Did you know that people who make New Year’s resolutions are statistically 10X more likely to reach their goals than people who don’t make a list of goals at all?

It’s true. Just by explicitly saying what you want to achieve in the New Year, you’re already one step ahead. If you made fitness your New Year’s goal, you also inadvertently made financial health one of your goals as well.

So, just by saying you want to get healthy this year, you’re on the right track to whip both your health and wealth into shape. Here are 6 reasons your fitness goals will save you money.

Saying No to Convenience Foods

Despite marketing tactics involving key phrases like “farm fresh” or “all natural” most of what you find at fast food places and restaurants isn’t all that diet friendly. It’s also ridiculously over-priced. If you feel rushed and tempted to use the drive through, just don’t.

Don’t throw away your fitness and financial goals for the sake of an easy dinner. There are better ways to stay on track and keep your grocery bill in check. If you hate planning meals like I do, try using something like the $5 meal plan instead. It helps you plan easy, cheap meals that will cost you less than a couple of bucks a day. Better yet, it will help you to stick to your healthy eating routine and avoid those nasty fast food joints. By saying no to convenience foods, you’ll be able to save money, stay healthy, and mind both your body and your budget.

Healthy Eating Saves Money

Getting in shape will help you to stop wasting money on groceries. I know, I know. Fresh fruits and veggies might seem a little more expensive. But, even when you buy healthy foods that aren’t frugal, you’re still saving money by eating at home. When organic spinach costs $5 per pound, you eat every. single. leaf. Nothing goes to waste, meaning you’re not just buying groceries willy-nilly. You’ve got a plan.

If you want to eat healthy and stay under budget, eat the food you already have in your pantry to save money. The items that tend to stick around are usually the healthy choices that no one is in the mood to eat. Organic bean soup, anyone???

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You’ll Save Money on Drinks

When you’re on a health kick, you definitely don’t want to be drinking your calories. That’s why it is important to drink a lot of water. Newsflash – water is free (usually), and plain coffee costs wayyyy less than frilly drinks served with creamers, sauces, liquors, and whipped cream. Cha-ching!

Just for argument’s sake, let’s say that you treat yourself to four frilly drinks per month. They each cost about five bucks, so over the course of the year, you spend almost $300 on empty calories alone. Now that fitness is a priority, that’s $300 you can save, use to pay bills, or use to buy healthier food (like more fresh fruits and veggies). So, you get to eat healthy AND save money! That’s a win-win in my book.

More Exercise=More Energy (to Make More Money)

Your fitness goals can help you to earn more money. BEHOLD: Exercise gives you more energy. More energy means better use of your time throughout the day. Using your time more efficiently means that you can focus on your work, side hustle, or crazy money-making scheme!

“What?! Exercise gives you energy? That’s crazy talk. I have to drag myself to the couch for a nap after I exercise.” No really. Hear me out. Once you’ve been working on your fitness routine for a few weeks, exercise gives you more energy, increased focus, and better stamina. Workouts put a pep in your step, meaning you’ll able to do more and earn more than before you started losing weight. I know because it has worked for us!

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No one feels like staying up into the wee hours of the night to work on a startup, tweak a website, or focus on a side hustle if they feel sluggish, unhealthy, and tired all the time. There’s a reason most millionaire startup gurus got their break when they were young and in college. You may not be in college anymore, but by deciding to make your health a priority in the New Year, you’re going to give yourself an energy and productivity boost.

Time and Money Management

Did you know that getting in shape can actually help you save money? It's true. Here are 6 ways your fitness goals will help you start saving today!Adding fitness to your day means you’ll have to rearrange your schedule to fit in time for exercise and prepping food at home. You know the saying time is money? When you’re not watching TV or browsing through Facebook, you’re using your free time to take care of yourself. With all of your new found energy from exercising, you’ll have the stamina to work on those money-making projects you didn’t think you had time for.

You Can Even Make Money Off of Fitness

If you trust yourself enough to stay on track with your fitness goals, you can even make money off of your weight loss. At this crazy fun website called DietBet, you can start a weight loss bet with your friends and family. You pay to enter a “game,” you lose weight, and if you win, you split the pot with the other winners. So far, $16,328,863 has been paid out to winners of these games. Putting money on the line for a weight loss challenge might sound like a silly waste of resources, but a lot of people swear by DietBet for helping them to stay on track with their fitness goals. You’re far less likely to eat that cookie when your money hangs in the balance.

It’s Time to Whip It

Now is the time to whip your health and your wealth into shape! You’ve already decided to focus on healthy eating and exercise as your New Year’s goal. Now, you just need to stick to it. If you do, you’ll be rocking a fantastic bod and bank account in no time!

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Did you make fitness a New Year goal? How does a healthy lifestyle help your finances?