The brand I buy is particularly good as it is packed with vitamins which is of added benefit. Regular milk costs about $2.99 where I live and organic milk costs $3.99 for half the size, but I suppose I’ve become somewhat of a milk snob.

High Quality Purse

I only have one purse that I regularly carry all the time. The main reason for this is that I am just too lazy to constantly keep moving the contents from one bag to another. I would rather spend a little more money on a quality purse that is made well then buy ten low-quality purses. I won’t disclose the brand of the purse, but it is brand that normally retails for couple of hundred dollars.

Everyone is different and there are some things here that some people will consider ridiculous and that’s okay. We all have things that we splurge on from time to time. As long as we are still spending responsibly most of the time, then it’s all good. Being financially responsible means being frugal but also knowing when it makes economic sense to spend on ventures that might make you more/save money in the future or are better for your health. It really is up to the person and the spending situation.

Are there any certain products that you splurge on?