Good morning, peeps!  Yesterday I wrote about how proud I am to have a kindergartener, and today I’m happy to report that she had a great first day.  In fact, she says that she can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

As a momma bear, I was completely relieved to hear nothing but good news.  I can only hope that her outlook on education stays this bright until she graduates from college.  #doubtful

We’ve had a great summer so far, and I’m sad to see it come to an end.  It’s been so nice spending so much time outdoors and taking leisurely walks through the neighborhood with the kiddos.  The garden is doing okay too.  I actually have five pumpkins a-brewin’ in there now.  Can you believe that?  FIVE PUMPKINS?!?!?  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with all of them, but we’ll see.

July turned out to be an average month for us in terms of spending, but August is making me want to scream!  I spend a lot of time planning our vacations and strategizing with credit cards, but it still pains me a little to  realize I’m actually going to have to part with some of my hard-earned cash.  I hate spending money!

With all that being said, here is out budget breakdown for August.  Brace yourself in….3….2…….1

  • House: $1,500
  • Groceries: $600
  • Daycare: $510
  • College L: $25
  • College V: $25
  • Life Ins.: $86.25
  • Gas/Misc.: $200
  • Cell Phone: $0
  • Health Ins: $394
  • Electric: $50
  • Gas: $25
  • Sewer: $35
  • Water: $40
  • SEP IRA: $500
  • Roth IRA: $1,000
  • Cruise: $450
  • Mexico: $350
  • School Supplies: $100
  • Yard Treatment: $52

$Total: 5942.25

August Budget Details

Greg worked a bunch of overtime last month and, because of that, we brought in around $800 extra dollars.  It turned out that it was a little more than enough to cover our four round-trip flights to Orlando for our cruise, so I didn’t bother putting those in this month’s budget.  Instead, we simply bankrolled our flights with last month’s surplus.  It seemed like the easiest thing to do.  The amount I have budgeted for our cruise this month includes our rental car, gratuities on the cruise, and $200 for whatever pops up.

We are switching our mobile service from Page Plus Cellular to Ting this month.  Because of a promotion, we end up not having to pay Greg’s first bill until next month.  Winning!

I budgeted $100 for Lydia’s school supplies, but it didn’t end up costing that much.  Instead, we spent approximately $20 on her school supply list, about $10 on a lunch box, and another $30 on a new outfit that I let her pick out.

Looking Ahead

I expect that our expenses will be slightly high in September as well, mainly due to a financial bloggers conference I’m attending in New Orleans.  On the other hand, I now have one less child in full-time daycare which leads to savings of around $200 per month.  It’s not much, but I’ll take it!

In addition to bracing myself for next month’s expenses, I’m also slightly worried how my earnings will pan out this month.  One of my long-term jobs came to an abrupt end in August which translates into a pay cut of around $1,000.  I didn’t do anything wrong, which makes me feel better, but it is still stressful to lose such a huge part of my income.  If anyone is looking for a content producer or staff writer, make sure to send them to my Hire Me page.  I promise to reply in lightening-fast speed.  Don’t believe it?  Try me!

How does your August budget look?  Any big expenses this month?