I just sat down to write this blog posts and realized that my daughter starts kindergarten in three weeks.  Where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday she was my baby, and now she’s my little girl.  So basically, I feel old.

On the other hand, I can’t wait for her to get started in school.  She is so excited for the new adventure, and I can only hope I have adequately prepared her for the challenge.  Fingers crossed!  I’ll be sure to post an update and picture of her on her first day of school.

tomatoesLet’s get down to business, shall we?  When it comes to last month’s budget, we did pretty awesome.  Our spending was almost perfect.  Hooray!  One thing that really helped is that I temporarily bumped our grocery budget up to $600 for the month.  I kept July’s food budget at $600 too, but I think I might bring it back to $500 next month because of my mad gardening skillz….  Say what?

My Garden is Insane

I recently wrote about how we are terrible at gardening, but oh-my-lawd, we must’ve done something right.  We’ve got all kinds of crazy food growing in there, even things I’m not entirely sure we planted.  I guess we’ll just have to see how it pans out.  We are going to have a ton of food!

Enough about that.  I’m sure you’re ready to read all of the explicit details of this month’s family budget.  You’re on the edge of your seat, I’m sure.  Wait for it…..


My friend took in a rescue horse….and it wanted my margarita!

Club Thrifty July Budget Breakdown

  • Mortgage: $1,500
  • Groceries: $600
  • Daycare: $510
  • College L: $25
  • College V: $50
  • Gas/Misc: $200
  • Cell Phone: $60
  • Health Insurance: $393
  • Car Insurance: $383
  • Electric: $120
  • Gas: $20
  • Sewer: $35
  • Water: $50
  • Anniversary: $100
  • SEP IRA: $1,000
  • Roth IRA: $1,000
  • Minnesota: $150

Total: $6,196

Monthly Budget Details

You’ve probably noticed that each of my budgets is slightly different than the last.  That’s because we use a zero-sum budget each month and tailor it to our specific expenses.  Here are some more details about the abnormal expenses that made it on the list this month:

  • My mortgage is not $1,500! However, I choose to pay extra so that we can pay this thing off once and for all.  My mortgage payment does include property taxes and homeowner’s insurance, however, so that is why I do not budget for those items separately.  They are paid directly out of my mortgage funds through an escrow account.
  • I pay my car insurance premiums to Allstate twice each year and July is one of the lucky months.  That’s why I owed $383.  Thankfully, that is not a monthly expense!
  • Yesterday was the ten year anniversary of the day we met, and we chose to go out with friends to celebrate the occasion.  I budgeted $100 for a really nice dinner.  That isn’t something we do often, but it was a nice treat.
  • We are heading to Minnesota to see Greg’s parents later this month.  Since we’re staying at their house, our only expenses should be gas and food.

In other news, I just opened a new Health Savings Account under Greg’s name since our old account had few investment options and is earning squadoosh.  Once his account is fully open, we are going to put $6,000 in it for 2014.  Since the Affordable Care Act has made health insurance unaffordable for my family, our plan is to join a healthcare sharing ministry called Liberty HealthShare later this year when our current plan expires.  Once we join, we will no longer be able to contribute to an HSA, but any funds we’ve contributed will still be ours.  That’s why we need to put the money away now.  We only have so much time left!  Don’t worry, I’ll complain endlessly write more about our choice to forgo traditional health insurance in a future post.  Stay tuned!

That’s all I got.  Happy Friday, peeps!

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What does your July budget look like?  Any big expenses coming up?