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Is the Berlin Pass worth it? This Berlin Pass review explores what the pass covers, who should get it, and whether the card is the best value for your sightseeing dollars in Berlin. Enjoy!

Berlin is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. Once a flash point for Cold War tensions, the city has finally recovered from decades of division by the Berlin Wall. This reunited Berlin is once again a major player on the international sta5e, and tourism in the city is booming.

But let’s face it, sightseeing in big cities gets expensive. That’s why I recommend searching for good sightseeing passes before any visit. Although each card is different, many of them save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars during your visit.

Personally, I prefer passes that include everything I need. For me, that means entry to the best museums, attractions, and an option to use the city’s public transportation system. While it’s certainly not right for everybody, the Berlin Pass fits the bill.

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What Is the Berlin Pass?

Is the Berlin Pass worth it? This Berlin Pass review explores what is included, who should get it, and whether it's the best value for your travel style.Similar to tourist cards like the New York Pass, the Berlin Pass is a sightseeing card designed to save travelers time and money. The card includes free entry to over 50 museums, attractions, and tours. This particular pass also includes an option for a travel card, which is a nice perk.

To use the pass, simply present it at the gate of an included attraction. They’ll scan your pass, and boom, you’re in! No waiting in line for tickets. No calling ahead for reservations. Just carry your Berlin Pass with you, and you’re good to go. (It is recommended that you book reservations for the bike tour in advance, although walk-ups are welcome assuming space is available.)

Who Should Consider the Berlin Pass?

  • First-time Visitors – If it’s your first time in Berlin, you should definitely consider the Berlin Pass. The all-inclusive nature of the pass is super convenient for tourists who are new to the city. It includes entry to Berlin’s major sites, plus it includes several tours which allow you to experience Berlin from a number of different angles.
  • Families and Small Groups – Families and small groups who are traveling together (think 3-15 people) are also a good fit for the Berlin Pass. In addition to the museums, the pass includes several family friendly attractions to enjoy. Plus, you’ll get to skip the ticket lines, saving you lots of time (and complaints from younger children).
  • Visitors Wanting to See a Lot in a Few Days – Do you want to see as much of Berlin as possible, save money, and have just a few days to do it? The Berlin Pass is for you. By visiting 2 or 3 sites and/or attractions a day, you’ll see much of what Berlin has to offer…and save money doing it.

Top Attractions Included on the Berlin Pass

The Berlin Pass offers free entry to more than 50 of Berlin’s best museums, activities, and attractions. Some of them include:

  • Berlin Bike Tour – €28.00
  • Madame Tussauds – €25.00
  • Berlin Dungeon – €22.50
  • LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre – €19.50
  • AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin – €19.00
  • Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour – €19.00
  • Berlin River Cruise – €15.00
  • Checkpoint Charlie – €12.50
  • Pergamon Museum – €12.00
  • Alte National Gallery – €10.00
  • Bode Museum – €10.00
  • Berliner Dom – €7.00
  • … and many more (full list of attractions here)

*Prices current as of February, 2019

Berlin Pass Pricing

Recently, the Berlin Pass has undergone some major changes – most of them for the better. As of July 2018, the card only comes with a 3-day option (the 2-day pass has been eliminated). However, the price of the pass has dropped considerably, and you can still add a travel card to the pass for an additional fee. This is a huuuge savings compared to what was there before, and it makes the pass a very attractive option for saving money in Berlin.

Here’s how the current price structure breaks down:

PassesAdult PriceAdult Price w/TravelChild PriceChild Price w/Travel
3 Day Berlin Pass€124.00€148.00€92.00€108.00
*Prices current as of February 6, 2019

To get the most value out of the pass, you’ll want to visit at least 2 to 3 attractions per day. If you visit 9 of the card’s top attractions, it would normally cost you about €172 out of pocket. A 3-day Berlin Pass now costs just €124, so you’re already saving a pretty big chunk of money. This sightseeing pass is especially beneficial if you’re interested in things like the river cruise, the bus and bike tours, and the other family attractions.

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5 Best Features of the Berlin Pass

Fat Tire Bike Tour

Is the Berlin Pass worth it? This Berlin Pass review explores what is included, who should get it, and whether it's the best value for your travel style.

I love taking bike tours, and the Berlin Pass includes one of the best bike tour options I’ve seen. Choose from 4 different bike tours of Berlin, including the Day City Tour, Third Reich & Nazi Germany Tour, Berlin Wall & Cold War Tour, or the Modern Berlin: The New Capital Tour. Please note that individual tours are only available on certain days of the week. Also, reservations are recommended to secure your space. Walk-ups are accepted as long as the tour is not full.

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

Is the Berlin Pass worth it? This Berlin Pass review explores what is included, who should get it, and whether it's the best value for your travel style.

The hop-on hop-off bus tour is a great way for you to explore your surroundings and get a feel for the city. This tour runs every 15-30 minutes during the summer (20-40 minutes during winter), and makes 19 different stops throughout the city. Listen to audio commentary and learn about the city while you ride. You can even use the bus to get from one attraction to the next. Your HOHO bus tour ticket is good for 1 day.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre

Is the Berlin Pass worth it? This Berlin Pass review explores what is included, who should get it, and whether it's the best value for your travel style.

The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is a relatively new addition to the Berlin Pass. This giant LEGO® playground is an attraction the whole family can enjoy. Use your Berlin Pass to gain entry, then take the LEGO® factory tour. While inside, you can also enjoy the LEGO® Studios 4D Cinema, take a spin on the Dragon Ride, and visit the Model Builders Workshop.

AquaDom & SEA LIFE

Is the Berlin Pass worth it? This Berlin Pass review explores what is included, who should get it, and whether it's the best value for your travel style.

Another popular family attraction, Berlin’s AquaDom is the world’s largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium. But that’s not all this site offers. This attraction has over 35 different pools that house over 5,000 sea creatures. Some exhibits even include touch pools, so the whole family can get a truly “hands-on” experience.

Berlin Dungeons

Is the Berlin Pass worth it? This Berlin Pass review explores what is included, who should get it, and whether it's the best value for your travel style.

The Berlin Dungeons is an entertaining sensory experience, perfect for adults and families with older children. Visitors move from scene to scene, touching, smelling, and hearing the story of Berlin’s last 700 years of history. The attraction is filled with special effects, providing a thrilling backdrop to the actor portrayals throughout the exhibit. Each “tour” lasts one hour. (Note: Shows in English are available up to 3 times daily. Click here for details.)

Other Advantages of the Berlin Pass

Save Money – As we highlighted above, visiting just 3 of the top attractions each day should help you come out way ahead.

Optional Travel Card – Like the London Pass, the Berlin Pass offers an optional travel card. For an additional fee, you can add a travel card which provides unlimited access to the city’s public transportation system for the length of the pass.

River Cruise – Enjoy a different view of the city by taking a river cruise. Included with the cost of your Berlin Pass, this one-hour tour comes with audioguides in both English and German. You’ll float past sites like Berliner Dom, Reichstag, and Museum Island. It’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of sightseeing, and a fun addition to any sightseeing pass.

Berlin Guidebook – The Berlin Pass comes with a free 95-page guidebook featuring maps of the city, suggested itineraries, and location information for each attraction on the pass.

Money Back Guarantee – If you can not use your Berlin Pass for any reason, just return your unused pass within 30 days of purchase. Refunds will be processed within 5 working days.

Other Options to Consider

Is the Berlin Pass worth it? This Berlin Pass review explores what is included, who should get it, and whether it's the best value for your travel style.The Berlin Pass is not the only travel card option for visitors to the city. Similar to Paris, the city of Berlin has 3 main passes to choose from: The Berlin Pass, the Berlin Museum Pass, and the Berlin WelcomeCard. As we did in our Paris Pass Review, let’s take a quick look at who can benefit from each of these travel cards.

The Berlin WelcomeCard includes access to public transportation around the city with the added benefit of discounted admission fees at certain sites. It does not provide free entry to tourist attractions or museums. This card is really just a transportation pass for those who plan to visit a museum or two, skip the other attractions, and simply want to wander around Berlin without entering many of the sites.

The Berlin Museum Pass offers free access to about 30 different museums in Berlin. Most of the museums are minor in both scope and price, usually costing less than €10 each. If you want to see museums and only museums, this budget-friendly pass may be a good fit.

On the other hand, the Berlin Pass is an all-inclusive travel card which offers free entry to museums, attractions, and tours. You can even add on a transportation option. Essentially, you get access to all the WelcomeCard and the Museum Pass have to offer, plus you’ll gain entry to several of the most expensive attractions. If you want to experience more than just Berlin’s museums, the Berlin Pass is your best option.

Tips for Using the Berlin Pass

Is the Berlin Pass worth it? This Berlin Pass review explores what is included, who should get it, and whether it's the best value for your travel style.

  1. Start Early – Be sure to start your sightseeing early in the day, especially when activating the card. The earlier you get started, the more attractions you’ll be able to visit…and the better value the pass becomes.
  2. Plan Sightseeing for Consecutive Days – The Berlin Pass works on a consecutive day basis. So, the moment you activate your card (travel card included), you’ve started day one. Plan your time in Berlin around the card. Hit the sites on the card during the activation period, and complete any activities not included after the pass expires.
  3. Group Your Plans by Location – As with most tourist cards, you’ll save valuable time if you plan your day’s activities according to where they are located. Making several trips across the city can really eat up time. Plan to see sites located near each other, and you’ll be able to hit more attractions.
  4. Add the Travel Card – I think it’s a great idea to add the travel card to your Berlin Pass. You can use the public transit system to get from place to place (Zones A, B, & C), saving you money on taxi fares. Upon arriving at the airport, you can even use the travel card to get to the city center. Just don’t activate it late in the day or you’ll lose a day of sightseeing!

Where to Buy the Berlin Pass for Cheap

Now that you know the Berlin Pass is for you, purchasing the card is easy. Click here to order your pass now.

After ordering the pass, you have a few options for picking it up. Standard shipping costs €3.95-9.95 and arrives at your doorstep in about 15 business days. Express shipping arrives within 4 to 6 business days and costs €9.95-39.95 depending on your location.

You can also skip the shipping fees and retrieve your Berlin Pass in person for free. Bring your printed receipt to the main collection desk and get your pass immediately. The desk is located at Humbolt Box, Schlossplatz 5, 10178, Berlin. The office is open from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. daily. Here’s a map of the location to help you out:

Berlin Pass Review map

Berlin Pass Review: Is the Berlin Pass Worth It?

Is the Berlin Pass worth it? With the new price drop, I’d definitely say yes! As always, however, that depends upon your personal travel style and what you want to do while you’re in town.

The Berlin Pass is great if you want to see a lot of Berlin in a short amount of time. If you make it to roughly 3 attractions per day, the pass provides an excellent value – especially if you want to experience more than just museums. It’s also super convenient, making it a good choice for first-time visitors.

Thanks for reading our Berlin Pass review. We hope you’ve found it helpful. Above all, enjoy your trip to Berlin! Until next time, happy traveling!

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