Ahhhhh…..the life of a vegetarian.  It’s funny.  No one cares what you eat until you become a vegetarian.

Then, all of a sudden, perfect strangers become concerned.  They ask questions like “are you getting enough iron?”  Or, “are you afraid of getting sick?”  Or they’ll share some crazy story about someone they knew who supposedly died of vegetarianism.

But, my all-time favorite response is this:

“Aren’t humans supposed to eat meat?”

And I almost always respond with this:

“Does it really matter?”

That’s Not the Point

The point isn’t whether or not humans are supposed to eat meat.  The point is whether or not we should.  And, beyond that, the point is whether animals should be forced to endure a life of slavery and suffering because humans happen to enjoy disgusting concoctions like McRibs and Tater Tot Casserole.

I know, I know.  Cheeseburgers are yummy.  So is Pork BBQ.  And crab legs.  But, you know what’s not yummy?  This:

Male chickens serve little purpose in the world of factory farming.  They don’t lay eggs and their breasts don’t grow big enough to make juicy chicken patties at Wendy’s.  The solution: throw them away or grind them up alive.  As many as 40 million chicks per year lose their short lives this way.

According to scientific research, pigs are smarter than dogs, and about as intelligent as a three-year-old child.  Yet they are forced into miserable pig jail for their entire lives, often unable to move or turn around. They’re also killed in some of the least humane ways possible.  Would you let this happen to your three-year-old?  Or, even your dog?


You can also read more about the horrors of factory farming in this Rolling Stones article:

Animal Cruelty is the Price We Pay for Cheap Meat

It Gets Worse

Unfortunately, big agriculture has recently made a push for new “Ag-gag” laws which would criminalize whistle-blowing on factory farms.  So basically, they want to make reporting illegal activity……illegal.  They want to hide the truth.  They don’t want you to know or comprehend what you’re eating.  Read more about that here:

Anti-Whistle Blower Bills

Stunning Ag-gag Bill News

Giving the Middle Finger to Animal Cruelty

Don’t even get me started about cows.  And milk.  And circus animals.  And people who breed puppies in their homes.  And fur.  All kinds of horrific things happen to animals around the globe and there’s very little that we can do about it.  But, the one thing we can do is vote with our dollars.  We don’t have to support industries that we despise.

So, you see, this isn’t about not eating meat.  It’s about giving animals the respect they deserve.  It’s about putting an end to barbaric practices that the general public would not tolerate if only they were made aware.

What Can You Do?

  • Stop eating meat: Factory farming only exists because we fund it through our voracious appetite for animals.  Stop buying it.
  • Implement meat-free days: If you don’t want to stop eating meat altogether, even cutting down helps.  The less meat we buy, the fewer animals are forced to endure a miserable and agonizing life and death.
  • Buy meat from local sources: Small, local farms raise often raise animals in a respectable way…where they see sunlight, feel the gentle breeze, and eat grass.  Supporting local meat producers takes the money directly from the hands of factory farms…and puts it back into your local community.

Are humans supposed to eat meat?

This question is just another bullshit explanation for humanity to do whatever it wants to do.  Surprise!

Sure, we may be built to eat meat, but that doesn’t mean that we should torture animals.