If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this whole experience, it’s that I hate moving…the entire experience.  I hate packing up all of the home décor that I’ve lovingly selected over the years. I hate sorting through all our stuff and reliving the memories of my children’s lives so far.  I hate moving because it feels like the end of an area, an amazing and awesome eraFortunately, endings often bring new beginnings.   And, I know deep down that our move marks the beginning of an entirely new era for our family, for better or for worse.

Thoughts on Moving

Like I mentioned last week, we’re moving into a rental home for the time being.  And, we’re considering it somewhat of an experiment in small house living.  After all, the rental home is less than 1,200 square feet, about half the size of our current home.  And aside from the worry over transitioning into a much smaller space, I’m excited to see if we’ll like small home living.  Maybe we’ll love it.  Or, maybe we’ll be itching for more room and more space.  Regardless, I’m thankful for the opportunity to try a smaller space before we commit to buying one.  And, I’m sure we’ll learn something from the ordeal. In the meantime, I’m super annoyed with all of the tasks involved with selling your home.  I mean, some people move almost every year.  Don’t they get sick of it?  Here are my tasks for the next few weeks:

  • set up high speed internet in our new home (with Verizon)
  • cancel high speed internet in our old home
  • have our mail forwarded to our new address
  • cancel our utilities at our old place
  • set up utilities at our new place
  • cancel our homeowner’s insurance
  • buy renter’s insurance (possibly?)
  • call a bunch of our providers and give them our new address (health insurance, car insurance, etc.)
  • Hire movers to move all of our stuff
  • Buy or rent a refrigerator for our rental home

My blood pressure just shot through the roof.  On top of all of that, we’re trying to eat all of the food in the house so that we don’t have to move it.  Unfortunately, this means heating up lots of freezer meals and side dishes.  Yuck.  We also have to pack which is a giant undertaking when you have two kids. And, although we don’t have to pay a mortgage payment this month because we’re selling, we do have the added expense of paying movers to move our stuff.  And, from the estimates that I’ve gotten, it looks like it’s going to cost between $800 and $1,000.  Ouch.  And, although I could technically ask family members and friends to help, I HATE asking people to help move our shit.  It seems like everyone I know has a back injury or has had one, and I’m not willing to put other people’s health in jeopardy.  I’m greedy, but I’m not that greedy. So, yeah.  Moving.  It’s equal parts expensive and awful. 

So, with that being said, here’s my October budget breakdown.

  • Mortgage: $0 (Yay!)
  • Electric: $200
  • Gas: $25
  • Groceries: $650
  • Daycare: $500
  • Internet: $35
  • College Lydia: $25
  • College Vivian: $25
  • Gas/Misc: $300
  • Cell Phone: $35
  • Health Insurance: $377
  • Rent (due Nov. 1st): $700
  • Moving Expenses: $1200 (a hopefully high estimate)
  • Refrigerator: $500 (a hopefully high estimate)
  • Verizon wifi set-up at new home: $150 (a hopefully high estimate)
  • Furnace Serviced: $79 (since we’re selling our home)

Total: $4801 (ouch) A few things: First of all, this budget could be completely off.  I’m not sure how much a fridge is going to be or the cost for the new wifi set-up.  I’m also not sure how much movers will cost.  I know their hourly rate but I have no idea how long they’ll take so I just had to guess. Second of all, I estimated high on food and miscellaneous because I have a feeling that things will crop up as we move from place to place.  And, I see lots of McDonalds and Subway in our future as we move from place to place.

I’ve Been a Bad Girl

On the retirement saving front, I’ve been a bad, bad girl I haven’t saved for retirement since May.  But wait, let me explain!  As you all know, Greg started training to sell investments and insurance this summer and I was waiting for him to get licensed so I could buy my investments from him.  And, as you all know, that didn’t work out so well.  So, it’s back to square one.  Fortunately, I have 10K set aside to start a SEP IRA as well as $5,500 set aside to plop in my Roth IRA.  So, it’s not that I haven’t *saved* for retirement, I just haven’t moved the money into the appropriate account yet.  I’ll do it soon, I promise!  As far as my man is concerned, Greg’s new job offers a nice retirement plan with a 4% match and he’ll be participating in that on top of contributing to his Roth IRA.  So, even though we’re slightly off track this summer, we’ll be back at it again soon.

What are your thoughts on moving?  Do you like it?  Hate it?  And, how is your budget looking for October?

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