Happy Monday everybody! We hope y’all had a great weekend! Let’s start the week with a little bit of fun, all right?!?

We all know that one of the keys to financial freedom is living within your means. Saving more money than you earn is the way to get ahead. And while cutting costs and living on a shoe string budget can get you a long ways, there comes a point in time where there really isn’t anything left to cut. If you want to get ahead, you eventually have to either start earning more money or find a second job. That is where a side hustle comes in.

I am a big big fan of side jobs. Not only can side gigs provide you with additional income, but much of the time, you can actually control how much money you make. You are the boss! Typically, the harder that you work on your side job, the more you are going to bring in – especially if you are working for yourself. Better yet, a side job can turn into something even more. If you hustle hard enough, that side gig you’ve been working on could turn into your full-time career.

Don’t believe me? It has happened to us! We started this blog about 3 years ago. Holly turned writing into a full-time gig within a year. I recently quit my job to work at home on our businesses as well!

Seriously, it can be done. Even if you don’t want to turn your side job into a career, it can still help you to earn some extra cash. And, obviously, the more you make, the easier it becomes to live on a smaller percentage of your income.

Yet, whenever we mention side hustles, we always hear the same things: “I don’t have time. I’m not creative enough. I can’t come up with anything…” The list goes on and on. Well, here are 52 side jobs that I came up with off the top of my head. Most of them require little to no special skill or knowledge. Many of them hardly require any investment. Scroll down the list and see if there are any there that you could try!

52 Side Hustles You Can Try

  1. Freelance writing
  2. Clean houses
  3. Organize houses
  4. Virtual Assistant
  5. Personal Assistant
  6. Sell stuff on Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy
  7. Mow lawns
  8. Rake leaves (rich people hate leaves)
  9. Landscaping services
  10. Cut hair
  11. Do nails
  12. Personal cuddler (Yup, these exist)
  13. Housesit
  14. Babysit
  15. Petsit
  16. Pet walker
  17. Start a blog
  18. Interior painting
  19. Exterior painting (houses, fences, decks, etc.)
  20. Tax preparation
  21. Basic elderly care
  22. Personal shopper
  23. Website creation
  24. Tutoring
  25. Wellness coaching
  26. Handyman
  27. Car repair
  28. Autobody repair
  29. Newspaper delivery
  30. School bus driver
  31. Coach a sport
  32. Officiate a sport
  33. Drive for Uber
  34. Take surveys
  35. Wait tables
  36. Clean gutters
  37. Become a landlord
  38. Become a property manager
  39. Computer repair
  40. Create a course on, well, anything and charge for it
  41. Buy and sell coins
  42. Wash and detail cars
  43. Provide graphic designs
  44. Be a weekend/wedding DJ
  45. Deliver pizzas
  46. Shovel snow
  47. Become a lifeguard
  48. Collect and sell night crawlers or other fishing bait
  49. Affiliate marketing
  50. Put an ad on your car
  51. Become a local tour guide
  52. Event planning

Peeps, I just came up with in 5 minutes…off the top of my head! I’m sure that I could come up with dozens more if I put a little more time into it. There are literally countless ways that you could make extra income. All you have to do is find a need and fill it! So get out there, start your side gig, and make some fat stacks yo!

What are some other side hustles that you can think of? Do you think having a side job makes sense for your situation? Let us know all about it in the comments below!