I have to admit a little secret. Seriously though…let’s keep this on the “DL”, m’kay? Don’t tell Holly. She’ll give me grief about it for, like, 8 million years.

Here goes…

I am slightly afraid of flying.

Whew. That wasn’t so bad. Honestly, it feels great to get that weight off of my chest.

Now, when I say that I’m afraid of flying, I don’t mean the paralyzed, weepy, and hyperventilating kind of fear. In fact, an outsider would never know that I’m nervous at all. While politely elbow wrestling with my neighbor over control of the arm rest, I am the quintessential image of cool, calm, and collected. It is my thoughts that betray me. You see, every time we get ready to for take-off or landing, I feel like we are all going to die. Pleasant, I know.

So, there you go. Now that my dirty little secret is exposed, there is nothing else to see here…except this. I have another secret I need to admit. This one is actually a lot worse. You see, um, the fact is…we don’t have a will.

I know, I KNOW. We are derelict in our duty as parents and children. Even though the chances of us both dying at the same time are extremely minimal, Holly and I know that we should have a will. We don’t even have a good excuse since we could do it cheap and easy online. Yet, we continue to put it off. Lame, I know.

Our recent trip to Europe really had me thinking about what would happen if we didn’t come back. (It’s amazing what your mind thinks about on an 8-hour plane ride.) So, I’ve decided to give my children a Christmas gift this year – one that I hope they never see. Here are just a few of the reasons that I’ve finally decided to complete my will.

1) Custody of Our Children

Look, I don’t know about you, but I’m not really in the mood for the government to decide anything for me these days. Call me cynical, but I’m not sure that they always make the best decisions. So, as you can imagine, I’m not too keen on the government deciding who would get custody of our precious children if we both die. Holly and I have talked, and we do have specific wishes and instructions for raising our children should this happen. Unfortunately, they are not written down at the moment. Rather than drag this fight into a courtroom, we need to get our wishes on paper. Honestly, this is reason enough for us to finally finish our will.

2) Instructions on How Our Estate Should Be Handled

Dudes, I’m not sure when we grew up, but somewhere along the line we did. I sometimes look around and wonder when the adults are going to show up. Yet, Holly and I have actually accumulated quite a bit of stuff – and wealth – during our marriage. We have money. We have property. We have investments. We have several different types of assets that would need to be distributed upon our death. Guess who gets to decide what happens to all of that if we don’t have a will in place. Yeppers, the government. After working so hard to attain these things, we’d at least like a say in how they are passed along in our absence. The best way to do that is through completing a will.

Note: We already have more than enough life insurance in place.  We are not worried about that component of this issue at all.

3) Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed

As a mortician, I know this. As a human being, I’m in denial about this. After a decade of working in the funeral business, I’ve seen more than my share of young people who have died. Whether it is from an accident or illness, I’m constantly surprised at the number of young people who die every day. While I may not be ready to admit it emotionally, intellectually, I know that my time could be up any minute. Therefore, it really is time to get my affairs in order in case the unthinkable happens. I know my family, and especially my children, deserve that.

Yep, it is a Christmas gift that only a mortician would give. It is a Christmas gift that I hope never gets used – at least in the near future. Yet, it is a gift that needs to be given. I’m giving the gift of a last will and testament this Christmas. How about you? Just follow this link and get started today.

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