Although I’m sad summer is on its way out, I’m so happy that my favorite season, fall, is on its way. I love the crisp fall air, visiting pumpkin patches and apple orchards with my kids, and of course, Halloween!


My kids, Halloween 2015

In addition to hoodies, campfires, and Halloween, we’re also looking forward to fall break. In a few weeks, we’re heading to St. Thomas for a week of beach fun with the kids!

After creating a course and writing a book this year, we desperately need some time off. If you think of me in the next few weeks, picture me on the beach with a good book, laid out in a beach chair, or digging in the sand with my kids. Depending on the day and our collective family mood, we could be up to anything!

This trip was partially paid for with airline miles, but we used real money to pay for a few rental condos at Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina on the island’s east end. Needless to say, I am so pumped and ready to have a good time!

My Course, is Live

In other news, my brand new freelance course – – is finally live. Since I probably poured 200 hours or more into the creation of this course, I am so glad it’s out there and building steam.

I am so excited about the number of courses I have sold already, but I expect to broaden my student base tremendously as affiliates start ramping up their efforts.

Most of all, I am excited to help other people get their freelance careers off the ground! Freelance writing tops my list of legit work-from-home jobs, and I truly believe it’s a great way for anybody to make extra money on the side.

When creating this course, I tried to think of all the things *I* wish I had known when I first got started. While some of the advice I offer is pure common sense, the rest is built on lessons I learned through trial, error, and experience. For all of my successes, I have made a ton of mistakes! By leaning on my advice and doing things the right way from the start, new writers can reach freelance success at a much faster pace.

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$25,934.44 in September Income

After bringing in an awesome income in August, we did pretty well in September, too. Not only did we have a decent month in terms of freelance income, but we did well with affiliates. I worked like crazy in September, not only on my freelance work but on this blog and my course, Unfortunately, with all the stuff I have coming up, I had no choice but to hustle and get ahead!

In case you’re wondering, here’s an estimate of how our August income breaks down. I might be a few dollars or cents off here and there, but you get the point!

  • Consulting, Sponsorship, and Affiliate Income: $4,146.44
  • Content Creation and Freelancing: $21,788
  • Freelance Writing Course: $0 (Since I don’t count income until I actually receive it, my first income report with course earnings starts next month.)


While our income is definitely following an upward trajectory, it certainly fluctuates from month to month. Here are a few of our income reports from previous months:

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Website Expenses

Since we’re using a Virtual Assistant more often now, our expenses are higher than normal. Fortunately, my husband performs a lot of  work we would normally have to hire out. Not only does he help us make money, but he saves us a ton of cash, too! Here are our website expenses for September 2016:

  • Internet: $51
  • Blog Hosting: $47
  • Misc. Advertising: $300
  • Virtual Assistant: $422

Total: $820

Final Thoughts

After we enjoy some time off this fall, we plan to start building on a ton of new ideas we have. Not only are we going to redesign out website, but we’re going to niche down even further, change our trajectory slightly, and begin a new project.

I can’t wait to get started! In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy some serious R&R.

Did you meet your income goals for September? What are your goals for October and beyond?