In case you aren’t up-to-date with the chaos that is currently my life, I’ll give you the short story.  Basically, Greg quit his mortuary job in June to try a career in sales.  He hated it and decided that a career in the mortuary business wasn’t so bad after all.  Fortunately, he was quickly offered a new job at the mortuary where he did his internship 7 years ago.  Unfortunately, we have to move.

A lot of people have asked why we have to move since Greg’s new job is only 30 minutes away.  Since funeral directors are on call part of the time, they generally need to live within 20 minutes of the funeral home.  This is because people die at all kinds of crazy hours, and when they do, Greg has to put a suit on and pick them up from the hospital, nursing home, or their home.  No one wants to wait an hour for him to show up, and it isn’t fair to ask people to wait that long.  Furthermore, I don’t want my husband commuting 30 minutes in the middle of the night when someone dies at an odd hour.  Living close to the mortuary is just part of the deal when you’re a mortician and it’s the exact reason why people used to actually live in their respective funeral home back in the olden days.

As I mentioned last week, there are a lot of things I hate about my current home.  So, although I’m not thrilled about moving at this very moment, I’m not that upset either.  Once we made the decision, I made my peace with it and we put our current home on the market for $163,500.  Even though it’s been on the market for less than a week, we’ve already had three showings.  So, I really hope that someone buys this thing soon.  I’m over it!

The Search for Our New House

For our new home, we’re looking in Noblesville, Carmel, or Fishers, Indiana.  Since we’re looking for houses in a wide range of prices($150-$250K), there are a ton to look at.  And, over the past week, we’ve seen about twenty homes.

I’m sure you’re wondering why we’re looking in such a wide price range!  We are hoping to find a house for 150-175K but are willing to pay more if we found our absolute dream home.  And, by selling our current home and tapping some of our savings, we can put down up to 100K without stretching ourselves.  (If we don’t sell our home before we buy, we’ll put down 20 percent to avoid PMI then transfer our equity to the new home after we sell).  Of course, what I would really like to do is find a house for 175K and end up with a 75K mortgage!  We shall see…..

Here are some of the highlights from our house hunting adventures:

deerberryHouse #1- We absolutely fell in love with this home listed at $179,000.  Sure, the landscaping needs work, but the floor plan was awesome and the entire inside had been remodeled.  The back yard was nice too, except for the huge dog that was howling at us through the fence.  We noticed a neighbor outside working on his car and asked whether the dog always barked like that.  And unfortunately, the answer was yes.  In fact, the helpful neighbor informed us that the dog was always outdoors and that it barked all day and night.  Since I work from home and don’t enjoy being pissed off all the time, we passed on this house.  And, we are kinda sad about it.

crazydecorHouse #2- I really liked this house except for the crazy color scheme and insane amount of wallpaper.  Especially in the kitchen.  I mean, really?  Granite countertops, black and white backsplash, stripes, borders, and flowers?  I can deal with a little bit of crazy, but this house had way too much going on.  We also thought that it was overpriced for the neighborhood, so we passed.

The biggest bedroom I have ever seen.....

The biggest bedroom I have ever seen…..

House #3- This house had everything that I could ever hope for.  However, it was way too freaking huge!  Including the basement, it was over 4,200 square feet.  The master bedroom itself was 24 feet by 22 feet, and that didn’t include the walk in-closet, bathroom as big as my great room, or private office.  I really liked the home but thought that it was way too big for our needs.

I felt seriously claustrophobic in this house....

I felt seriously claustrophobic in this house….

House #4- Some of the newer houses we looked at were just way too close together.  I mean, who wants to live that close to their neighbors?  Not me!




House #5– For $249,00, I have high expectations.  This house was so nasty that I was in and out the door in less than a minute.  It reeked like mold and sewage.  Yuck.  The only redeeming quality about the home was the neighborhood it was in.


We looked at a ton of houses.  And while many of them were nice, they just weren’t exactly what we are looking for.  And surprisingly, the houses we have liked the most have all been in the $160K-$180K range.  Finding something on the low end of our price range would make me the happiest girl on earth.  We’ll see what happens!

From what you’ve seen, how does the price of real estate in my area compare with yours?  Also, what is the craziest thing you’ve seen while house hunting?