Ahhhh…….the holidays, the time of year when we rack our brains to come up with creative gifts for the people we’re biologically related to.  It’s also the time of year when your well-meaning family members call and ask what you want for Christmas as well.  And if you’re like me, it an be difficult to come up with something.

My parents still insist on buying for me, and even go as far as putting out a stocking for each of their kids who are now 33, 36, and 37.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s adorable and I hope to get a stocking ’til I’m 80.  It’s just getting hard to know what to ask for.  So far this year I’ve asked my mom for a skillet, yoga pants, plastic kid’s plates, and a calculator.  Boooooorrrrrring……

My Awesome Shutterfly Christmas Card

My Awesome Shutterfly Christmas Card


Anyways, it’s time to share our December Budget Breakdown, and it’s a doozy!  Check it out:

  • Rent:               $700
  • Electric:          $200
  • Groceries:       $500
  • Daycare:          $600
  • Internet:          $110
  • College L:        $25
  • College V:        $25
  • Gas/Misc.:      $200
  • Cell Phone:     $55
  • Health Ins:      $395
  • Life Ins. (H):   $73.31
  • Wisc. Dells:     $300
  • Christmas:      $500
  • Furnace:          $120
  • Anniversary:   $75

Total: $3,878.31

Whoomp, there it is.  Our expenses are a little higher than usual and…..it hurts.  However, there’s a reason for everything:

  • Our internet went up to $110 because I had to increase the gigs available on my wifi hotspot from 10 to 16!  I can’t wait until we move to a regular neighborhood where I can get regular, cheap internet.
  • We’re still staying on our old health insurance plan for the moment, but I did get a notice that it was going up about $20.  Exciting stuff, I know.
  • Greg’s parents are taking us to the Wisconsin Dells for Christmas.  Isn’t that an awesome Christmas present?  Anyhoo, they’re paying for the resort and we’re paying for gas, food, and incidentals.  Our room has a minifridge though, so I hope to save by bringing milk and some snacks.  I still budgeted $300 for this just in case.
  • We got our rental home’s furnaces serviced.
  • Our anniversary is coming up and we’re going out to dinner and staying in the swank and high-brow Super 8 in town.  But, our hotel is free so I just had to budget for dinner.  Find out how we got our hotel room free by reading this post on how to earn $800 by doing nothing.

Shutterfly Giveaway

I recently ordered some kick-ass Christmas cards from Shutterfly and they are, as usual, da bomb.  What’s super cool is that they’ve authorized me to give away a credit for $50 of merchandise and free shipping to one of you lucky guys and dollz.  Oh come on, you know you want it!

To win, all you’ve got to do is leave a comment with your worst Christmas memory, the craziest present you’ve ever gotten, or the lamest thing you’re asking for this year.

The best (and most outrageous) comment will be chosen tonight at 9:00 p.m. by my dog Pablo, the freeloading genius.  Cheers!

***UPDATE:  The $50 Shutterfly credit goes to A. Tindall for getting drunk on Christmas and ignoring the haters.  I approve.  Check your email.