It’s crazy how many ways there are to earn free money if you’re willing to put a little bit of effort into it.  Last week, I shared how you can earn cash-back on Christmas gifts, appliances, and regular shopping through  Today, I’m going to delve into another way to earn free money- loyalty searching.

Earn Free Money with Qmee

Qmee is a free search-loyalty, cash-reward browser app installed easily into any major browser.  But unlike Google or Yahoo (which give you jack squat for your loyalty), Qmee rewards you with actual cash micropayments for clicking on results you were already going to search for anyway. This is how it works: Each time you do a search using a browser such as Google or Yahoo, if Qmee has relevant results to your search, the app pulls up these results and they will appear on your screen in addition to the results you would normally see.


Each click on a Qmee search result will earn you between 4 and 14 cents and the payments are made in actual currency to your PayPal account. A typical user will collect about $5 per month. That’s $60 of free money per year just for doing what you usually do!

I am not a typical user, however, which is why this idea intrigues me so much.  As a self-employed computer stooge, I literally stare at this thing for up to twelve hours a day.  During that time, I conduct countless searches on all kinds of things – both for the blog and for my many freelance writing and content management jobs.  I just started using Qmee, but I can’t wait to see how much I will earn.

We all know how a little extra change here and there can add up, and why not take what’s yours if you’re going to be searching anyway? In addition to the cash you collect through searching, Qmee will reward you with $1 in your piggybank for every referral you send when that person becomes a Qmee user.  (And yes, I get a whole $1 any time someone signs up through my link.  Help a girl out?)

Benefits of Loyalty Searching


P.S. Spicy cauliflower wings are yummy.

I like the idea of earning small amounts of money for loyalty searching for a few reasons.  First of all, it requires no extra work on my part.  No forms to fill out and no follow-up requirements to get paid.  I installed the tool bar already and the work ends there.  Boom.

I also like the idea of earnings going directly into paypal.  Since I can use my paypal account to shop online or make direct transfers into my bank account, and often do, this seems like the most convenient way to receive payment.

When it comes to the cons of loyalty searching, I just can’t think of any.  You are literally earning free money for using a search engine to search for anything you want- things like adorable cat videos, recipes for spicy cauliflower wings, or freelance writing job openings.

It’s hard to complain about free money, especially when it requires you to do almost nothing.

Have you ever earned money for using a specific search engine that offers cash-back?  If so, how much did you earn?  How much time do you spend searching the internet each day?