As someone who doesn’t really get embarrassed, I’m pretty much willing to do anything to save a buck or two.  Of course, I don’t go to quite the lengths that I used to.  For instance, back in my couponing days I would split my purchases up into five separate orders just to get free toothpaste at CVS.  Oh yes, and I totally remember when Greg and I stockpiled over 300 quarts of ready-to-feed Similac formula when that $5 off any Similac coupon came out a few years ago.  (Yes, my kids drank formula.  Sue me).

But the whole coupon thing kind’ve died off for me when my beloved Kroger stopped doubling coupons in my area last year.  Booooooooo……. And the fact that I stay so busy means that it no longer makes sense to exert an hour of effort to save a total of $3.00 when I could spend that time doing something much more productive like working. (HINT: I make more than $3.00 an hour)

But don’t worry.  I’m still totally willing to embarrass myself in order to save a buck or earn some rewards.  And while I actually enjoy awkward moments, Greg doesn’t.  In fact, he cringes when I do something that makes us look silly, weird, or broke.  Here are a few embarrassing ways to save money I tried out in the last few weeks:

  • I paid for the flooring for our new house with three different credit cards.  I didn’t tell Greg that I planned to do that ahead of time, so he was not thrilled when I started telling the cashier at Carpet One how I was going to pay. When he realized that I was going to put $2,000 on two different cards and $1,000 on another, he turned bright red. I didn’t bother to explain our strategy to the cashier but I’m pretty sure that we looked flat-ass broke.  He probably thought that we were maxing out all of our cards when we were really just hitting the minimum spend on as many cards as possible.  (We pay all of our cards in full multiple times per month with cash money, baby)
  • I paid for groceries with two different credit cards.  This was last night when I used $50 credit I had on one card for a return but put the rest of our bill on another card in order to earn rewards.  Again, we looked broke.  Again, I didn’t care.  Again, Greg was embarrassed.  Teehee.
  • I called the Chase reconsideration hotline when they denied my application for a business version of the Chase Rapid Rewards Southwest Card.  Apparently, they didn’t like the fact that I signed up for the Chase Ink Bold, met the minimum spend, and booked flights all within the span of a few months.  So they denied me.  When I called the reconsideration line, they practically made me grovel.  It was slightly degrading but will be worth it when I am the proud owner of the Southwest Companion pass later this year.  I ain’t too proud to beg.
  • I’m now known as the coupon lady at my favorite place to eat.  My local chamber of commerce sent out this free calendar with a bunch of coupons for my favorite restaurant, Asian Grill.  Well, I ended up with two of those babies and the 24 coupons that came with them.  Anyway, Greg and I went there the other day and I made my usual order: A spicy Tofu wrap without the wrap in a bowl like a salad with a side of spicy picked veg.  Want to know what the waitress said?  “Oh, you’re the one that orders the wrap without a wrap that always has coupons.”  Should’ve I have been offended?  I thought it was HI-LI-AR-IOUS.

What embarrassing things are you willing to do to save a buck or earn rewards?  Would you be too proud to use several cards in one transaction or call Chase and grovel for your favorite rewards card?