Are you an extreme cheapskate?  Do you want to be on television?  Do you enjoy being made fun of by thousands, maybe millions, of strangers? If so, this may just be your lucky day.  I recently got this email from a casting executive at TLC:

CASTING NOTICE:  Do you have a family member or friend who knows how to stretch their dollar to its absolute breaking point? Does the idea of spending money on anything other than what is ABSOLUTELY necessary make them sick to their stomach? Do they love showing off how very little they spend?  Then we want to meet them! TLC is currently casting for a second season of a hit show and is seeking families, couples or individuals who live well on very, VERY little.  In this day and age, many people want to save more and spend less. But for them, saving every penny possible borders on OBSESSION!  If this sounds like someone you know, please NOMINATE them by sending an email and tell us a little about their lifestyle and why you think they made the decision to live this way. Please give specific examples and please include photos of them.

I can only assume that they are talking about the new TLC show, Extreme Cheapskates.  I don’t have cable television, so I haven’t seen any whole episodes.  I have only seen a few clips on YouTube, like the clip entitled, “I don’t wipe my ass.”

Yuck.  I’m all about saving money but I’m not willing to forgo good hygiene in order to do so.  Here are some other reasons why I could never be considered an “Extreme Cheapskate.”

  • I buy things when I need them
  • I spend money on travel
  • I flush the toilet when I pee
  • I don’t wash my clothes in my bathtub
  • I don’t eat food out of the trash

The Extreme Cheapskate Millionaire

Yeah……I love saving money but I’m not willing to do anything disgusting to save a few bucks.  Actually, I have only known one person that would fit the criteria of an “Extreme Cheapskate.”  In my early twenties, I dated someone whose father was so cheap it was crazy.  I remember going to his house in the winter when it was icy and snowing outside.  He refused to turn his heat on so he spent months in his family room with a space heater turned on.  Even with the heater, it was so cold that you could literally see your breath inside the house.  He would spend the entire winter this way, and preferred saving money to being warm and cozy.

Strangely enough, he had a ton of money.  He was easily a millionaire, and his whole house was filled with valuable antiques.  He was a super nice guy, but I could never live like that.  I love modern-day luxuries like heating, air conditioning, and hot water!!!  I also have kids, so I have to keep the house at a reasonable temperature for their sake.  Unfortunately, sometimes Greg and I disagree on what a “reasonable temperature” is.  In the summer, Greg often accuses me of being a thermostat Nazi.  I think that setting the air conditioning at 78 degrees is perfectly reasonable when it’s hot outside.  What do you guys think?

Do you know anyone who would qualify as an “Extreme Cheapskate?”  What things do you do to save money that some would see as extreme?  Please share by commenting below.