As most people know, we use Netflix and Hulu when we watch to watch television because a) it’s cheaper, and b) it’s more convenient.  I actually like streaming TV online vs. watching it live because I tend to enjoy watching entire seasons at a time.

Lately, I’ve been watching a few of the Real Housewives series and mostly recently the Miami season.  I love those bitches, but one of the recent episodes seriously confused me.

In it, Lisa Hochstein and Lea Black were talking about these amazing and scarce <LOL> handbags called Birkin bags.  Apparently, they’re a seriously pricey brand that is made by Hermes and only available to clients who “know someone.”  Since I typically buy my handbags at Kohl’s and my current purse has a gaping hole in the side, I am obviously not a potential client.  However, the whole thing intrigued me.  Why?  Because the girls on the show were saying the Birkin bags cost as much as $30,000.  What?!?

And it’s true.  How do I know?  I googled that shit.  In fact, a quick google search for Birkin bags turned up purses that cost upwards of $100,000 and more, although most of them were in the $20,000 to $50,000 range.  In other words, some of these purses cost as much as our first home that we actually lived inside of.  Others cost so much you could literally feed thousands of starving children instead if you wanted.

Or you could just buy a big, stupid status symbol bag that means nothing.  Burp.  Your choice.

Let’s get back to the Real Housewives on this, shall we?  The whole scene was about how “rare” these bags were and how you had to “know someone” to get one.  And the girls were practically salivating over them, as if they were something more than a diaper, tampon, and wallet holder.  I have to admit, it kind’ve made me lose my faith in humanity for a minute, and I had to wonder what the big deal was about a stupid handbag.  So I sat there for 20 minutes and thought really hard.  Real hard.  What was the big deal about these purses?  Unfortunately, I turned up nuthin’.

Let’s face it.  A birkin bag is just a purse, people.  Something to haul your shit around in.  A bag that will probably sit on a public restroom floor one of these days – Gasp – and will have to endure the rain, sleet, and snow if you actually use it.  Oh, the horror.

Birkin Bags are Stupid

And yes, Birkin bags are stupid.  Unless the thing cleans my house, watches my kids, and doubles as a hotel room, I just don’t see how a $20,000 purse could ever be worth it.  And the people who buy them?  What are they thinking? 

Do they know that they are merely the victim of a giant scam?  That the company who sells these awful purses makes them “scarce” so they can fool insecure people into believing that a handbag can give them status?  Do they know that Hermes is probably laughing their asses off….all the way to the bank?

My guess is that they just don’t care.  And, why should they?  After all, they’ve got at least 30K to waste on lavish purses that were probably made in a sweatshop in Indonesia.

But I digress. Unlike most Birkin bag customers, I actually do need a new purse.  The only difference is, I’m heading to Kohl’s to find my new bag.  No status required, but I seriously hope it’s on clearance.  Wish me luck.

Would you feel like a bad person if you paid $30,000 for a handbag?  Do you think Birkin bags are special?