7 “Must-Haves” Before Leaving on Spring Break

Must Haves Before Leaving Spring Break - picture of sandy hands at beach

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Hey guys! Spring Break is almost here and I can’t wait. If you’re a late planner like me, there are some things you still need before leaving on your big trip. Here’s a list of 7 important items you’ve gotta have before you go. If you hurry, there’s just enough time for them to arrive before you hit the beach!

1) Travel Insurance

This might sound unnecessary, but in the event of something unexpected, travel insurance could literally save you thousands of dollars. Maybe you bang up your rental car. Perhaps a family member gets hurt or needs a medical evacuation. Worse, what happens if there is a death in the family, forcing you to cancel your trip all together? Travel insurance covers these costs and more. For a small percentage of the total cost, you can rest easy knowing that all the “what-ifs” are covered. When you’re spending this much on a vacation, it’s really a no-brainer. Here’s a list of the best travel insurance options.

2) Airport Lounge Access

If you’ve never experienced life in an airport lounge, you don’t know what you’re missing! Seriously, these hidden gems are a game changer. Instead of waiting for hours in those uncomfortable chairs by the gate, airport lounges help you spend layovers in style. There, you can eat free food, grab free drinks, use free wi-fi, and find plenty of outlets to charge your devices. You don’t even have to fly first class to take advantage of them. Just order a lounge pass, pay the fees, and you’re in!

The Cure for Long Layovers! – Spend your layover in the comfort of a Priority Pass airport lounge. This awesome pass provides access to over 1,000 airport lounges throughout the world.  Honestly, if you fly more than once a year, you definitely need this card. We always carry ours with us and use them constantly. There are 3 different levels, so choose the pass that suits your needs. Click here and get 10% OFF your first year!

3) Snorkel Masks

One of my favorite beach activities is snorkeling. I’ve done several snorkeling tours, but I also love finding free spots right near our resort. After trying several types of snorkel masks and tubes, I’ve come to love this full face shield. Sure they look a little goofy, but who cares? For those who struggle with breathing through a tube, these masks make it easy. Plus, you can see better than through a regular mask.

4) Bubba Mug

If you’re going to be drinking adult beverages on the beach, you gotta get a Bubba Mug. On our first trip to the Caribbean, we met a group of Canadians who had the drinking thing down pat. (If you’re reading this, what’s up Club Canada?!?) While we kept making trips to refill, they filled up their Bubbas and carried cold beverages with them all day. We got home and immediately ordered models like these!

5) Go Pro Underwater Camera

For those who plan on diving, snorkeling, or taking photos in the water, an underwater camera is a must. I’ve got the Go Pro Hero and it does a great job with video and pictures. I even use it to take above water selfies on the beach. Make sure to grab a selfie stick to go with it, but remove it from the stick when you get home. (After a lot of use, mine is now rusted to the stick. DOH!)

6) Waterproof Pouch

Whenever we go to the beach, I always bring my waterproof pouch. That way, I can carry our room key, credit cards, and cash with me into the pool or ocean. There are a bunch of different styles, but I like one that fits in my pocket. You can also get pouches to protect your cell phone, small purse, and more. Here’s a link to my favorite pouch.

7) Travel Pillow

How many times have you tried sleeping on a plane and awoken with a stiff neck? It’s happened to me a ton. Finally, I found a travel pillow that I really like. It’s a “J-shaped” pillow that supports my head to the back, side, and even the front. That way, my head isn’t constantly falling forward and jolting me awake. I love this freakin’ pillow – which reminds me I need to order a new one myself! Here’s a link to the J-Pillow.

Bonus Item: Get a Good Book

If you’re like me, you love getting some reading done on the plane or at the beach. Make sure to grab a good book or two before you go. (Shameless plug alert!!!) In fact, grab a copy of our new book Zero Down Your Debt: Reclaim Your Income and Build a Life You’ll Love. It’s a light, quick read that will help make the most of your money so you can take trips like these more often! Trust me, you’re gonna love it.

Final Thoughts

Spring Break will be here soon, so hurry up and get these items before you board the plane! Thanks so much for reading. Have a wonderful trip and happy travels!

If you’re traveling to any of these destinations, check out our reviews below:

Did I forget anything? Let me know if I missed any of your “must-have” travel items below!

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  1. Hahaha, that snorkel mask is a new one on me, but I can definitely see how it would improve your snorkeling experience. 🙂 I would add a beach ball to this list. Not for playing at the beach, but for napping comfortably on planes. I inflate a beach ball halfway, cover it with a blanket or jacket, and sleep on my tray table (after sanitizing it of course). It’s a great makeshift pillow that isn’t as pricey as actual travel pillows.

    1. That’s a good idea! I’ve seen travel pillows that sit on the tray table, but a beach ball would be considerably cheaper. Unfortunately, I’m too tall to do the lean forward thing, but it would work for Holly.

  2. We’re heading to spring break in a month. I can’t say that any of these are on the top of our list, but we’ll see if any make it!

  3. These are also top of my list. And, I am actually getting one travel pillow just like that you mentioned and read some good reviews on it. Thanks for these recommendations, Greg.

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