Author: Greg Johnson

Another Reason Why Cable TV Companies Suck

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called Saving Money: Cut the Cord to Cable TV.  I was pretty pleased with myself, feeling like I did a good job explaining the basic reasoning behind how you can save money by not paying for cable TV.  At the time, I had no particular beef with any cable company.  As a family, we decided that it was a financially sound choice not to purchase their product, and I wanted to share that tip with my readers. Fast forward a day or so from the time that I wrote the first...

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How to Become Debt Free

Let’s face it, living with debt is a huge burden. It controls nearly everything that you do and living with it can feel overwhelming. Debt causes you unnecessary grief and emotional pain. It makes it difficult to change jobs or go out on your own to start a new business. Debt even makes moving into a new home difficult. If you are really masochistic, debt can even make you want to incur more debt – disguising itself as a cure to make you feel better about the debt you’ve already accrued. While incurring debt may seem like a good...

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Saving Money: Cut the Cord to Cable TV

Do you wanna know what is fun?…Saving money. Wanna know something else that is fun?…Having a lot of free time. Do you know what is costing you a lot of both of these things?…Your mindless addiction to the boob tube in front of you. The average American will spend aproximately 4,000 hours a year watching television.  Don’t believe me? Good, because I totally made that statistic up.  However, over their lifetime, an average American will watch approximately 353,000 hours of this drivel. OK, I made that last one up too.  But, my point is this: we watch a heck of a lot...

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